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Let’s take a cue from the British Monarchs

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on May 14, 2009

Catherine Masters is a nice old lady from Oxfordshire, England. Age 109, she is a grand old dame. Like all British centenarians, she receives a royal birthday card from the Queen. She got a card when she turned 100 and another when she turned 105, and every year thereafter.

But like most elderly ladies, Miss Masters can be a little picky. She wasn’t too happy about the birthday card. It has the identical picture year in year out – with the same image of Queen Elizabeth II, in the exact pose, and in the same yellow dress.

Perhaps Miss Masters was bored receiving the same type of card every year. Perhaps she felt it was impersonal. Perhaps she didn’t like the yellow dress. Whatever it was, she was inspired to write to the Queen to express her displeasure – which she did.

The letter reached Queen E. Did the Queen feel slighted? Did she feel upset, offended?

Hardly, in fact the Queen send her grandson, Prince William to apologise personally to Catherine Masters. Prince William visited Miss Masters at her nursing home and they both had afternoon tea. Not only did the Prince apologised, he assured Miss Masters that he will see to it that the image in the congratulatory card will be changed in time for Catherine Masters’ 110th birthday.

Following that, Catherine Masters have also been invited to a garden party with the Queen at Buckingham Palace in July.

Now, isn’t that something!

What do we Malaysians get from our monarchs?

For the people in Perak – they don’t need any birthday cards. They don’t need any congratulatory notes. And I don’t think they yearn for Raja Nazrin to have afternoon tea with them.  

They just want their right to choose their own government. Is that too much to ask?


5 Responses to “Let’s take a cue from the British Monarchs”

  1. Fi-sha said

    Good morning Oscar,
    How timely (you know what i mean)…sometimes, it is so simple to be wise…cheerio!

  2. mauryaII said

    Well Oscar, it shows good breeding and respect for even ordinary citizens. Here every tom, dick or harry with a datuk or whatever exalted title DEMANDS respect. You would be surprised that even at public and political party functions, they demand to be addressed with all their mostly ill-gotten titles for raping the country and sodomising the citizens.

  3. zorro said

    Just established a link to you in my latest posting: Cricket without Wicket.

  4. mad hatter mohamad said

    The reason the British monarchy is more in touch with the normal person is because the monarchy knows most of their expenses is payed for by the tax[ayer (just as in Malaysia). The Queen knows she’s a mere mortal, our Sultans on the other hand think they are demi-gods. The Suktan’s should work work their people and not ignore the cries of the majority

  5. Saggie the baddie said

    Rice already bec kham porridge..what to do?
    Nizar should back away now…let them win this battle..we will win the war…

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