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Thank You PM For Your Excellent Cabinet……..

Posted by ErnieJean on April 10, 2009

KUDOS to our new PM for such an EXCELLENT line up of cabinet ministers!!!!

20% new (yet-to-be-soiled) faces while retaining most of the old dogs guards will surely assure the rakyat of Najib’s pledge to get this country back on track………what more with the Kerisman keeping an eye on Home Affairs……..
Of course it doesn’t matter whether they have the brains or experience for it………just as long as the “Grand Ole Man” says so.
And everyone loves the wise old man, right? I mean, for goodness’ sake, he gave us “Mahathirism” which means Progress!!! No?
And anyway, with Gerakan’s much much feared and respected Dr. Koh Tsu Koon helming the Ministry in charge of implementing the KPIs, you can bet the entire government machinery (including those UMNO chaps from Penang??) will be whipped into efficiency like no other in no time, perhaps even surpassing Pakatan Rakyat’s impressive governance……..
Unity And Performance??????

Unity And Performance??????

And what about the much trumpeted assurance of trimming Badawi’s former bloated cabinet?

    • Badawi’s Cabinet : 32 ministers, 38 deputy ministers
    • Hansum Najib’s Cabinet : 28 ministers, 40 deputy ministers

WOOHOO!!!!!! An overall trimming of 2!!!!!


Read my arse people.....It's 2 down!!!

That would save us taxpayers a damn lot of money!!! Unless of course, they decide on a pay raise or practise the concept of “Less People, More Share”…………then we’re back to square one.

Can’t wait for the next general election folks…..MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!


8 Responses to “Thank You PM For Your Excellent Cabinet……..”

  1. Noob said

    LOL noice article

  2. SAM 12 ... SayaAnakMalaysia said

    Wish GE 13 was next month … we can send all these clowns to oblivion ! give them SEPAKAN PAKATAN … hahahaha

  3. flyer168 said


    That’s a great piece.

    After all that “Cliff-hanger & Electrifying” 2 weeks leading to the great Bye-elections results….

    The 9th April 2009 results was an absolute “Anti-Climax”.

    Senior Advisor will in time “Induce” his Incoming Macais to complete his master Plan to have one son as Dy Minister & the other as the “Businessman & SENATOR”….so APs bisa diator….

    He once said that Najib will need a bank to run UMNO….yes young brother has CIMB….

    Well the time has come….soon his brother Nazir will also be a “SENATOR/Banker”….later will offload his extra portfolio to brother as the FM!

    KJ & his Deputy Azeez will be “WELL COMPENSATED with this Nation’s & Rayaat’s Expense” at the GLCs of “Their Choice” & be behind the scenes to appease “Taiko”.

    Malaysia badly needs “Role Model” established Leaders & Politicians of HONOUR with Calibre, Maturity & Tolerance without Fear or Favour on Both sides of the Political Divide – not “Recycled Politicians”.

    Further, this nation Desperately needs Intelligent, Time Proven Pragmatic Successful modelled, Financial & Politiical “SOLUTIONS” on Both sides of the Political Divide NOW , to mitigate the IMPENDING Political & Financial fallout.

    Let us ALL also learn that Tunku & his Malaysian cabinet of HONOURABLE, ESTABLISHED TRUE TUANS, EARNED the RESPECT, TRUST & SUPPORT of ALL the Malayan citizens.

    “Our King & his Council of Rulers” as Constitutional Monarchs” should remain Apolitical at all times agreed….

    But who are the People who “Implicate” them for their “Own Personal Political & Business Gains.”

    We also have to accept the fact that “people in Power & Positions should be Honourable, Transparent, Honest & Credible.”

    This great nation & its Leaders COULD have gone either of 2 ways….

    The HONOURABLE Westminster style Democracy with the Rule of Law, RESPECTING our National CONSTITUTION to CONSIDER the formation of the RCI prior to the Incoming PM’s appointment.

    That would make this great Nation, its King, the incoming PM, our UMNO/BN Leaders & its Rayaat proud of its Integrity, Transparency & Honour FOR ALWAYS….

    Or the EASIER OLD WAYS of “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”….

    Intimidation & hard to refuse Enticing/Parting Gifts –

    Political,Financial, Business Goodies at the Nation’s & Rayaat’s Expense!


    Malaysia must “NOW RECOVER” from its “TATTERED ECONOMY & FINANCIAL MELTDOWN” resulting from the “Herd Mentality” to FOLLOW BLINDLY albeit at the “TAIL END.”

    This great nation & its rayaat NOW have “God Almighty’s ONE LAST CHANCE to “Repent & Correct itself” from their GREEDY Worldly Industrialised Materialistic PURSUITS…

    – To go back to God Almighty’s BASICS WISDOM & GIFT….


    May God Almighty help us all!


  4. mauryaII said


    Those two photos say a thoudand words about the UMNO/BN mentality.They always think that the rakyat are fools to be taken for a ride for another 50 years. Even the new so-called lean Cabinet has only 20% new faces and the rest being recycled old racist ketuanan type as recommended by the mad and wily old goat.

    Is there no other person capable of running the Finance Ministry other than Najib? Even the old goat does not think the new 2nd FM can do the job. The mamak is of the opinion that another mamak would do a fine job. Or is Najib thinking of bringing in his brother as the new Finance Minister through the back door?

    Take for instance the shameless KTK. He really believes he is there because of his track record and his PhD. What can he do with the KPIs when they will be ultimately manipulated to serve Najib and company. The KPIs will become another propaganda tool with the help of the subservient MSM. KTK would be another puppet.

    This Cabinet really sucks. Losers in. Winners out. That clearly shows the hand of Mamakthir the firaun as the hand behind the puppet show.

    How can Najib appease a big faction in the UMNO when he shows his utter contempt for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s people, especially his sil, Khairy who was elected as the President of UMNO Youth? Not that I am a supporter of the kerbau from Rembau. In sidelining Khairy, Najib is showing his middle finger to all those youths who supported Khairy.

    What a fine way of consolidating his position as PM by thumbing his nose at a significant number of people who matter in the future. Najib could not have found a better way to split UMNO into Youth versus the Old. To further rub salt to the injury he has to appoint the loser, Mukhriz to the cabinet.

    But has he to listen to the old racist mad goat and install his no good son, Mukhriz as a deputy minister? What is he supposed to do? Give out more APs to his brother and mamak’s cronies. Bring in more FDI for mamak’s cronies and his brothers to benefit.

    Najib’s position now is that of the proverbial guy who caught a tiger by its tail. He can’t possibly release his hold. He would be out like AAB in no time. He can’t keep on holding the tiger by the tail. He would still be the loser in the end. The day he turns away from the tiger (read as Mamakthir) or refuses to keep feeding his ego, he would still be in AAB’s shoes. What a tragedy that would be to Najib and Rosemah.

    What is most intriguing is how on earth did Rosemah, the great strategist in Najib’s ascension to be PM, fail to remove mamak’s influence over her hubby? Is that part of the destiny that she spoke of?

    The new sandiwara in Malaysian politics has just begun. Would it end in the RAHAMAN prophesy? Would Najib get the infamous distinction of being the last PM from UMNO and the architect of its ultimate demise during the 13 GE?

    If Malaysians are to witness:
    more roadblocks,intimidation and brutality,
    police custodial deaths,
    incompetent and inefficient police investigation into murders, police inaction on complaints against UMNO warlords,
    more oppressive actions against freedom of speech and expression, suppression of alternate media,
    EC’s meddling and infringing into the Constitution of States, MACC’s inaction on known bigwigs in the ruling coalition,
    the continued use of the ISA and other draconian acts to intimidate dissent,
    then the death of UMNO/BN is assured in any bye election and the next general election.

    Interesting times are ahead. Political pundits and analysts worth their salt should take cognizance of the unfolding drama and indicate to the politicians of their folly in thinking the voters are some insignificant statistics in their game plan.

    The present day voters are better informed, better educated and astute enough to see through the shenanigans of corrupt, self-serving and morally bankrupt politicians.

  5. Way to go, Kiss-up-ass-pudding, you can now have another Ministry to mess up!

  6. flyer168 said

    erniejean & mauryaII,

    PM Wannabe needs Mahyuddin plus his “Dream Team” to “Survive”….

    With 2 “Accidental Trojan Horses” in KJ, Sharizat & many more to come….

    Remember….Mahyuddin helped President Wannabe achieve the earlier March Transfer of Power instead of the “Agreed” June date….

    President Wannabe does not realise that Mahyuddin has his own agenda….

    For his own “Political Survival & his Business Agenda”, than for his Wannabe President, UMNO & the rayaat.

    With the incoming PM & his DPM (who needed Mahathir’s support at the AGM!) now inviting Mahathir membership #0000001 to be their “Adviser”….

    They have all now “Succumbed” to “Mahathir’s Trap”

    Together with his 2 sons he is now the “Taiko” to continue from where he left the last time….

    Fat Mama’s 1st reprimand to Najib….

    Bodoh….remove MB Mohd Nizar but forgot to remove Speaker Sivakumar!

    Now 2nd reprimand….

    Goblok….Listen to Mahyuddin to invite Mahathir to rejoin UMNO but forgot to help Mukriz to remove KJ at the AGM!

    Now….even Mama cannot help you, Stupido!

    There will definitely be “Fireworks”, so let us sit back & watch the show….

    “Devine Intervention” works “Wonders”….

    You go figure out….


  7. Fi-sha said

    Brace ourselves for another 3 years of comical performance of the kitchen cabinet

  8. That is what is so wrong with the ISA in the first place – it is used as a tool by the Government. Caught one day – released the other – without the opportunity of a fair trial. All of which decided by the same person of bodies – acting as judge, jury and executioner.

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