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Do we need a change in our education system?

Posted by pervster on February 12, 2009


A good friend of mine, d_sticks, requested I put up this blog on his behalf, as he’s just scared someone will read this and tell his boss about it….

Anyway, my good friend, d_sticks, works in a Multinational Company in Penang. I shall not name the company, in case they decide to sue me, but let me just tell you they’re inside all your computers…

Coming back to the story, my friend had expected to improve his English in this company…after all, it is an American company. Little did he know, that English was the second language when he first joined. No, Bahasa was not the first. It was Hokkien.

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The Prostitute of Jelapang

Posted by pervster on February 6, 2009

Have a good look a the picture below, ladies and gentlemen. This …. is the face of a prostitute.



She may not be the prettiest lass in town…..heck…who am I kidding…she gives all the other good looking people from Perak a bad name…She  just looks ugly.  But don’t let her …not so beautiful looks deceive you. She is…the Number 1 prostitute in Perak.

She…my friends…is the lady who I had voted for in the recent 2008 General Elections.

She goes by the name – Hee Yit Foong.

But, for the people of Jelapang, she’s currently fondly referred to as … the Prostitute of Jelapang.

No one knows what’s the exact amount she received, but the Prostitute of Jelapang  (PoJ for short) up there is rumoured to have received millions for her body…for her soul….making far…the highest paid prostitute in Perak…Malaysia…South East Asia…and probably the world. One more thing Malaysians can be proud off. The highest paid prostitute in the World.

Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!



    my apologies if you find this posting offensive. I honestly don’t care.


    Comments on this website or blog are the sole responsibility of their writers and the comment writer will take full responsibility, liability, and blame for any libel or litigation that result from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment. The accuracy, completeness, veracity, honesty, exactitude, factuality and politeness of comments are not guaranteed.

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No….Seriously….Bright Future????

Posted by pervster on September 18, 2008

This could possibly be my shortest post ever…….

Was watching the news earlier on…and this joker by the name of Datuk Hassan Malek claims he was offered cash by Pakatan to cross over. Now, i can’t seem to find the English version of the article online, but here’s the MalaysiaKini Malay version report:

“Laporan ini dibuat tanpa arahan dari sesiapa, saya sendiri yang ambil inisiatif untuk lapor pada BPR,” katanya kepada Bernama hari ini.

Hasan enggan menyatakan jumlah sebenar yang ditawarkan kepada beliau kerana tidak mahu siasatan tergganggu.

“Yang jelas dia janjikan saya masa depan saya yang cukup cerah. Itu masing-masing boleh intepretasikan,” katanya.

Well, he pretty much claims he got some money, but he refuses to disclose the amount, and…he was promised a “very bright future”

Now….have a look at his face:

Hasan Malek

No….Seriously….not that i want to make fun of the way this guy looks and all….but…….

Does this guy look like he has a bright future????? :P…


If this is the face of the future…we’re all doomed!!!


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Malaysia – A Matrix world?

Posted by pervster on September 16, 2008

Now, anyone know knows me personally knows I’m a big fan of the Matrix. I have memorized most of the lines from the first Matrix. I watch the movie at least once a quarter. As for the other two sequels, I watch them at least once in two quarters..

Anyway, moving away from my Matrix addiction, I couldn’t help but realize how Malaysian politics is very much like the Matrix. It’s almost as if…Malaysia is a simulated reality created by machines in order to dupe the human mind…. If Malaysia was really indeed a more…primitive version of the Matrix…here’s the major players:

Neo:                     Anwar Ibrahim (The Chosen one)
Morpheus:            RPK (The one who guides Neo)
Trinity:                 Wan Azizah (Neo’s romantic interest)
Agent Smith:        IGP Musa (The idiot in charge of getting Neo)
Cypher:               Ezzam (The idiot who betrays Neo and everyone else)
The Architect:       Mahathir (yes, I still believe he’s the mastermind behind all this)
The Agents:          Police Diraja Malaysia (need I say more?)
The Sentinels:      ISA (Special machines to bring down the people)
Nebuchadnezzar:  Pakatan Rakyat (the ship that brings them to victory)
The Oracle:          Yet to find someone who plays this role…kinda hard actually….

RPK truly believes in Anwar. And quoting what he said…
“Yes, I too have placed, not only my money, but also my freedom on Anwar. And if Anwar fails to deliver his promise on 16 September 2008, not only he but I as well am headed for a fall. But I have confidence he will do it. And I have confidence that my stay in Kamunting will not be for two years but for a mere two weeks.”

In retrospect….this is what Morpheus said when Neo was shot dead in the first Matrix
“This cannot be…..”

And in the Third and final matrix:
Morpheus: “He fights for us” (when the sentinels stopped fighting the humans)

A friend asked me today whether there will be any roadblocks in Penang. I told her…I don’t know. But..if I’m to be stuck in some massive jam somewhere in the next few days thanks to some stupid roadblock..and someone asks me what’s going on…I’d probably say….
“It’s Anwar…He fights for us.

Fellow Malaysians…I know this has probably been said before, but there’s no harm repeating it. There is going to be a change, and it’s going to be soon. But please, do not fall into any “Matrix” trap. As Haris Ibrahim had stated in his blog:

I would like to call upon all Malaysians to do these:

1. Remain calm

2. Do not do anything rash

3. Do not take to the street

4. Do not be instigated by people to demonstrate

5. Just voice it out in your blog, your comments to the blogs, and inform your friends and relatives about the situation

6. Call your Aduns or MPs and voice out your objection about these arrests and urge your representatives to voice out

7. Members of political parties, sms your leaders to pressure them to voice out

We shall object to these draconian acts by using civility and do not fall into the traps of giving the big brother a chance to declare emergency rule


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Numbers that don’t quite make sense

Posted by pervster on August 27, 2008

Numbers that don’t quite make sense in today’s The Sun:

PERMATANG PAUH BY-ELECTION:EC reports 65.25% turnout

BUKIT MERTAJAM (Aug 26 , 2008) : A total of 38,144 voters cast their ballots in the Permatang Pauh by-election today, accounting for 65.25% of the 58,459 registered voters in the constituency at the close of polling centres at 5pm.

PKR – 31195
BN – 15524
AKIM – 92
Total – 46811

Voting was brisk ……….. But the overall turnout (62.25%) was much lower than the GE when 82.06% voted.

Also stated in The Sun:

Election Commission secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor announced that 38144 of the 58459 registered voteres cast their ballots.

Now, it can’t be 62.25%, because
62.25% = 36391 people

And if it is indeed as what the EC claims, then:

38144 out of 58459 = 65.24%

46811 is more like 80.07%. But this is not including the spoilt votes.

Where the heck did all the other people come from??!!!

So….it got me thinking….. here’s what I think really happened:

ACTUAL count: (assuming undi rosak = 0)

PKR – 31195
BN – 6857
AKIM – 92
Total – 38144

Phantom voters – 8667.

EC guy forgot to count phantom voters…. and only after that he realised the discrepancies and announced another ‘official’ result. Ahaks!

Now… back to the celebrations!…. REFORMASI!!!!

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Inilah Barisan Nasional

Posted by pervster on August 25, 2008

(sung to the tune of Perajurit Tanah Air / Inilah Barisan Kita)

Inilah Barisan Nasional
Yang kuat bersumpah
Siap se-dia dengan Quran
Menuju Masjid negeri

Sebelum kita bersumpah
Jangan harap kami jujur semua
Inilah sumpah ..penyumpah kita..
Menuju masjid negeri!

Andainya kami telahpun diliwat..
ataupun letupkan bom yang hebat
kami mohon doa….
kemudian Sumpah sumpah (altogether now.. SUMPAH)

Semboyan telah berbunyi!!!!
Menuju…masjid negeri!

(pam pam pam)


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Dumbness Redefined

Posted by pervster on August 12, 2008

Racial abuse teacher gets ‘a better deal’

BANTING: It obviously pays to hurl racial abuse at students, going by what happened to the teacher who did so at a school here.

The 35-year-old history teacher from SM Telok Panglima Garang was not only transferred to a smart school but to one located nearer her house.

To add insult to injury, no disciplinary action was taken against her.

It is understood that her letter of transfer stated that she was being transferred due to concerns for her security and not because she had committed an offence.

Several parents and non-governmental organisations gathered in front of the school yesterday demanding an explanation from the headmaster for letting her off with just a slap on the wrist.
However, the headmaster refused to meet them, saying the matter was no longer related to the school since the teacher had been transferred.

Coalition of Indian NGOs secretary G. Gunaraj said the transfer showed the teacher had got away scot-free.

“In fact, she even got a better deal. She is now in a better school and one that is nearer to her house.”

He said this set a dangerous precedent as others may think they too can get away scot-free uttering racial slurs.

He said the Education Ministry should be serious in tackling the issue as what the teacher had done could affect racial harmony.

Gunaraj said some teachers in the school were blaming the affected students for lack of a history teacher.

“This should not be the case. Does it mean that students should keep quiet, no matter what a teacher does?”

In the incident last month, the teacher allegedly told students of a certain ethnic group in a Form Four class that she “wanted to test their level of patience” and then began abusing them with derogatory words.

She even wrote the words on the blackboard. Two students later lodged police reports against her.

Several days earlier, she had allegedly entered a Form Five class and called the students using a derogatory word. She also accused them of being gangsters and thieves.

She was also alleged to have ordered the boys to do push-ups. When some of them could not do so, she allegedly stomped on their backs.

Last Monday, nearly 500 parents and members of the public gathered to protest in front of the school.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry had instructed the State Education Department to initiate an inquiry and that the teacher “had some explaining to do”.

State Education director Ashah Samah said she had wanted to transfer the person out of the state but had acceded to a request from the teacher to remain in the district.

She said the transfer letter was issued by the district education department and that she would investigate claims that security had been stated as the reason for the move.

This is a whole load of bullshit.

That’s all i have to say

My previous posting:

Malaysia’s Solution To Everything – Transfer ’em out!


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Malaysia’s Solution To Everything – Transfer ’em out!

Posted by pervster on August 6, 2008

I’m pretty much getting sick and tired of the way the Malaysian government handles things. One of them is the way they handle incompetent staff.

We have corrupted cops – what happens to those who are found to have committed some kind of offense?

IGP – We have transferred them to a remote location.

or…better still

IGP : We’ve given them a desk job.

Prisoners run away from prison cells, an investigation has been conducted, and the guilty policemen are now…doing desk work.

YEY!!!! the world’s a much better place now! they’re doing desk work!… way in hell nothing’s going to go wrong now, rite? Cuz that’s the Malaysian way!!!

The latest thing that pissed me off is the way the authorities handled the case of the idiot teacher who has no idea we’re supposed to be living harmoniously in a multi-racial country:

KULA LUMPUR (timesofindia): About 500 angry ethic-Indians on Monday staged a protest outside a school demanding action against a teacher who allegedly hurled racial slurs against students from the community in western Malaysia’s Selangor state.

According to the police report, a woman history teacher had allegedly called Indian students in a Class four and five ‘Negro’, ‘black monkeys’ and other derogatory names.

The crowd began gathering outside the Banting school’s main entrance near here at noon and staged a protest for two hours.

The teacher had also allegedly said that the community members were stupid and prone to thievery, the Star daily reported on its website.

The alleged incidents took place on July 17 and 22 when the teacher had allegedly beaten up some Indians students.

A students also alleged in his report that the teacher had written the word ‘keling pariah’ on the board and lost her cool when the Indian students told her that they did not like being called names, it said.

Coalition of Malaysian Indian NGOs secretary Gunaraj George, who was among the protesters, said such abuse would only breed hatred and racial polarisation in schools.

“No one in his or her right frame of mind would have said these things. Given this, the best option would be for the teacher to be assigned to a desk job and not be allowed to be near youngsters anymore,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong said the schoolteacher might be sacked if the allegations proved true. “The allegations were serious as no one was allowed to insult others, especially in a school environment,” said Wee, who was asked to comment.

The ministry was awaiting an official report before taking any action, he added.

My first reaction was like…>Enna Dei Gunaraj….is that the best you could do? ask the teacher to be given a desk job?…oh ..wait….you must be one of those people used to the fact that incompetent people get desk jobs…but still…you could have asked for a better punishment.

Anyway, that was yesterday’s news. Today, in thestar, our ever so wonderful local newspaper which reports the whole truth, nothing but the truth…so help them satan:

BANTING: A secondary school teacher accused of hurling racial slurs against her Indian students recently is on leave prior to her transfer on Monday.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T. Murugiah, who visited SMK Telok Panglima Garang yesterday, said the teacher regretted the incident and had apologised to the students.

“She also said that she did not expect things to become so serious and has agreed to be transferred to another school,” added Murugiah who was accompanied by officers from the Education Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Department’s Public Complaints Bureau.

Two students lodged police reports against the female history teacher last Friday alleging that she had made derogatory remarks about Indian students and called them unflattering names.

According to Murugiah, recommendations would also be made to the Education Ministry to institute disciplinary action against her.

He said the issue was now considered closed and advised members of the Indian community as well as parents of the affected students to accept the teacher’s apology.

However, relatives of the affected students as well as the members of the Telok Panglima Garang Indian community refused to regard the matter as closed.

“She must make a public apology as she insulted all Indians and be transferred to a desk job and not allowed to teach anymore,” said the group’s spokesman S. Muthamil Selvan.

Coalition of Malaysian Indian NGOs secretary Gunaraj George concurred and said his organisation was preparing a memorandum on the matter to be presented to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Yipee!!!! In true Malaysian style, she’s been transferred to a different school…..

OOps…i should be saying….Oh my god…I’m so bloody surprised….She actually got transferred out?…….thought she would have been fired.

But god forbid we fire any of our wonderful government staff. We don’t have enough staff. We don’t have enough teachers. We don’t have enough cops. We don’t have enough ACA officers. If there’s something wrong with them, we just transfer them to some other place… they might repent ……….

if they don’t…… well….quoting the not so wise words of an idiot prime minister running a country in south east asia – “Nevermind laaaaaa

Hmmmmmmmm …..this has got me thinking…. if this is indeed Malaysia’s solution to take care of incompetent staff……….. can we get rid of the prime minister? I mean…not really get rid off…but…”transfer” him to another place. I know! I know! let’s “transfer” him to Perth. We can put him in charge of his own mansion there. He’ll be the Prime Minister of his own house. Heck, let’s just make him the King of his own house, if that will make him happy. Anything to get him out of this country….and he’ll have a pet walrus to take along with him.


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