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Did Evolution give UMNO a miss……?

Posted by ErnieJean on February 27, 2009

*Clap*  *Clap*
They actually needed 13 cowards against one Karpal Singh......
You know what they are?
COWARDS……at best!!!! Nothing more, pehaps, something less………..
So “brave”, to come in a pack, harrassing and bullying a harmless wheelchair-bound gentleman… “brave” indeed!!
Well, looks like they picked on the wrong victim this time…..he may seem fragile due to his physical condition, but he isn’t called the “Lion of Jelutong/Gelugor” for nothing……….
And I guess that’s what separates the “Lion” from the “Hyenas”. And by the way, “Kudos” to the real heroes for rushing to Karpal Singh’s aid
Stupid as stupid does, this incident really proves the level of stupefiedness within UMNO………
Why UMNO and not UMNO Youth? Because till today, none of the so-called leaders from UMNO has yet to step forward and apologised for the inexcuseble thuggish behaviour of the ma-chais…..NONE!!
And to make things worse, it has also confirmed our worst fears that the PDRM and the rest of the civil servants have pledged their loyalty to a political party, rather than to the nation.
I came across this research paper today, on “Human and Ape Behaviour“……..based the theories of Evolution. Not that I’m a great believer of Darwin’s theory, but somehow, with the recent shamefull behaviour of the UMNO Youth, it’s not hard to put two and two together………..
Check out this excerpt from and tell me that the mannerism of the chimps didn’t sound at all too familiar with the cowards who thought it was brave and courageous to manhandle and attack the disadvantaged, weak or outnumbered……

Since competition for females is high among apes, male rivalries are high. Males either have to rely on their strength or their bonds with other males in order to ascend in rank and achieve status.

Chimpanzees in particular are very adept at forming human-like political coalitions, since they cannot possibly expect to achieve or maintain power without significant cooperation on the part of other males. Without this cooperation, other coalitions of males could easily overthrow an alpha chimp regardless of his strength and size.

It is hypothesized that this strong bonding between male chimpanzees is the reason for the human-like genocide that groups of chimps inflict upon other groups of chimps.

Chimps have been observed forming raiding parties with the sole intent of crossing into enemy territory to wreak destruction and violence upon the enemy group. They act with strategy and tact as they sum up their opponent and decide to mount an attack. When they do attack, it is generally on the weak or outnumbered. The attacks are brutal, and cannibalization is common. Although it is unsure exactly why these raids take place, it is thought that the strong bonds and trusts males form within their group causes distrust and disdain for outsiders.




5 Responses to “Did Evolution give UMNO a miss……?”

  1. OneOfTheseDays said

    “One of these days… I’m gonna cut you into little pieces”- Pink Floyd

  2. candlenut said

    Look at the consequences of the Neanderthal behaviour for the up coming by-elections & rejoice!
    They speak of themselves and the crass stupidity of their actions with all the finger pointing. They can’t even pick a fight fairly, the cowards.

  3. Most definitely! Can anyone recall any positive contribution from these mindless, rent-seeking parasites?

  4. Mike said

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  5. mauryaII said

    Not only UMNO but its youths seem to have become so bankrupt of ideas that they have now stooped so low as to try and intimidate, harass and all but assault a wheel-chair bound politician of high standing among the eloctorate.

    Such thuggish behaviour is not alien to UMNO and its youth wing because they have leaders who are known to be brash, racist and crazy fanatics who throw caution to the winds in their aim at showing to all and sundry their ketuanan mindset.

    When they have Kerismuddin, KJ the oxymoron, the bottox toyo who just can’t reconcile the fact that by losing Selangor, he is a has been in UMNO politics. And we have Mukriz on whom Mamakthir has put all his hopes for the continuation of the Mamak Kutty Dynasty. But do these racists have in them the leadership qualities to lead the Malays and this multi-racial and multi-religious nation?

    Maybe Mukhriz is more moderate of the two known evil jihadis for Malay supermacy in a multi-national country. If KJ or bottox toyo is elected as president of the UMNO Youths, only God in his infinite mercy can help the ordinary Malays and the other races. They would not hesitate to bring about chaos as is seen in some of the African countries just to be able to project their ketuanan image and power crazy behaviour.

    KJ and bottox toyo are thugs who know only gutter politics.But in a way their continued presence in the political landscape is a boon for the opposition. The coming bye-elections and the next GE would be the death of these UMNOputras.

    Their coup de grace would be meted by none other than the moderate and peace loving Malays who are disgusted with the corrupted politics of UMNO.

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