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They don’t really care about us!!

Posted by ella-mae on August 8, 2009

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“Tai Chi” Master Wannabe…..Not This Time Dude!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on September 18, 2008

What do you think of Malaysia’s economy today? Progressing, like how the current government is trying to convince us, or sinking faster than Titanic, like how many of us are experiencing……….

How many of us know of someone who has either migrated or applied for jobs overseas, in particular, the Middle East, mainly because of the sufforcatingly high cost of living in this country, amplified by artificially surpressed salaries. Or read about the increase in victims of loan sharks, desperate for cash, due to failing businesses or escalating medical bills? Or see big corporations boasting about their business ventures overseas but nothing about the local ventures?

How did a nation with so much promise and all geared up for 2020 hit a boulder? Did all these only happen just recently? Could one man’s alleged smearing campaign overseas have caused the hardship experienced by Malaysians?

The Star, Thursday September 18, 2008
Pak Lah: Anwar a threat to security and economy

PUTRAJAYA: PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a threat to national security and the economy due to his lies, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

He said the Opposition Leader had spread false information overseas about the country’s economic stability to the extent of investors reporting that Malaysia was not a good country to invest in due to political instability.

“The country still receives foreign direct investments and is one of the countries which foreigners want to invest in. Even our competitiveness ranking improved from 23rd to 19th position.

“So what is he saying? He is exploiting the trust the people have in him by saying all these, which is not helpful,” he said, adding that although there was no tremendous economic development, the country still had made significant progress.

Speaking to reporters at his office with his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak seated beside him, Abdullah said Anwar ignored positive developments in the country.

Asked how the Government would act, Abdullah said he could not say yet but gave an assurance that any action would be in the best interest of the people and country.

It seems to me, someone’s found a “scapegoat” for his 5 years of incompetence in the managing of a country’s economy, doesn’ it?

In the first place, is the good PM saying that foreign investors are all dumbasses and have no brains of their own? That they “goyang kaki” in their offices and wait for whoever from whichever country to tell them their side of the story about a country’s potential economical prospect?

And IF Anwar has been doing just that, looks like he is not doing a great job at it lah, because, if what the PM is saying about our country’s competitiveness ranking has improved economically is true, we shouldn’t be affected, right?

Wanna know why majority of Malaysians are finding it harder day by day to make ends meet? I think the analysis by Wall Street Journal says it all…….


Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced this week that he has enough parliamentary support to unseat the current government, led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. If he does, Abdullah’s lacklustre economic management will be largely to blame.

The prime minister has not introduced any substantive reforms during his nearly five years in office, preferring to rely instead on opening up the government purse. Under the Ninth Malaysia Plan announced in 2005, he expanded public-sector spending to RM200 billion annually from RM160 billion. In his Midterm Plan Review this year, he increased this outlay to RM240 billion. The national debt now stands at RM285 billion, up from RM192 billion in 2004. The official fiscal deficit has risen to 4.8% of GDP this year, from 3.2% last year. Revenue is being spent faster than it is coming in.

It’s hard to argue that these outlays have served the broad public interest. Much of the funding has been channelled to elites in the majority Malay community, under the country’s pro-Malay affirmation action programme. That has created discontent with many Malay who don’t see the full benefits of the programme, and among the minority Chinese and Indians, who are excluded from it altogether.

Abdullah’s stewardship has had a real impact on the economy. Capital flight has risen sharply; Malaysian investment abroad now exceeds inward foreign investment. The Kuala Lumpur stock exchange has lost almost one-fifth of its value this year to date. Malaysia’s currency, the ringgit, saw its biggest one-month loss last month since the end of the dollar peg in 2005. Although GDP growth has averaged a robust 5% annual growth under Abdullah, that record is now under threat. Inflation reached a record 8.5% this summer. Job creation has reached record lows, as unemployment, particularly among young majority Malays, remains high. Ironically, only the opposition-led state governments are attracting new foreign investment – and without the federal government’s help, no less.

Abdullah’s 2004 attempts to promote growth and investment – such as through the promotion of the biotechnology and agricultural industries – have failed. He also fumbled discussions with the United States on a free trade agreement, which have now stalled. What Malaysia really needs is education reform and the liberalisation of its labour markets to improve its economic competitiveness.

The political opposition, in the form of Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat coalition, have seized on these issues. They have promised to root out corruption and to implement a new economic policy to address the concerns of all ethnic communities in Malaysia. Their platform aims to move beyond populist spending to introduce structural reforms in government procurement programmes and in the management of government-linked companies.

When Abdullah assumed office in 2004, he inherited an economy in need of structural reform. Malaysians have had to pay for his poor stewardship through higher prices, stagnating wages and growing private sector debt. Soon, Abdullah may have to pay the political price for that record.

So, who do you think should be facing the music for doing such a lousy job at handling the country’s economy? For being a threat to national security and economy?

A piece of advise to all the “tai chi” masters out there……next time, when it’s already become too obvious who was responsible for all the shit, forget about blaming someone else for it. It’ll only make you look like a bigger fool than you already are.

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The September 16 double bluff

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 18, 2008

Ok, ok, I opine that September 16 was not meant for Malaysians to take the bait, but for UMNO. September 16 was a double bluff specifically designed for UMNO to take the bait. Why the heck would Anwar want to expose his battle plan for UMNO, so that UMNO has time to defend itself? Why the hell does one play chess and then tell his opponent what his next move is going to be?

September 16 was an empty threat. UMNO took the bait (or is it Najib and his cohort, Hamid Albar, as my fellow dandelions first concurred?). UMNO began to put RPK, Teresa and Tan into ISA in the hopes of maybe instigating all-out protest to have a reason to declare martial law. It will then be bye, bye opposition. But that didn’t materialise. Instead, the past few days have successfully swung the political wind to PR’s favour.

People were appalled by the actions of UMNO. Legitimacy of cross-over becomes less of a question even amongst PR supporters who frowned on cross-over. I don’t like cross-over but after the events of the past few days, hell yeah, I am for cross-over. Anwar doesn’t have to be malicious to get his goals. Anwar force UMNO into showing its inner-most demons (we have already seen the outer-demons). Many people say, inner true colours are only shown when one is tremendously stressed, an act of great goodness or great controversy……

September 16 or the recent events surrounding September 16 serve to unify PR supporters, split into for cross-over and against cross-over to a unanimous for cross-over movement. If DSAI succeeds, heck it will be a legitimate, democratically popular cross-over, the first in Malaysian history.

Heck, the September 16 event only further destroys what’s left of UMNO’s unity. (As my fellow dandelions have concurred way before me) If Najib and Hamid are behind the ISA not Abdullah, well it is a sign that Najib the backstabber is beginning to be less subtle and more desperate. Abdullah can’t tell the press that he didn’t use ISA but his minions did, as this will have disastrous consequences to the little leadership credibility that AAB has managed to retain. Najib is not going to be left unpunished, AAB “rewarded” Najib with the post of Finance Minister 4,5 months before UMNO elections (again my fellow dandelions have concurred before me). With the recent chain of events striking US financial giants, first and foremost, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch and AIG, we have not heard the last of economic kerfuffle. Malaysia is not going to escape unscathed, and there is little Najib can do to conjure a financial miracle that will help save the US financial system in return, help Malaysia. Economy is going to be worse off, and Najib will bear the brunt.

September 16 was an ‘empty’ threat. UMNO made September 16 into an enemy UMNO itself feared most. If UMNO had not done anything, UMNO would not be in such a conundrum it is in today.

RPK took a gamble to be a willing pawn to the event leading to September 16. RPK has given UMNO a lot of ‘reasons ‘to apprehend RPK under ISA. RPK is now seen as a martyr for Malaysians who want justice, swing it to PR’s favour. Whether his martyrdom is to be converted to success in toppling UMNO remains to be seen.

I don’t know who has better chess playing strategy, but the set-pieces are already moving. Whatever result it may be, it will be preposterous to say that one got lucky winning. Politics is a high-stakes game to be left to lady luck. Has anyone ever won a chess game by luck?

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Enough with the rhetoric, please….We are human, after all!

Posted by Madame on September 17, 2008

September 16th, 2008…. a date that so many of us looked forward to…I was so hyped and all pumped with anticipation. This day would surely truly be Malaysia Day, I thought and yet…..

September 17th, 2008…all that anticipation has given way to frustration and slow despair. I placed such high hopes on PR being able to deliver….and they have promised that they will, they have the magic number 31….and yet…we wait…we wait…we wait…

I ask myself….if PR really does have the numbers in hand, why did DSAI want to meet with the PM? Why didn’t PR just go straight to the Agong? I don’t quite believe DSAI’s ‘excuse’ of a peaceful transition bit. Is it just another strategic manoeuvre on his part? Who honestly knows??? None of us, for sure!

In the meantime, UMNO has been handed the bonus of extra time to wheel, deal, coerce and intimidate……sigh!

So, please….if any of the higher-ups in PR are reading this….Enough with the rhetoric, please…..the time to act is NOW….Patience is not infinite….we need a government that truly cares…..So, please stop with all the politicking and let’s get back to the business of building a strong and vibrant Malaysia!

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The Battle Has Begun!!!! And Hopefully, It’s Not The Riots This Time!!

Posted by ErnieJean on September 17, 2008

So, another UMNO fler has decided to jump on the bandwagon…perhaps he should have consulted his fellow racist bigot, the Toyol man himself about the effectiveness of gaining popularity through blogging propaganda crap (whether self or otherwise)…….after all Toyol’s blog has been receiving such “overwhelming” response that I can’t seem to locate the total number of hits todate on his blog…did he take it out?

(Bernama, 17 Sept 2008) Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has launched his personal website today.

In statement issued by the deputy prime minister’s office, the website is intended to be a forum for all Malaysians to exchange views on important issues, promote common goals and highlight the nation’s unique diversity. (Who is he trying to kid!!!??? ROTFL!!!!)

Najib in the statement said he was concerned that certain quarters were seeking to drive wedges between Malaysia’s communities for political and personal gain and was intended as a portal through which the public could directly engage in open and honest dialogue with him. (Which “certain quarters” would you be referring to? Trying to play “memory loss” here Mr. DPM? Open and honest dialogue? Don’t think you can take it………)

“I do not believe in the politics of “deceive, divide and rule”. Returning to our long held belief in unity and mutual respect is more important now than ever,- he said. (Sure you don’t believe in that sort of politicis? How about your own keris-dipping-in-blood waving incident years ago and your countless endorsements of the racist statements by members of your very own party?)

He said the website was for all Malaysians and he encouraged those who rely on the Internet for information, communication and community to join this discussion. (When the name, email add, phone no, postcode, etc is required in the comment box, and the knowledge of your goons monitoring our IP addresses, just how many honest opinions would you be expecting? Especially after the way you guys merrily detain any civilian under ISA based on your whims and fancies?)

“As I work to update my skills, I will need your input and response to let me know how I am doing. The insight of the online community increasingly reflects what is important to Malaysians and I am eager to gain that perspective. (Didn’t you people write off the relevance of the blogging community just recently? Speaking with a forked tongue again?)

“I hope this website will initiate an open and vital dialogue, exploring our Malaysian identity, purpose and direction. As a father of two teenagers, I am both familiar with and resigned to heated debate and disagreement. (Hhhmmm…makes one wonder if our future PM can’t even win a debate with his teenage girls, and I don’t think it’s about national or worldy issues ya, how is he expected to command the respect of the nation?)”

Let’s proceed as the extended family we are. Let’s practise courtesy in our discourse and make understanding the primary goal of our interaction,” he said. (Still can’t believe he actually thinks anyone will be falling for this “We are A Happy Family” crap!!”

Najib also encouraged people to join him in defining Malaysia and the role Malaysians must play in its future. (Najib’s definition? We work like donkeys while they go golfing in Taiwan)”

Each of us, despite our differences, shares a desire for a better tomorrow.’ Each of us wants opportunity, respect, friendship, and understanding.’ Each one of us, in our unique way, is Malaysian. -Together, we are One Malaysia. I hope we will keep this conversation going,” said Najib. (Coming from someone who absolutely has no credibility or integrity left, this rings utterly HOLLOW!!!)

Isn’t it just infuriating that some people have such thick skulls that they have yet to accept the reasons behind the rakyat’s rejection of their leadership…they still think it’s the faults of the bloggers and the only way to stay in power is to “counter these cyber liars”. It has yet to dawn upon them that their policies laced with corruption, oppression, croynism, racism, etc are the reasons for them being hit with one “tsunami” after another….sigh……..

I have always wondered what the BN government will be doing to cling on to power and fight this takeover by Pakatan Rakyat and DSAI. To be honest, I know many of us were and are still worried about the possibility of chaos and riots being created, but I’d like to believe today’s Malaysians are no longer as naive as they were in yesteryears, where riots were easily sparked. If you’ve seen photos of the gathering in Kelana Jaya Stadium two days ago, you’d know what I mean, that majority of Malaysians no longer view each other with contempt and suspicion, what more to raise daggers at each other……which is, by the way, exclusively reserved for UMNO politicians.

Then, it dawned on me, that UMNO is most probably using the entire might of their MSMs to confuse the steadfast supporters of Anwar, and the blogosphere to turn the tablesI!!!! Smart but not smart enough my friends!!

So what made me come up with a conclusion like that? Check out what’s been going on since Anwar’s 2pm “916” press conference……..

Counter Attack 1

Last nite, right after DSAI’s press conference, I received an sms, which I believe a lot of Malaysians have received too, about DSAI being a con-man and that this cross-over scheme is all one big con job and the joke’s on us….all because Lim Guan Eng was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying that the 916 strategy was that of a “psychological war”. Hello, of course lah it’s psychologicall! We all know the strategy involved making them piss in their pants!! Don’t twist this into something that meant playing a joke on the rakyat.

Counter Attack 2

RTM had a late night program yesterday about DSAI’s press conference where they called on viewers to sms their thoughts and opinions. Needless to say, all the smses were critical of DSAI and very pro-BN…..well…duh!!! It’s RTM people!!!

Counter Attack 3

DPM launching his “We Care. We One Big Happy Family” website. Have checked it out, by the way, out of curiousity, as our DPM is not exactly known to be a writer or witty for that matter. At the moment, there’s nothing there except for a very rosy and glossy introduction to who the “great” man is. *Gag*

I’m sure there’ll be more coming out at us the next following days and like RPK, I pray that Anwar moves fast, as this country really needs to get back on track. We’ve been cursed with a non-performing government since Badawi took over and as confirmed by the man of the hour, Zaid Ibrahim, the PM has basically lost the control and respect of his ministers and party members….which basically explains why this ship is sinking.

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Khairy: “We are here to bury Anwar’s political career”

Posted by barbie on August 27, 2008

Remember this?

Khairy: We’ve come to ‘bury’ Anwar
Beh Lih Yi | August 21, 2008

Barisan Nasional will not only defeat Anwar Ibrahim in the Aug 26 Permatang Pauh by-election, the ruling coalition will also bury his political career.

This bold prognosis came from Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

Speaking at a ceramah in Seberang Jaya last night, he riled up the audience by characterising the upcoming contest as one that would decide the fate of the nation.

During a fiery 30-minute speech, Khairy said BN candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah’s true challenge was to end the career of the ‘power crazy’ opposition leader.

We are here to bury Anwar’s political career. We are here to make history to ensure our nation’s future is free and safe from him!” he thundered to loud cheers from those present.

(Source: Malaysiakini)

Hahahaha!!! Hahaha!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!





*cough! cough!*


Sorry… can’t help it..

This comment from a reader of Malaysiakini reflects my opinion of Khairy:

“Maybe Khairy wants to look at his salvation act and see how he has ‘buried’ his own father-in-law’s political career with the ‘demise’ of the five states in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat, not to mention his own ‘burial’ with a limbo rock on his position as deputy head of Umno Youth.

Good, Khairy. Do more salvation work – ‘bury’ your own career.”

*ROTFLSMDL – Rolling on the floor laughing sampai masuk dalam longkang!
**ROTFLSMDL – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!
***ROTFLMAOWLKITA!! – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off with legs kicking in the air!

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A tribute to Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Thank You, Sir!

Posted by Madame on August 27, 2008

The mere thought of blogging again is a daunting one for me, I find. Could I be suffering from ‘Writer’s Block’? Perhaps…. ‘Brain Freeze’? Yeah…most likely 😉 However, yesterday’s resounding election victory in Permatang Pauh for Anwar Ibrahim got me thinking and has kinda galvanized me…for, it is a pivotal moment for Malaysia. Malaysia now finally has a fair chance at democracy….it has taken us 51 years to get there….but so what, we are slowly getting there….and that’s what matters! 🙂

Malaysia and Press Freedom is like mixing water and oil. The BN government has always suffocated freedom of expression and thought. The one thing that we got under Badawi, was the sudden explosion of politics in Blogosphere. So for this, I must pause to say….”Thank you, Mr. Badawi for the slight freedoms that you have given us” 😉 Badawi has given us way more freedom than his predecessor did. Was this because he cares more about freedom of expression or was he just plain inefficient? I tend to favour the latter 😀

I personally think that Blogosphere was/is responsible for the sudden political awareness amongst Malaysians. I think that we can also give the bloggers huge credit for March 8th and most recently, for Permatang Pauh. There are many bloggers who we owe a debt of gratitude to like Zorro, Anil Netto, Susan Loone, The Dandelions (ahem…ahem 😉 )and oh-so-many more…but…is there any one person that I would like to single out for his contribution to this new found political awareness amongst Malaysians? Yes, there is… would have to be the one and only YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin or RPK, for short.

This one man must surely go down in Malaysian history for his bravery and wits in daring to take on the BN machinary. He boldly goes where others fear to tread…and he does it all with grace, smarts and humor! He surely has become the Conscience of Malaysia. I think that he has given us courage to question and debate governmental policies. I salute you, YM RPK for your convictions and your courage!

Do I always agree with what RPK has to say? Nope! Quite often I find myself disagreeing and at times even find his ‘theories’ too far-fetched…BUT…what RPK does is, he makes me stop to ponder….and that is what matters to me. He gives me food for thought…it is then upto to me to ponder, investigate and then draw my own conclusions. He brings so many relevant matters out into the open….which is sadly not covered by the MSM. For me, RPK has become my very own MSM 😀

RPK embodies the true spirit of democracy, I think. He is not afraid to be put under ISA or face the ‘famed’ Malaysian courts 😉 I applaud him for his strength and his selflessness! Do I idolise the man? Nope! But I do admire all that he stands for greatly.

So…I’d like to say a BIG “Thank You, Sir” to YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin for showing me the way 🙂

LONG LIVE MALAYSIA!!!! LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY!!! And now at last I can proudly say……Malaysia mungkin Boleh!!! 😀

Malaysia-Today can be accessed through this link

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For updates from Permatang Pauh…

Posted by ella-mae on August 26, 2008

Quite a number of bloggers are reporting from Permatang Pauh today. Here are the links;








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Hear my dream, Permatang Pauh…

Posted by ella-mae on August 26, 2008

This Thursday 45 years ago, in what is still considered until today to be the definitive moment of the American Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr spoke his dream from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The speech which I first heard as twenty year old year in university left me teary-eyed because for the first time in my life I had to face racial polarisation which I never had to in school or in the neighbourhood where I grew up.

The first few months in my campus surroundings left me terribly disheartened because I was expected to hang out with only “my own kind” and my seniors would express disapproval if I mingled a little too closely with a person of another ethnicity.

Things have not changed since I left university. If anything, it has only gotten worse. “Sifat Toleransi” actively promoted by the BN government in the education system has only left us superficially united.

In my book the word tolerate is probably one of the more despicable words because to tolerate means “to put up with”, “to stomach” or “to endure” something one would otherwise never be quite at ease with. Not a good thing when I have tolerate my fellow countrymen – how can we be united if we have to stomach and put up with one another’s differences?

Barisan Nasional Neraka has done this to us through their many divide and rule policies which have caused us to view one another with distrust and wariness.

Just yesterday I met a fellow “my kind” who thought the only way Malaysia can be saved is through a violent movement in reminiscent of demagogues launched by megalomaniacs like Hitler. I spent a good hour giving him a dressing down: enlightening the guy – telling  him the way he thinks very clearly  shows that he too is a successful product of evil BN policies and propaganda.

Trust me, there are many out there who still think like him.

Anwar Ibrahim promises Ketuanan Rakyat will replace Ketuanan Melayu when Pakatan Rakyat becomes the government. While the politicians of the BN kind are spewing hate at every chance they got, I was deeply touched when I heard Anwar speak Anak Melayu, anak kita, anak Cina… anak kita, anak India… pun anak kita. Mengapa harus kita bezakan?”

Of course like you, I too have heard things about him, what Anwar did when he was part of the dreadful BN. But I believe while every man has a past, he also has a future.  Six years in prison: away from loved ones and the public eye must have given Anwar much time to think of and ponder on his past sins. I believe the Anwar Ibrahim we see and hear today is indeed a changed man,  and that he is the one who can bring about the changes and reforms Malaysia so desperately needs for survival.

Today, the 58, 000 plus voters of Permatang Pauh have the magnanimous task of deciding Malaysia’s future! As Martin Luther King, Jr shared his dream with his fellow Americans, I too would like to share my little dream with the people of Permatang Pauh (and you).

I dream of the day when we will cease to exist as Malays, Chinese, Indians or “dan lain-lain” but for us to truly be united as Bangsa Malaysia.

I dream of the day when all Malaysian citizens will consciously work to encourage national integration while mutually respecting and loving one another.

I dream of the day when Malaysians will not view another with doubt and suspicion but to stand guard against every form of extremism, chauvinism, racism and isolation.

I dream of the day when colour of skin will not matter, ethnicity will not matter and religious affiliation will not matter.

I dream of the day when the same treatment and opportunities will be accorded equally to every Malaysian with no marginalisation of any ethnic race.

I dream of the day when political parties will truly serve Malaysia: the nation, and not themselves or their members with leaders who will rule over the land honestly with integrity, wisdom in financial management and honest stewardship of all things that has been entrusted to them by the people of Malaysia.

I dream of the day when a national commitment is implemented to expose and remove corrupted individuals and may their positions be replaced by people of good standing who are willing to serve the country well while performing their duties effectively.

I dream of the day when transparency, integrity and impartiality will not be mere words used to “colour” outwardly impressive political speeches but to honestly be used in every good judgment for excellent governance of our beloved nation.

Permatang Pauh, I pray for a just outcome of the by election: I pray you will set aside every prejudice, every preconception and vote in all honesty from your heart… for what is best (right now) for Malaysia: She has suffered so much, our nation, our beautiful motherland.

I am in an emotional mood right now but before I go, let me share a simple chorus from one of my favourite songs…

Hear our prayer

Oh Lord, God Almighty

Come heal our land

As we seek you, worship you

Lord, I pray you will restore and recompense all that we have lost in the past. I pray tonight we will see the birth of a Better Malaysia. Amen!

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Imam reveals truth behind Saiful’s oath

Posted by ella-mae on August 24, 2008


2315: Ustaz Ramlang Porigi is now speaking. He is the imam of the Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, one of those who witnessed Saiful’s oath. He wants to explain what happened on the date when Saiful swore that he was sodomised. Ramlang said he was ordered to become a witness to Saiful’s swearing but he didn’t mention who ordered him. Anyway, he didn’t arrange Saiful’s oath. Saiful was probably advised by others. He said going by Saiful’s demeanour, he did not look as if he felt that he had done something wrong. This particular oath – sumpah mubahalah – is only meant as a last resort when is there is no evidence for adjudication in court. Both parties involved should be present during the oath-taking. The imam hopes that after this he won’t be blamed for this whole swearing business. He was just ordered to be a witness to the oath. He is just a small-time imam not an Imam Besar.

Continue reading at Anil’s blog.

You may want to check out the following blogs for the latest from Permatang Pauh.

Permatang Pauh by-election

Tukar Tiub

Perisik Rakyat

Wartawan Rasmi Laman Reformasi


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