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Malaysian aka UMNO Politics Will Never Change….Will They?????

Posted by ErnieJean on March 19, 2009

I had such a GREAT couple of days vacation getaway with the family recently, totally secluded from all the monkeying antics of nation’s political leaders. There were no newspapers, internet facilities that were too extorbitant to be bothered with and a vacation crowd that was not interested in discussing Malaysian political crap. Totally refreshing, but I guess, one has to come back to Mother Earth sooner or later.

Natural, it was almost a “rude wake-up call from the escapade dreams at Neverland” to open up today’s papers and see that nothing has changed much…..someone is still seriously hell-bent on claiming his stake at the throne (by killing off those who may not be his political alliance in th future), idiotic ass-kissing politicians making nonsensical statements and of course the theatrical antics that comes with it all.

Seriously…….when are we ever going to see changes for the better…FOR ONCE!!!!????

The UMNO disciplinary board mentioned something about Malaysians being generally cynical over their every action…..well, A-BUH-DEN!!!??? I know we’re the country of coincidences, but where got so many coincidences wan!!! You tell me lah!!!

So it seems, Ali Rustam and the famous (but not for long) SIL are the first victims of the “UMNO Spring Cleaning” exercise. While I’m glad the racist Malaccan bigot is getting what’s due, honestly, it doesn’t matter who goes first because do you seriously think there’s one, just one, honest-to-goodness UMNO politician in the entire pack? Especially the ones who are contesting for positions this coming UMNO assembly?

As for idiotic “throwing stones in the glasshouse that one lives in” statements, this latest one by a politician from an almost completely wiped out political partner of BN takes the cake;

(The Star) – Gerakan vice-president Huan Cheng Guan has called on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to resign if there is evidence that members of the DAP-led state government are involved in corruption.

‘‘Practise what you preach. Lim has been going around saying his government is the cleanest ever but now there is an allegation of wrongdoing in his government,” Huan said.

He said that as a matter of principle, Lim should be responsible for the actions of his subordinates.

You know what? I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU Mr. Huan…….so how about issuing that statement to all political leaders besides the ones who kicked you guys out of your political home?

Come On!!!! Be a MAN!!!! Say it to the face of the big boss UMNO taikor about being responsible for his subordinates who threatened Malaysians with keris and bad breath, scaring little children with bad plastic surgeries, throwing diva tantrums, harrassing harmless wheelchair bound old men, embarrassing the nation, siphoning the nation’s wealth to some other foreign land, messing up the country’s education system and a whole lot of incredibly unthinkeable wrongdoings.

And then, say the same thing to the big bosses of your fellow ass-kissing BN political partners about stealing plots of land from the people, building illegal political centres, selling out the ones that they were supposed to protect for power and wealth……….

Yes, it’s nice to know things still remain status quo as far as our political landscape is concerned………while our economy slips a few notches down south……….



2 Responses to “Malaysian aka UMNO Politics Will Never Change….Will They?????”

  1. mauryaII said

    Mr Huang Cheng Guan is another good-for-nothing politician like the botox toyo. These two are quick to ask their nemesis for their downfall to quit and not to rake up all the rot and corrupt practices when they were ruling the roost.

    For more than 5 decades these towkays, bigots and lapdogs of the BN could not be bothered about the people who voted them in but now have the cheek to warn, demand and make stupid statements about perceived corruption.

    Corruption is the blood that keeps the UMNO, the towkays (MCA, GERAKAN) and the gutter politicians in MIC alive. That is reason why the MACC is still a toothless tiger. It dare not go after the big wigs in UMNO/BN. MACC is adept at going after the ikan bilis. The big time sharks are let off the hook.

    UMNO Displinary Board has found the racist Mohd Ali Rustam and the oxymoron KJ guilty of corruption (money laundering) but as it is prone to being selective in its decisions, has let these guilty guys off the hook on technicalities.

    Why can’t the Mr.Huan Cheng Guan and the botox toyo demand the MACC to go after those UMNO big guys? The UMNO/BN politicians are hypocrites of the highest order.

    Once corruption is reduced to even 50% levels, these so-called mongrel leaders will be out of business.

    If Hung Cheng Guan and botox toyo want to really bark, go and bark at the moon. It is what loony dogs are supposed to do.

  2. What a irrelevant piece of shit this Gerakan (Ball-lickers) is.

    Like he’s fooling anyone any more.

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