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Botox vs Good Manners……

Posted by ErnieJean on April 6, 2009

One of the basic manners that I’ve been taught since the begining of time, was to make sure I look at a person when he/she is talking to me, to maintain eye contact and a pleasant smile………

Obviously someone thinks so highly of herself now that all protocoal concerning respecting the royalty no longer applies to “Her-Royal-Doughness”.

Someone clearly believes she’s the 1st Lady, doesn’t she??

Most people would call this sort of behavious “BIADAP”, but let’ve give the lady the benefit of the doubt……..

Perhaps, her doctor injected too much botox into her neck, and hence mobility of the neck muscles have been acutely limited…….


15 Responses to “Botox vs Good Manners……”

  1. Fi-sha said

    OMGGGGGGG…erniejean, are you sure it’s not a wax model from madame tussaud’s museum?

    Too much BOTOX and Bullshit, that is she…

  2. orange said

    apa la… macam balut nangka!!
    got so much money go do tummy stapling and lipo as well la.

  3. peng said’s so tight it’s gonna explode anytime! Take shelter people, otherwise you get shit splatter from the explosion!

  4. Hamba said

    She’s petrified cos suddenly she saw someone who looks like Alta..err..Aminah woman…Or maybe she saw the ghost. Bet you that she didn’t move cos she “terkincit”….LOL!

  5. The body of fat in her have solidified, rendering her immovable!

  6. mauryaII said

    It is quite unbelievabe what Najis saw in Rosammah in the first place. It is rumoured that she did have a few flings during her younger days even with the likes of the musang from Melaka who claimed that he did not know the age of the underaged girl when he screwed her. It is history now but then in Bodohland history can be rewritten according to political expediency. Even a ‘no Inglis speak’ politician can become a minister by the back door and the was the top history scholar of his batch from UM.

    Fat Mama’s face really has a waxen sheen. Is she capable of displaying emotions such as joy, sorrow, etc. with such a face? Beware ladies! Too much of botox, anti-aging hormones could make you a waxen zombie, unlike the wax figures at Madame Toussard’s.

    She should ask guruji about ayurvedic potions that could rejuvenate without such hideous features. Perhaps he would be good enough to cast a spell to make her more pleasant and approachable.

  7. mauryaII said

    errata: …back door and claims that he was the top….

  8. “Her-Royal-Doughness”. hahaha … I like that! Sure fits her perfectly.

    But yeah, maybe too much botox has permanently locked them neck muscles in place … LOL!

  9. zipppp said

    she look like tuya to me……….
    C4 look alike Rosma

  10. Cherubim said

    She needs to wear looser clothes.

  11. flyer168 said


    OMG….it’s not just the Botox….

    Even her baju is “Bursting at the seams”….

    Looks like an “Almost Bursting Botox Filled BAFFOON or Balloon!

    As of 9th April 2009, It WILL read as….

    “The MARGINALISED new UMNO Red Guards of Chairman KJ & Dy Azeez”…..

    There will be “Horse Trading” behind the scenes, like Fil’s twin Tunship & “Carcosa” to complete the “Transaction”….

    Failing which….Remember the sudden appearance of the Pusrawi Hospital report in the Blogsite….

    Both he & his Deputy Azeez could do the EVENTUAL C4 KAU, KAU…..

    There will definitely be “Fireworks”, so let us sit back & watch the show….SOON!

    “Devine Intervention” works “Wonders”….

  12. what an uglyduckling. hope the malaysians are not so stupid to even respect her as the first lady. hope she will vanished from the world soon and najib will marry someone descent though he is so badly influnce by this ugly waxy bitch!!!

  13. mat taib said

    I wonder what najib is whispering to hrh…

  14. steve said

    mirror mirror on tne wall…

  15. PokNikYeh said

    Brunei’s Queen: bla bla bla bal…..
    1st Lady 1M: You shut-up! You taken my seat. I deserve to seat there, not you! King suppose to marry me but His Highnest dumped me because of you! Karipap betul!

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