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The MCA’s Single EGM: Whose resolution to come first?

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on September 6, 2009


I don’t really care much about the MCA feud between Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek. However, I’ve been privy to corporate litigation and board tussles. I’ve seen directors and shareholders battle it out in board rooms. Every move is carefully planned and crafted, for a wrong move may spell disaster in favour of the opponent.

Perhaps that is why I’ve taken an interest in the MCA’s EGM. There is – and will be – more than meets the eye.

Chua Soi Lek may be a cunning politician, who apparently commands the support of the grassroots and several ex-MCA strongmen. But one must not too easily discard Ong’s ability to fend off his enemy technically by way of an EGM.

When Chua’s supporters went around garnering support to call for an EGM to reinstate him and to remove Ong Tee Keat; Ong, in response, quickly called his own EGM. Although no agenda was cited, it is expected that Ong’s EGM is to seek a vote of confidence in his leadership as well as to endorse Chua’s sacking.

Then it was reported that MCA’s sec-gen, Datuk Wong Foon Meng proposed a move to have a single EGM, citing a merged EGM would not inconvenience the members and to further divide the party. These reasons are quite daft and nonsensical considering the seriousness of the crisis. Costs and inconveniences should be the least of the matters to worry about.

Currently, both sides are not yet in full agreement of the single EGM. Issues relating to submission and exchange of resolutions are still at the works, with Soi Lek’s camp asking for the resolutions being exchanged, but Ong still keeping his resolution “top secret”.

Apart from keeping the resolutions “secret”, there will also be an issue of whose resolution will be heard first. This, I think, will be crucial.

For example: if Ong’s motion is first on the list, which means it will be heard and debated first. If it is then called for a vote and passed immediately, then that makes Chua’s resolution redundant and academic, without even being heard and debated. This is one way to foil Chua’s attempt to remove the president.

I’m not aware of how the MCA’s constitution operates, but in most cases, the Chairman of the meeting wields great authority in the running and conduct of the meeting. Many things can be done against an opposing party.

If Ong is not afraid no face his opponents, he should just allow Chua’s supporters to call for their EGM, rather than complicating the situation by calling a double EGM, and then justifying a merged EGM. The problem of the double EGM is his doing, not Chua.

There will be no problem of a double EGM if Ong had stayed mum. If during the EGM, the members do not vote to support Chua’s motion, then this is as good as an endorsement of Ong’s leadership. But for Ong to do all this shows a hidden agenda.

There will be even more technical problems arising from such an exercise, which will – in the end – in a prolonged legal suit comparable to the Perak debacle.

With his way of calling a double EGM; by him being secretive of the proposed resolutions; by his early warning to the party’s disciplinary board to lookout for money-politics in the EGM – perhaps a technical win or a protracted legal suit is exactly what Ong Tee Keat hopes for to keep his position afloat.

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