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One’s Legacy………….

Posted by ErnieJean on March 31, 2009

Recently a monster-of-a-husband of a dear aunt of mine passed away suddenly. Shocking, not because he was loved, but rather we expected him to live on for a couple more decades to torment those around him….you know what they say about the nasty ones usually dying last, right?

How nasty was he? Well, let’s just say he was the classic example of Jenkle and Hyde. A very very seemingly nice guy to outsiders, the physical and mental torments started right after they got married. He would kung-fu kick, karate chop and make really degrading remarks about her looks, including refusing to allow her to visit her family home…….By the way, he also got his secretary impregnated along the way and forced my aunt to accept his infidelity and the new family.

Thank goodness all these stop the day his sons grew up and fought back. However, the mental torment still continued………

My aunt, being deeply religious and generally a compassionate softie, hence divorce was not an option, accepted all these abuses throughout the years for she was always hopeful that God will change him……..obviously that was some wishful thinking………..he remained mean and nasty right up to the end.

Anyway, it was not surprising that no one wept during his funeral. In fact, the reactions to news of his death were not at all flattering…..they ranged from “Thank Goodness he’s finally crocked” to “Well, it’s about time!!”.

Hats off to my cousins, his children for giving him a decent funeral……their mother obviously taught them well, to not harbour hate and revenge, for those negative feelings can surely eat up and destroy a person.

I wonder if he knew that this was the sort of personal legacy he is leaving behind, would he do the same all over again?

The same goes for all of us still living and breathing. How would we want to be remembered?

What sort of personal legacy do we want our children and their children to inherit? Our stories, values, hopes, wishes, advice and blessings……..or the shame and embarrassment of being associated with someone who was cursed till the day he/she dies???

And so, in the very same vein, what sort of legacies are our current bunch of leaders planning to leave behind? Or is all that too insignificant, if compared to the lust for power and wealth?



One Response to “One’s Legacy………….”

  1. Matthew said

    ‘What we do in life echos in eternity’
    Quote from the movie Gladiator. I suppose it can seem rather cheesy for applying movie quotes into real life. However I believe that in this case, the quote is appropriate. What we do today will be the legacy for tomorrow. From a political stand point, let us all stand and be counted to overthrow the corrupt that our legacy for the future is one of a better tomorrow.

    BTW, I like that comic you used, the reference to Alfie the 13 year old dad is indeed an indication of legacy, a legacy of the moral values held in society today.

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