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My perfect Utopia…

Posted by Madame on November 30, 2008

I have spent the last few days with my eyes literally glued to the TV watching the horrific events unfold in Mumbai and it has left me totally dispirited and emotionally drained. It has also left me with more questions than answers…

Is Islam really an evil religion? Where does fanaticism stem from? Why is it that any atrocities carried out by Mulims are labelled as terrorism whilst those carried out by the Western world are deemed acceptable? Can we label George W Bush as a Christian jihadist? Geroge W, did after all call the war in Afghanistan, “a crusade” 😉 Isn’t religion really the root cause of all evil?

I know that I have written quite a few articles which are against Organised Religion and such and the terrorist attack in Mumbai, validates my stance on this even further. Religion is open to a person’s/religious teacher’s interpretation and herein, lies the danger. If you have an fanatical teacher, he/she will impart their fanatical views to their followers.

All Holy Books are written by man, I have yet to find proof that God himself wrote these books 😉 All these Holy Books were written by mere mortals who supposedly were inspired by and were messangers from God. Question…Who made them God’s messangers? Answer….They were all self-appointed! 😀 This is fact NOT fiction!

Religion has been used for centuries as a form of subjugation and mind control. Religion preys on the weak and feeble-minded by feeding into their insecurities. Religion is NOT a unifier but rather a divider…for whether we are honest enough to admit it or not…it does breed discrimination and intolerance. The terms gentile, kafir, heathen are all proof of this discrimination! Why is it that it is politically incorrect to use the word ‘Nigger’ or ‘Chink’ but it is socially acceptable to use terms such as ‘kafir’? Isn’t it exactly the same? Also a form of discrimination? One is racially related whilst the other has a religious connotation…the end result is EXACTLY the same!!! Discrimination and intolerance…

Religion is like an exclusive club…either you belong and are fully accepted OR you don’t belong and thus scorned and made to feel less worthy than the ‘exclusive set’. Some misguided Christians actually believe that irrespective of whether you are a ‘good person’ or not, you don’t stand a chance of entering heaven unless you belong to their ‘exclusive club’. Hmmm….mind boggling stupidity, perhaps?! 😉

The more I think about….Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a world where religion becomes totally superfluous? A world where a person is measured by their moral conscience rather than their religious affiliation? A world that is mature enough to say ‘NO’ to the divisiveness of religion?

Welcome to my perfect Utopia….a world without religion 🙂

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Happy Deepavali Malaysians!

Posted by Madame on October 25, 2008

The Dandelions would like to wish each and every Malaysian a very Happy Deepavali!

May the festival of lights dispel the doom and gloom of the last few months and renew our hope and faith in humanity 😉

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On Abortion and Assisted Suicide…Personal freedom or should it be legislated?

Posted by Madame on October 25, 2008

With the US Presidential election coming up in a little over a week….the never ending question of “Are you Pro-choice or Pro-Life?” rears its ugly head again! McCain wants to over-turn Roe v Wade and make the individual states responsible whilst Obama, prefers that it remains with the Federal Courts….and so the age-old debate goes back and forth.

What is ‘assisted suicide’? It is the now the most politically/socially correct term for what we called Euthanasia. It is the right to put an end to your life if for some reason, you find that you are beyond medical help and can no longer enjoy the quality of life that you are used to. There is a big debate going on in the UK right now about this as well.

I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about these two issues and keep wondering to myself….Why the fuss? Isn’t Man/Woman the master of his/her own destiny…albeit supposedly? Are we not deemed capable/intelligent enough of making the decision that would be right for us and our loved ones? Frankly, I find these two debates demeaning to us as thinking, rational human beings!

Every baby that is born into this world has the RIGHT to be loved and wanted. I say that this is a fundamental right…it is non-negotiable! Do you think that by ‘forcing’ an expectant mother to keep her baby….the baby will then be loved and wanted? For those of you who say….well, she can always give the baby up for adoption… My reply would be…There are more than enough un-wanted and un-cared for children in the world with over-flowing orphanages. So, does the world really need another child thrust into the orphanage system? I think not….definitely! Every woman has the right to decide whether she is prepared for the life-long commitment of being a mother just as every baby has the right to be loved and wanted!

I think that by legalizing or illegalizing abortion, it takes so much away from the woman. The decision of motherhood is a serious one and one that should be pondered carefully and not taken lightly….but this decision rests squarely and entirely with the woman. It should NOT be a political issue bandied about by candidates to garner more support. It should NOT be a religious issue preached about by religious leaders. People who sit on their high horses and preach so sanctimoniously about Pro-Life issues, should sit back and think about the long term repercussions of unwanted children…. both socially and psychologically.

We can never chose the way that we are born or the circumstances that we are born into….but we can sometimes choose, the time and way we die…or atleast, we should be allowed this choice. Imagine a person who has been bed-ridden for the last 10yrs with no prospect of ever being mobile again… Imagine a person who has to go through so much physical pain, that it consumes him… Imagine a person who has no chance of recovery and who understands that his illness is causing so much emotional and financial stress to his family…. Is this person then, who already has gained the  agreement of his family, not allowed to precipitate his death? Is it criminal to allow a person to die with some modicum of dignity?

Is it more humane to keep a person alive at all costs even when it has been confirmed that the person will never recover? Well….many countries seem to think so sadly. Again, the right to live or die should rest with the individual in consent with the family…it should NOT be dictated to us by governments and religious leaders. This is plain wrong!

For we are thinking, caring, feeling and rational human beings who are more than capable of making a decision that would suit our needs best….we dont need any laws to dictate to us what we can or cannot do to our own bodies and lives! Let our moral and social conscience decide….

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On becoming Bangsa Malaysia…

Posted by Madame on September 24, 2008

What does ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ truly mean to you? My understanding of this term would be….Malaysian…that’s it….with nothing else to follow, such as Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Malay or even this one…Malaysian Lain-Lain. What the heck is Lain-Lain, anyways????

Our current government talks about ‘Bangsa Malaysia’…it seems to be the buzz word right now and is also ‘considered’ very politically correct 😉  Does the current government even know what ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ means? All evidence thus far points to the contrary.

Do we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ right now? Nope….we don’t. Despite what the govt says….WE DON’T!

How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we are still identified by our race? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we are still identified by our religion? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when our system is NOT based on meritocracy? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we still have race-based political parties? And most importantly, how can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when Malaysians of Indian and Chinese ethnicity are not enshrined in the Malaysian Constituition?

Dare I say this…..YES…I do! True ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ would mean having a leader based NOT on his ethnicity…but rather, on his capability!

‘Bangsa Malaysia’ will truly come about once we start to look at one another in the same way…once we can see past the colour, creed and language. ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ needs to start first with the schools and the education system. ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ will come into existence once we stop having to fill up all those dumb forms/questionnaires which require you to specify your race or religion.

We strive for a country that truly looks at it’s people as belonging to one race…and a people that identifies itself as only one race….which is, ‘Bangsa Malaysia’….and no ‘Race Relations Act’ is gonna achieve this when the Education system is so flawed in the country.

So, I say….Read my lips… It’s the Education System, Stupid!

Forget the ‘Race Relations Act’ and focus on the Education System!

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SAPP’s Yong Teck Lee – Hero or Opportunist?

Posted by Madame on September 18, 2008

They finally did it! After all these months of political posturing…. 😉

This seemed to be the million dollar question in Sabah…Would Yong have the courage to quit the BN coalition OR was he still waiting to be kicked out from BN, so that he could pull the ‘wronged hero’ act for the Sabahans? Now, we have our answer…..he had the courage to quit a coalition that has failed the Sabahans time and again! A coalition that has made corruption its main policy while Sabah continues to get more impoverished day by day!

For some of us, Yong might appear as an Opportunist and this is quite understandable. He, after all is an ex Sabah CM. Why didn’t he try to institute some of the ‘reforms’ that he now talks about whilst he was in power? The answer to this would be….He was still part of BN and so his hands were effectively tied. Another more compelling reason would be, that there were no other viable alternatives to government at that time 😀 Yong is currently being demonized for having the courage to stand up and say Enough is Enough!!! Lots of questions abound at this time….Why wait until the BN government looks like its on its last legs before quitting the coalition? Was he hedging his bets? Was he waiting to see if PR had the credibility to form the new government? YES! He probably was!

So does this make Yong an Opportunist? Yes, it does…BUT is being an Opportunist such a bad thing? After all, Politics breeds no saints! 😉 He is looking out for the interests of the Sabahans….and yep, to a degree, he’s looking out for his own as well 😉

For me, I’d rather go with the Opportunist who does have the interest of his people at heart…than with one who has none at all!

As to being a Hero…..well, only time will tell 🙂

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Enough with the rhetoric, please….We are human, after all!

Posted by Madame on September 17, 2008

September 16th, 2008…. a date that so many of us looked forward to…I was so hyped and all pumped with anticipation. This day would surely truly be Malaysia Day, I thought and yet…..

September 17th, 2008…all that anticipation has given way to frustration and slow despair. I placed such high hopes on PR being able to deliver….and they have promised that they will, they have the magic number 31….and yet…we wait…we wait…we wait…

I ask myself….if PR really does have the numbers in hand, why did DSAI want to meet with the PM? Why didn’t PR just go straight to the Agong? I don’t quite believe DSAI’s ‘excuse’ of a peaceful transition bit. Is it just another strategic manoeuvre on his part? Who honestly knows??? None of us, for sure!

In the meantime, UMNO has been handed the bonus of extra time to wheel, deal, coerce and intimidate……sigh!

So, please….if any of the higher-ups in PR are reading this….Enough with the rhetoric, please…..the time to act is NOW….Patience is not infinite….we need a government that truly cares…..So, please stop with all the politicking and let’s get back to the business of building a strong and vibrant Malaysia!

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The Follies and Foibles of errrm….NO!

Posted by Madame on September 15, 2008

The events of the last few days have been shocking and..errrm…well, entertaining to say the least! Entertainment of the poorest quality, I hasten to add….courtesy of our very own star performers called errrm….NO!

First, there was the ‘wannabe’ Ahmad Ismail and his brutally racist comments against fellow Malaysians of Chinese Origin. The reporter who was at this infamous ceramah, Ms. Tan of Sin Chew, instead of playing it down a la normal Malaysian MSM style, chose to report what she had heard honestly and truthfully.

Result : Ms. Tan was detained under ISA, albeit for less than 24 hours….but all the same…DETAINED UNDER ISA!

Result : Ahmad Ismail was given a slap on his wrists and told off for being a naughty boy! As his reward, he was given only a 3yr SUSPENSION. He also gets to go on a nation-wide tour promoting his brand of racism! Needless to say, this tour would be ‘funded’ by the rakyat!

Syed Hamid Albar‘s explanations fall way short of any sound reason. Ms. Tan’s personal safety? The said article could further inflame racial tension? This one is the best of all…..Albar didn’t even sign the detention orders, our brave police force were acting at their own discretion 😀  Hmmmm….I honestly thought that the police needed Albar’s permission to even do something as mundane as scratching their own balls….😉

M2 Taib‘s explanation during his telephone interview with AlJazeera was even more comedic! You guys, should really watch the clip if you haven’t seen it already.

Just paraphrasing here….

News Anchor : Ahmad Ismail who committed the racial slur is free whilst the journalist, Ms. Tan who was only doing her job is being detained under ISA? Don’t you see the discrepancy here ?

M2 Taib : Yeesss….but she has to ‘face the music‘!

Face the music‘…seemed to be M2 Taib’s standard response to the news anchor 😀 He used this term not once….BUT twice!!! 😉 Imagine this stuttering and fumbling moron used to be the Selangor ex-CM!

Raja Petra Kamaruddin was the first one to be detained on that fateful day, 12th Sept 2008. For what, I ask? I read his article on ‘I promise to be a good and non-hypocritical Muslim‘ and I don’t see anything there that is remotely blasphemous. He was not poking fun at Islam at all! He does condemn, however, the so-called Malaysian Muslims who are making a mockery of the very basic fundamentals of Islam. Is this blasphemy? Shouldn’t a man like this be lauded and feted for his courage in pointing out where, erst-while Muslims have strayed? Hell…in some countries, he might even be recognised as a prophet! 😉 Re., his other article ‘Malays, the enemy of Islam’ which did attract some controversial commentary, should he be held responsible for the words of others? How we choose to think/speak/act rests squarely with us, individuals! Oooops….sorry, under UMNO individual freedom of thought and expression is an alien concept!

CRAP, I tell you…pure undiluted CRAP!!!! Errrm….NO have been waiting for an excuse to put him away and in effect, silence ‘The Social Conscience of Malaysia’.

The last person to be detained that day was MP Teresa Kok. Again…may I ask why? I need a sound and infalliable reason here, please. Instead of detaining Ms. Kok, shouldn’t the Selangor ex-CM, Khir Toyo who perpetuated this slander against Ms. Kok be detained? Isn’t he the one who should be held responsible for trying to incite racial disharmony? Isn’t he the one who goes around threatening everyone with ‘May 13th‘?

Something stinks here and it sure ain’t from the detainees. The stench emanating from Syed Hamid Albar, Najib Tun Razak and Khir Toyo is over-powering, sickening and puke-inducing!!!!

Pakatan Rakyat, please hear our heart-felt plea and form the government asap….before, you inherit a Malaysia, where all its people have gone comatose from the stench!!! 😉

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A tribute to Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Thank You, Sir!

Posted by Madame on August 27, 2008

The mere thought of blogging again is a daunting one for me, I find. Could I be suffering from ‘Writer’s Block’? Perhaps…. ‘Brain Freeze’? Yeah…most likely 😉 However, yesterday’s resounding election victory in Permatang Pauh for Anwar Ibrahim got me thinking and has kinda galvanized me…for, it is a pivotal moment for Malaysia. Malaysia now finally has a fair chance at democracy….it has taken us 51 years to get there….but so what, we are slowly getting there….and that’s what matters! 🙂

Malaysia and Press Freedom is like mixing water and oil. The BN government has always suffocated freedom of expression and thought. The one thing that we got under Badawi, was the sudden explosion of politics in Blogosphere. So for this, I must pause to say….”Thank you, Mr. Badawi for the slight freedoms that you have given us” 😉 Badawi has given us way more freedom than his predecessor did. Was this because he cares more about freedom of expression or was he just plain inefficient? I tend to favour the latter 😀

I personally think that Blogosphere was/is responsible for the sudden political awareness amongst Malaysians. I think that we can also give the bloggers huge credit for March 8th and most recently, for Permatang Pauh. There are many bloggers who we owe a debt of gratitude to like Zorro, Anil Netto, Susan Loone, The Dandelions (ahem…ahem 😉 )and oh-so-many more…but…is there any one person that I would like to single out for his contribution to this new found political awareness amongst Malaysians? Yes, there is… would have to be the one and only YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin or RPK, for short.

This one man must surely go down in Malaysian history for his bravery and wits in daring to take on the BN machinary. He boldly goes where others fear to tread…and he does it all with grace, smarts and humor! He surely has become the Conscience of Malaysia. I think that he has given us courage to question and debate governmental policies. I salute you, YM RPK for your convictions and your courage!

Do I always agree with what RPK has to say? Nope! Quite often I find myself disagreeing and at times even find his ‘theories’ too far-fetched…BUT…what RPK does is, he makes me stop to ponder….and that is what matters to me. He gives me food for thought…it is then upto to me to ponder, investigate and then draw my own conclusions. He brings so many relevant matters out into the open….which is sadly not covered by the MSM. For me, RPK has become my very own MSM 😀

RPK embodies the true spirit of democracy, I think. He is not afraid to be put under ISA or face the ‘famed’ Malaysian courts 😉 I applaud him for his strength and his selflessness! Do I idolise the man? Nope! But I do admire all that he stands for greatly.

So…I’d like to say a BIG “Thank You, Sir” to YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin for showing me the way 🙂

LONG LIVE MALAYSIA!!!! LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY!!! And now at last I can proudly say……Malaysia mungkin Boleh!!! 😀

Malaysia-Today can be accessed through this link

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On politicising Beijing 2008 : My thoughts…

Posted by Madame on August 6, 2008

The Olympic motto

Citius, Altius, Fortius which translated from Latin means Faster, Higher, Stronger. The father of modern day OlympicsBaron Pierre de Coubertin came up with this after training with a Dominican monk.

The Olympic Creed

As stated by Coubertin – “The most important thing in the Olympic Games in not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

Modern day Olympics came into existence in 1896, thanks to the vision and daring of Baron de Coubertin.

The Sacred Truce

The Sacred Truce was instituted during the month of the Olympiad. Messengers carried the word of the truce and the date of the games all over the Greek world. The truce signified the cessation of all hostilities for one month.

Alrighty then….enough with all the correctness 😉 Its time now to be politically incorrect, my forte 😀 What do I think about the negative publicity that Beijing 2008 is getting? Frankly, it upsets me. For me, the whole spirit of the Olympics is being jeopardized by all the political posturing that is going on. My question is……why all the sudden fuss and why at this precise moment??

The way I see it…..The Tibetan issue is not a new one. Tibet was a part of China and during the in-fighting going on with the Ching dynasty…they broke away peacefully and started governing themselves. They did this for 40 years. Then, China in the 1950s decided to assert its claim over Tibet. Is this wrong? I honestly don’t know. In the last few years, the Dalai Lama has brought the plight of the Tibetan people and their continual demands for independence to the world stage. This is a smart man…He has charisma and the backing of very high profile friends! However, my question remains…if the rest of the world stayed relatively unaffected by the Tibetan issue for the last 50 yrs, why the sudden fuss???

The way I see it….The Sudan issue is also not something that just happened. Where was America (I refer to America, as they are the self-appointed moral watch dogs of the world 😉 ) when mass genocide first started taking place in the Darfur region? Hmmm… I don’t remember them making too much fuss about it actually! And now they want to turn this around and complain about China’s refusal to sign a Sanctions against Sudan pact? Helloooo….have sanctions ever worked? The last time I checked….NO, they don’t! They only bring added suffering to an already burdened people. Remember, Iraq? It only made Saddam even more defiant. Did he suffer? Nope…. Did the average Iraqi people suffer? Yes….

The way I see it….The Human Rights issue in China has been going on for so long and the Tienanmen Square ‘massacre’ high-lighted that to us, ignoramus! However, what about America? Aren’t they also guilty of human rights abuses with Guantanamo Bay? I think they are. What about us in Malaysia? Doesn’t America care about the human rights abuses that go on here? I know that they periodically ‘fart’ and make some small insignificant noises about it 😀 Why don’t they protest and march on the streets to show their solidarity with the Malaysians?

Why now? Why at this precise moment?

Why has China suddenly become the world’s biggest villain ?  This could be to a couple of reasons…..

1. China poses an economic threat to America. In a recent CNN poll, it showed that 70% of Americans feel that China will soon over-take America economically.

2. China poses a military threat. In this same poll, an astonishing 51% of Americans actually believe this 😀

Btw, CNN actually tied in this poll with their count-down to Beijing 2008 special. Isnt it obvious….need I say more? 😉

When I pin-point America, this does not exclude the rest of the Western world by any means… I do so,  because in our world, the guys who have the greatest economic clout and the biggest weapon arsenal are the ones who will dictate to the rest of us minions! This is FACT…not FICTION!

Let’s face the bare reality….we are controlled by the media. Our perceptions are based on what we read, see or hear. Most of the popular news channels are Western-based, so, basically, we are being fed what America wants us to believe. This is called manipulating the media to your advantage and as we all know it is very effective!

The Olympic Games, come along once every 4 years. Honestly, I wait with such eager anticipation for this to happen and this time around I was even more excited because it was China’s turn. I knew that China would pull out all the stops for Beijing 2008 because they have so much to prove to the rest of the world. We were almost guaranteed of a spectacular show!!!

Sadly, after all the negative publicity that China has received…its almost as if the Western world instead of wishing them success, IS dooming them to failure! This would then prove to the rest of the world….See I told you…the Asians are still too primitive to be hosting such a major event!

And what about the ‘spirit’ of the Olympics’? That doesn’t seem to matter at all, does it? No one talks about that anymore. The Olympic Games is the only opportunity that us viewers get, to watch 26 or is it 28 (?) games with teams from 29 countries all participating on a level playing field. Patriotism, pride and honour are the virtues that we associate most with the Games. The Olympic Games has always been above politics and should stay that way!!! If the Olympics cannot be separated from politics then I think that we should put AN END to the Games, once and for all! We are making a mockery of the very principles on which the Games were founded!!!

If the Ancient Greeks, who were a war-mongering nation, could get it so right…..Why cant we???

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Homosexuality : Fact of Nature or just plain ol’ Perversion…?

Posted by Madame on August 4, 2008

Homosexuality and what it means is a subject that has consumed me (yeah, I know…alot of subjects consume me 😀 )ever since I found out that my bestest friend in the whole wide world was gay! Strangely enough I was not repulsed or disgusted by it….it made me very, very curious though 😀 Why is it that society is so keen to condemn what seemed to me, a natural thing/act?

I like boys and He also likes boys 😉 Is Homosexuality wrong? Was it because of the bad rap it picked up when AIDS was first identified and publicised with the death of Hollywood legend, Rock Hudson and then later, Musical Genius- Freddie Mercury of Queen? AIDS=Homosexuality? Wait a minute….could religion have something to do with the general homophobic attitude towards homosexuality? So many questions swirled around in my head, I knew that I had to find the answers out for myself…study them and then make my own informed opinion on this subject…and NOT confine myself to a narrow-minded view.

Most major religions seem to deem Homosexuality as sinful… unnatural…. definitely going to burn in Hell and such. I have spent some time researching this subject before my attempt at blogging about it. The results were too confusing….too many conflicting theories and even research cases. Some scientists say that it is a genetic factor that is passed down thru the genes from maternal gay relatives. Some say, its because of the Hypothalamus….its size is similar in women and gay men. Some say its because of the pre-natal hormone make-up. Some others say that its due to environmental factors. Whilst others say….its PURE CRAP…homosexuality is a conscious choice! The Science behind Homosexuality is still in its infancy…so lets give the good scientists time to conduct more extensive research before they can come to a consensus and meanwhile, let me tell what I feel about the subject of Homosexuality.

For me, Homosexuality is NOT a conscious choice…atleast in the people who have a genuine homosexual orientation. This sexual orientation usually manifests itself around the age of 5, or so. I remember, my friend telling that the first time he developed a crush on another boy….he was just 7! At that tender age, children are quite free of any pre-conceived notions and so it felt ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ to him. It was only later during his pubescent years, that he realised that such feelings to members of the same sex isunnatural’, ‘sinful’ and ‘dirty’! Btw, this friend of mine has no gay relatives…or rather ones, in/out of the closet, either on his paternal or maternal side for the last 3 generations! This got me thinking…..a child of such tender years doesnt know the difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality….so what he felt must then be considered natural. He was pre-disposed towards homosexuality. Is that wrong then? I very empahtically say “NO”!!!

Do you think that a normally straight person would chose to be gay in our still very much homophobic society? I dont think so! They are NOT gluttons for punishment 😉 Is it easy being gay? Try living in ‘their’ shoes for one day and then perhaps you will understand a little more and learn to accept them fully for the people they are and NOT for their sexual orientation. Why is it so hard for us to accept a person’s sexual differences? I think that its because of the ‘forced indoctrination’ in us…whether it comes from our family, friends or religion.

I feel that its time to stop ‘shaming’ the gay society! Learn to accept gay people for who they are and for how they can enrich your lives. In short, accept gay people with no prejudices whatsoever! They are human and deserve the respect that every human being is entitled to! I, for one , do know that being straight has definitely NOT made me a better person than my gay best friend!

I leave you then with this question : Does being gay….make one, any less of a person???

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