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Malaysian Schools…….The Playground of Suppression…….????

Posted by ErnieJean on March 4, 2009

We all know that our Malaysian school system practises a suppressive approach to educating our children….they’re taught to never ask questions and not encouraged to think for themselves, but to just receive whatever’s been fed to them, even though it may be crap……but what I didn’t expect was that this “suppression” was not confined only to the books………..

My 8-year old : Mum, I’m not allowed to bring the sharpener to school.

Me : Why? What if all your pencils (6 of them, by the way) broke?

My 8-year old : My teacher said that we will dirty our classroom if we used the sharpeners in class.

Me : *jaw dropped*

On the surface, this may seem like a petty issue…..but if you examine closely, on a larger scale, this is the sort of mentality  that has created the sort of governance Malaysians are stuck with at the moment…….where the higher authorities simply decide to ban whatever just because they can’t be bothered to deal with the intricacies involved in explaining or following up on certain issues.

Doesn’t this sound just soooo like the typical UMNO-style of doing things?

By disallowing the children to use the sharpener in school, how are these kids expected to learn to keep their classrooms clean while sharpening their pencils?

Instead of taking the trouble to teach and guide these school kids to do things correctly, the teachers basically chose the easy way out……by pretending that the cause of the action doesn’t exist, hence less matters to think over…..

No sharpeners, so no pencil shavings on the floor……EASY-BEASY.

Is that why our youngsters these days generally lack social maturity and responsibilities? Is that why littering and vandalism are still very much part of our society?

Yes, ultimately parents play the important role of moulding their children to be responsible citizens….but weren’t schools and institutions established in the first place to create/churn out good decent human beings too?

Isn’t it important that whatever has been taught at home be allowed to be put into practise when in school and for that matter, in public places? 

My main bane is that, from the very bottom of the food chain aka the schools, right up to the top of the pyramid aka political masters of this country, this form of “suppression” has conveniently been made a tool to keep the rest of us in our place, hasn’t it?

School kids wanting to question the rationale behind a certain theory……………..SUPPRESS

Sex and sexuality……………….SUPPRESS

Citizens’ rights to peaceful expression of discontent…………….SUPPRESS

Usage of “Allah” by religions other than Islam, since it’s accepted internationally, even in the Middle East…………….SUPPRESS

Debate on jurisdiction of our royalty…………………SUPPRESS

True Democracy………….SUPPRESS

And now you know why all our Prime Ministers must have a stint at the Education Ministry first, as part of their training………to learn how to effectively “Suppress”…….




5 Responses to “Malaysian Schools…….The Playground of Suppression…….????”

  1. true story:

    The other day, a Malay family came to ask about the programme I offer in my centre.

    The mum had called me earlier to ask about the programme and I had explained briefly over the phone. I invited her to visit my centre with her children to find out more and she agreed.

    When she arrived, she brought her 2 sons along. As I opened the door for them, the first innocent words out of the kids mouths were:

    “Eh…! Cina?!”

    I smiled and pretended not to have heard. So did the mum.

    I said hello to the kids and offered to shake their hands. The kids looked bewildered and turned to their mum, saying clearly:

    “Eh! Tak boleh salam! Dia tu Cina!!”

    The flustered mum quickly told them that it was OK to shake hands with Chinese. But who put this idea there in the first place? In their schools, most likely. They learnt either from their teachers or their friends.

  2. erniejean said

    Great story Eyes-Wide-Open……

    However, I think the post above is not exactly about racism in school (although we all know it exists with the current batch of useless “gila” teachers)…..but rather it’s about the pathetic state of our education system and it’s purpose to make “suppressed zombies” out of our children, rather than “thinking adults”…….

  3. erniejean

    not suppressed zombies…”indoctrinated” zombies. suppression is used when the students step outside of the indoctrination parameters, or if the teachers are too lazy to address such things as sharpener dust.

    Or suppression could indirectly contribute to the indoctrination process as well – “just listen and obey without questioning the merits of the order.”

  4. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  5. Sad to say that this is actually happening in schools. Funny part is, parents blame teachers, teachers blame school authority and school authorities blame parents. It becomes a never ending vicious circle.

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