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All We Need Is Music!!!!!!!

Posted by barbie on April 27, 2009

I’m not sure whether it’s in our water or food, but our recent new leaders seem to have a fondness for spouting popular-sounding slogans and catchy phrases…..and they seem to think Malaysians are still quite so gullible to swallow every slogan, hook, line and sinker……..

And it seems their team of so-called PR experts have come up with some hare-brained idea on how to actually and finally make those catchy sounding slogans work and accepted.

Know why Badawi’s Islam Hadhari died such a horrible and pathetic death?

And why Najib’s “1Malaysia” will “potentially” be successful? *ahem ahem*

Well, other than the fact that it seems pretty obvious that Najib’s team is working overtime with many recent popular moves (such as the child conversion and 30% bumi equity) to ensure his concept doesn’t die in the same embarrassing manner as Badawi (regardless of how superficial the efforts seem), it seems that they’ve finally found the “secret ingredient”……….*drum roll*

Contest for 1Malaysia song

KUALA KLAWANG, 27 April 2009: The Information, Communication and Culture Ministry will launch a contest to identify the best composer for the 1Malaysia song.

Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said just like other songs that inculcate patriotism in their composition, especially songs like Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita and those that promote reading, the ministry also wanted the 1Malaysia song lyrics to attract listeners.

“God willing, I hope we can get a good response from composers and we hope to pick the best composition,” he told reporters after attending a dinner hosted by Kelab Rekreasi Warga Tua, Kuala Klawang here last night.

Dr Rais who is also Jelebu Member of Parliament said the song would represent all races.

The 1Malaysia song, to be in composed in Bahasa Malaysia, would be widely aired on all TV and radio stations according to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s wishes.



Badawi must be slapping his forehead really hard 😛

Perhaps that is why our Malaysian National Service is so “well received” despite so many unneccesary deaths? Check out the “inspiring” music video that has gotten all our youths excited over National Service once again…….


7 Responses to “All We Need Is Music!!!!!!!”

  1. mh said

    Rais ought to stay there – at the Kelab Rekreasi Warga Tua, Kuala Klawang. He is so out of touch, the dinosaur. 1Malaysia song about the economy, power grab, rampant corruption, selective “racial harmony”, extra judicial killing?? Bet he sees it as another photo/media op to curry favour.

  2. The persons who profitted from the deaths of our young while undergoing NS, HAVE BLOOD IN THEIR HANDS. Even ONE death is ONE TOO MANY!

    I wish someone in the know with conscience would dish the dirt and all the gory details on the NS program which has fatten quite a few cows!

  3. fi-sha said

    Dear Barbie

    i wonder whts the horsepower of this minister’s ‘compressor’? Tak habis2 nak kipas

  4. […] I was a good student of Sanskrit, learnt scores of shlokas and was quite interested in its grammar, I felt that the song does not exactly mean worship and could be sung. I had a heated debate with many elderly family members then and I always felt that there was no problem in singing it.All We Need Is Music!!!!!!! […]

  5. hahaha said

    lolz the music was ok la wat else all our songs sounds the same lolz ….and whats up wif the dance move la ?!! are our kids being thought some national service stuff or national sissy stuff for that just send for dance class la , gosh the presentation of national service thru that video i saw is so embarassing hmmm it clearly truey affirms my believe nw that its juts to fill sum unworthy idiots pockets !!

  6. aca said


    how about a sorrow song for the lost island?

  7. Well, Zulkifli Nordin is correct. The Federal Court had decided the case based on the existing laws at that time. But that does not mean the laws cannot be changed. Mr. Zulkifli appears to imply that laws cannot be changed. Well, there are good laws, and there are bad laws. If a law is bad, or produces unjust result, perhaps it is time for a change. Amend the Federal Constitution if need be. It is not as if our constitution has never been changed.

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