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Malaysians…..We Need This More Than Ever This Time Round!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on April 26, 2013

And here we are again….back in a full circle…..and this time all ready and pumped up to finish what we were supposed to have done the 12th General Election 5 years ago.

There’s been an avalanche of feeds in my Facebook page this time round, on this General Election and it feels good…….OH BOY!! Does it feel so good!!  Folks who refused to support any sort of initiative to spread political awareness 5 years ago are now posting links and sorts on the corrupted. The very same people who tsk-tsked attempts to educate on voters’ rights 5 years ago, are now advocating the same. How amazing is that!!!! There is this vibe that you can pick up on now that was so sorely missing 5 years ago…..a vibe so strong and exciting, that it inspires.

Back then in 2008, I remember how majority of Malaysians still had that “ISA-bogeyman” hanging over their heads. Nobody wanted to say anything. They say that if they were to even express their frustrations at the shifty going-ons with the BN government, they could very well receive a visit from the dreaded undercover agents of the law. So, hush! ok? Stay safe.

The few who dared, went on to beyond just mere lip-service and initiated a cyber awareness campaign, to ignite the desire for a better nation. But many still battled with the “what-if“s and chose to remain anonymous instead of their true identity, for the protection of their families…..yours truly included. The rare few who blogged with their real identity for all to see had many friends and loved ones praying for their safety. Those were scary yet exciting times…….

And those were the years where friendships and comradeships were forged…(like the ones amongst us Dandelions…*wink wink*)

Looking back, and seeing how fear no longer controls the political emotions of Malaysians today, my heart swells with pride. Malaysians have finally beaten the Big Bad Wolfie back  into its lair, running with its tail between its legs…… Barisan National is now on the defensive and not doing very well in that sense either. They have made themselves a laughing stock, running aroung like headless chickens…….that sings….and dances……….very BADLY!!!

Malaysians, I salute you…..confronting the evils of fear, that had always been the forearm of the current regime’s modus operandi, has been a huge leap. While we’ll not know whether BN has placed enough cheats in place to win this coming election, the awareness that Malaysians owe it to themselves for a better future is a win enough on its own.

But this election, it is crucial that we take back the control of where the nation is heading. The current captain of the ship is a complete lost-cause and the rest of his crew? OMG!!!!! I don’t care if they still use thugs to scare us….I don’t even care if they got a Hong-Kong actress to beg on their behalf……They are as good as gone!!



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They don’t really care about us!!

Posted by ella-mae on August 8, 2009

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An Account of 1st August, 2009 – ISA Demonstration

Posted by Cherubim on August 2, 2009

Cherubim was there. This is a witness account.

Like any other sane protester, Pewaris and GMI alike, all of us took the LRT. It’s kind of amusing to watch a bunch of middle-aged to elderly men wearing ketayaps and white T-shirts proclaiming their affiliations and riding the same train with black and red-clad folk to pretty much the same destinations, when we were supposed to oppose each other.  Along the way, I saw at least 50 blue-clad policemen and their tents, chilling at Masjid Jamek. Even around KL Sentral, I saw more policemen under a brige.

Okay, I thought. Paranoid, much?

At around 1:30pm Cherubim and her fellow protester walked to Istana Negara, but since it was too early we were blocked by a significant number of police and too small number of us. So we walked to SOGO instead. That was around 2:30pm (yes, we walked a lot) when we arrived at Pasar Minggu Jalan TAR. The usual crowd; kids, families, keropoks, air nenas, and oh, the odd FRU truck and police vehicles or two.

Make that a fully loaded water cannon vehicle, several trucks filled with FRU troops fully equipped with gear from SWAT (we girls thought it cool) and they were shooting not merely at us, but at innocent bystanders, patrons of pasar minggu and hawkerstalls alike!

I was lucky, when I was about to go onto Jalan TAR, in a bizarre Cloverfield like feel, I saw the water that was shot at the people in the main road, then I saw everyone running my way. Stunned, I stood aside and just stood beside an equally clueless tourist where we witnessed the police vehicles and policemen in a crowd of 20 or so coming in and grabbing any poor fellow wearing black, red and having anti-ISA emblems on their Ts. Mostly young Malay men tho.

After they were gone, we continued our chant and went on the main road, and heard a few shots of tear gas. I got my very first taste of the day.  My eyes burned, my face burned, my nose burned, my throat burned. Some children were crying. Some families were in fear. A friend handed me some salt, which I gratefully ate to remove the sting of the gas, and washed my face thoroughly. Like many others, we covered our noses and our mouths, but those things are stubborn, and made in Arizona USA. During the last BERSIH demonstrations, I heard tell the pellets were from Israel.

When that cooled down, we peeked outside and hung out in front of SOGO, watching the police watching us there. Me & my friends amused ourselves checking out whether any of the younger policemen are cute. Heck, we wanted to take pictures, but was declined the request. Anyways, we got hungry, a little pissed that Secret Recipe (and their delicious frosty ice lemon tea) was closed, and went to this nice little cafe across the street.

We ate happily, some PKR dude apparently belanja all us citizen journalists there, we chatted with the people from Malaysiakini and others.

That’s when it really happened. I don’t recall exactly how many times the FRU cannon truck went back and forth, but I do recall that during one of the lulls we saw several people carrying effigies and picket signs “Mansuhkan ISA”. Also, they were joined slowly by people who were taking refuge, though when we heard the siren and the sight of FRU troops going in we had good sense to return inside the cafe. There were children and families inside the cafe, some of the kids were hit with the tear gasses that was repeatedly shot by the FRU. People escaped through the back door.

Around what, 4pm or 5pm or so, the FRU decided to spray the corners of the ends at Jln TAR, pretty much near the old cinema (ground zero of 13th May, according to my dad, who was a young man then), and I thought it had some ironic implications. Violence seems to like Jalan TAR. I heard the voices of many, I couldn’t determine where, but there were first screams, then outraged outcry, probably Mansuhkan ISA again. Then I heard more tear gas pellet shots.

So, anyway, I was chilling nearby the police, thinking, this was highly excessive. The policemen was nice to me and my friends, we’re technically media, but I thought to myself, I know they are following orders not necessarily in line with their personal opinion, I saw some of them hesitate before aiming and shooting. During the whole event, Pertahanan Awam knocked on shopgrills asking whether anyone was hurt, evacuating the injured, watching out for civillians with a seriously worried and slightly angered look on their faces. What I cannot and will not remove out of the equation is this excessive force and collateral damage.

Look, we all know that on Saturdays, SOGO is a family oriented go to place, as I have all my life with my own parents, we know that most likely there’d be families, not demonstraters there. Plus, in my long involvement with this kinda thing, when the police doesn’t come, after chanting for an hour we all get tired and go to the mamak stalls to chill before going home after 2 hours max. Thanks to the police and especially FRU, we have sufficient warped entertainment for 5 hours to 6 hours. Wow, talk about efficient crowd control.

Again, Cherubim argue that the authorities (we all know who runs the cops) should have let the protesters be. Make sure they don’t hurt anyone, and bonk a few belligerant heads, and things would have been fine. What’s happening now is that even shopkeepers, hawkerstall owners, etc etc are getting pissed off at the gomen.  We each protect each other, blind for once to the idea of race and religion, but conscious of the idea of humanity. Otherwise apathic and apolitical folk are now getting more and more involved.

Well, more fodder for the 14th GE.

P.S = Waaaaah, so many police, meh? How come crime rate still so high?

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Open letter to Tun Mahathir by The Flaccid Mind

Posted by barbie on July 21, 2009

Updated: The Flaccid Mind just posted an English version of his letter to Tun Mahathir – Open letter to Tun Mahathir. Go and have a read.

Bongkersz from The Flaccid Mind wrote an excellent rebuttal letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s ‘Kaki Dalam Kasut’. Let me share his well written letter with The Dandelions readers. I hope you guys understand Bahasa Melayu.

Surat terbuka kepada Tun Mahathir

Kehadapan Tun Mahathir,

Saya merujuk kepada artikel Tun bertajuk “Kaki Dalam Kasut” yang ditulis pada 20 Julai 2009 di laman web Tun. Izinkan saya berkongsi pendapat saya berkenaan apa yang ditulis oleh Tun.

2. Saya percaya penyoal berpendapat orang bukan Melayu berasa amat tertekan dan kecewa dengan “ketidakadilan” terhadap mereka di Malaysia (oleh Kerajaan yang dikuasai oleh orang Melayu).

Orang bukan Melayu mempunyai alasan yang kukuh untuk berasa amat tertekan dan kecewa dengan ketidakadilan terhadap mereka di Malaysia. Malah bumiputera bukan Melayu khususnya orang Asli dan bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak juga berkongsi perasaan yang sama kerana mereka turut tidak diberikan layanan yang sama seperti orang Melayu sedangkan mereka merupakan penduduk asal negara ini. Berapa banyakkah individu bumiputera bukan Melayu yang diterima masuk dalam sektor kerajaan dan syarikat-syarikat milik kerajaan seperti Petronas?

3. Saya tidak tahu samada penyoal ini pernah bertanya kepada tokoh bukan Melayu soalan yang sama iaitu perasaan orang Melayu akan keadaan di negara nenek moyang mereka yang mereka sudah jadi kaum yang secara relatif termiskin dan masih ketinggalan.

Tun, kata kunci di sini ialah ‘yang termiskin dan ketinggalan’ dan itu tidak mengira kaum Melayu atau bukan Melayu. Sekiranya bantuan diberikan kepada mereka yang berhak tanpa mengira kaum, warna kulit dan agama dan didapati majoriti yang miskin adalah orang Melayu, ianya akan diterima baik.

Tiada sesiapa akan mempersoalkan dasar sedemikian. Tetapi adalah salah untuk membuat dan memperalatkan sesuatu dasar yang memberikan keutamaan kepada sesuatu kaum tanpa mengira taraf hidup dan keperluan. Malah jika sesuatu dasar itu dilaksanakan dengan mengambil kira keperluan dan merit, majoriti orang Melayu secara automatis yang akan mendapat manfaatnya.

Sudah lebih 30 tahun DEB dilaksanakan dan masih yang banyak orang Melayu yang miskin dan ketinggalan. Bukankah ini memberi petunjuk bahawa DEB telah gagal dalam perlaksanaannya dan sesuatu yang drastik perlu dilakukan? Jurang antara yang miskin dan kaya semakin bertambah, di mana kekayaan hanya tertumpu kepada sekumpulan individu Cina, India dan Melayu?

Dan dengan menggunakan hujah individu-individu paling kaya di Malaysia adalah terdiri daripada mereka yang bukan Melayu, Tun beranggapan adalah patut untuk meneruskan DEB dengan memberikan keutamaan kepada orang Melayu dan menghukum orang bukan Melayu yang miskin dan ketinggalan? Bukankan intipati asal DEB adalah untuk membantu semua yang miskin dan memerlukan pertolongan ekonomi tanpa mengira kaum? Sejak bila DEB itu khusus untuk orang Melayu sahaja?

Oh ya, bukankah mengikut kajian antropologi dan sejarah, kebanyakan orang Melayu di Malaysia dan nenek moyang mereka sebenarnya berasal dari dari Indonesia, Thailand dan India? Malah China? Jadi negara nenek moyang mereka sepatutnya bukan Malaysia, sama seperti saya? Contohnya, Tun sendiri, Khir Toyo dan Syed Hamid Albar?

4. Jika beliau bertanya dan tokoh tersebut menjawab secara ikhlas, beliau akan dapati bahawa orang Melayu amat kecewa dengan kemiskinan relatif mereka sehingga terpaksa meminta-minta sepanjang masa dan juga ketinggalan dalam pelbagai bidang.

Apakah dengan adanya DEB sepanjang 3o lebih tahun ini, orang Melayu sudah maju dalam erti kata sebenarnya dan tidak ketinggalan dalam pelbagai bidang? Pernahkan direnungkan bahawa bilangan orang Melayu yang maju dan tidak ketinggalan sudah bertambah adalah disebabkan pengurangan aras pengukur atau ’standard’ serta pemberian kuota oleh kerajaan bagi membolehkan mereka diterima masuk menyertai bidang-bidang tertentu? Apakah ini boleh dianggap sesuatu pencapaian yang membanggakan? Bukankah ini menipu diri sendiri?

5. Mereka cuba yakin mereka adalah tuan di negara mereka tetapi mereka tahu sebenarnya mereka bukan tuan. Orang bukan Melayu yang menjadi tuan yang sebenar.

Apakah amat penting untuk orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu yang semuanya rakyat Malaysia berebut-rebut menjadi tuan yang sebenar? Mengapa PEMIMPIN-PEMMPIN POLITIK Melayu seperti Tun begitu taksub dengan misi untuk menjadi ‘tuan’? Tun hampir betul dengan mengatakan (SEGELINTIR) orang bukan Melayu  yang menjadi tuan yang sebenar walaupun sudah 30 tahun DEB diperalatkan untuk memberi keutamaan kepada orang Melayu. Persoalannya, mengapa ini boleh berlaku?

Orang Melayu memegang tampuk pemerintahan melalui Umno. Keutamaan diberikan kepada orang Melayu dalam perniagaan, ekonomi, pendidikan, peluang pekerjaan dsb. melalu DEB, tetapi yang masih menjadi tuan adalah segelintir orang bukan Melayu? Mengapa ini boleh berlaku? Bukankah itu sesuatu yang pelik dan aneh? Sedangkan yang berkuasa adalah orang Melayu dan dasar-dasar melibatkan sektor-sektor penting memberikan keutamaan kepada orang Melayu?

Dan Tun, sila perbetulkan kenyataan ‘orang bukan Melayu yang menjadi tuan yang sebenar’ dengan menambah ’segelintir’. Saya orang bukan Melayu dan saya langsung tidak merasakan diri saya adalah tuan.

6. Kerana mereka rela berkongsi negara mereka dengan kaum lain, kaum yang berasal dari tamadun yang lebih tua (4,000 tahun) dan lebih berjaya, hari ini yang sedikit yang ada pada mereka pun hendak dipisah dari mereka.

Tun, tolong jelaskan ‘yang sedikit yang ada pada mereka pun hendak dipisah dari mereka’. Kenyataan ini amat mengelirukan dan tidak bertanggungjawab. Keutamaan-keutamaan yang diperuntukkan kepada orang Melayu dan bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak sudah termaktub dalam perlembagaan dan tiada sesiapa boleh mengubah dan meminda fakta tersebut melainkan dengan kuasa 2/3 parlimen.

Apa yang sering dipertikaikan di sini adalah layanan kurang adil dan perlaksanaan yang terpesong daripada peruntukan-peruntukan yang sebenar serta kecenderungan pemimpin-pemimpin politik yang cuba memutarbelitkan fakta yang ada mengikut tafsiran serong demi kepentingan masing-masing.

7. Fikirkan hanya berkenaan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB). Agihan kekayaan korporat dalam DEB ialah sebanyak 30% bagi bumiputra (walaupun mereka adalah 60% dari penduduk) dan 40% bagi kaum lain serta 30% bagi orang luar. Tetapi setelah diusahakan selama 39 tahun bahagian yang terdapat bagi mereka ialah 20%, sedangkan yang terdapat bagi kaum lain ialah hampir 50%, walaupun mereka hanya 26% dari jumlah penduduk.

Terima kasih kerana berkongsi statistik ini, Tun. Ini dengan jelas membuktikan bahawa, dasar DEB yang dilaksanakan selama ini GAGAL! Sekiranya ia dilaksakanakan tanpa mengira kaum tetapi memandang kepada keperluan, nescaya yang mendapat paling banyak manfaat adalah orang Melayu kerana banyak mereka yang miskin adalah terdiri daripada mereka yang ‘60% dari penduduk’. Mengapa Tun masih degil mempertahankan perlaksanaan DEB yang telah gagal dan cuma menguntungkan segelintir individu?

Sejajar dengan logik Tun (putar belit statistik untuk menyokong hujah dan dijadikan ‘fakta’), saya merupakan penduduk generasi ke-3 di Malaysia, sama seperti Tun. Mengapa saya tidak boleh mendapat layanan yang sama seperti yang diterima oleh Tun? Saya tiada statistik rakyat bukan Melayu yang lahir di Malaysia yang merupakan generasi ke-3, ke-4 berbanding orang ‘Melayu’ yang berhijrah ke Malaysia, tinggal di sini dalam tempoh kurang dari 3 generasi tetapi mendapat layanan setaraf dengan penduduk asal? Contohnya, Khir Toyo? Syed Hamid Albar? Ramai warga asing di Sabah yang mempunyai MyKad dan berstatus ‘Bumiputera Melayu?’.

Rasanya kenyataan bahawa agihan kekayaan korporat sebanyak30% untuk bumiputra adalah kurang tepat, sebaliknya 30% untuk Umnoputra adalah lebih tepat. Jumlah keahlian Umno adalah lebih kurang 2 juta orang dan ini bermakna agihan kekayaan korporat 30% ini dinikmati oleh Umnoputra – mewakili hanya 7% daripada penduduk Malaysia. Setuju?

Lagi, adakah ia salah orang bukan Melayu mereka dibawa ke sini dan beranak pinak di sini? Mengapa ‘kesalahan’ yang dilakukan oleh orang lain (British) perlu ditanggung oleh orang bukan Melayu, khususnya generasi baru seperti saya? Orang bukan Melayu tidak mempunyai pilihan melainkan untuk mencurahkan bakti setia kepada negara Malaysia dan apa yang diminta adalah layanan yang adil dan saksama seperti yang telah diperuntukkan kepada mereka di dalam perlembagaan. Itu sahaja, Tun.

8. Nilai harta milik bumiputra pula berjumlah 15% sedangkan yang baki dimiliki oleh bukan bumiputra disebabkan harta di bandar bernilai lebih tinggi dari di luar bandar.

Adakah menjadi satu kesalahan menjadi kaya dan merupakan bukan bumiputera dalam suasana ekonomi yang berasaskan prinsip kapitalis dan pasaran bebas? Masih relevankan persoalan kaum dalam ekonomi global yang Tun sentiasa canangkan, umpamanya ketika mempertahankan PPSMI? Mengapa setelah sudah 50 tahun kerajaan BN (yang dipegang oleh orang Melayu) dan 30 tahun DEB dilaksanakan, kekayaan negara masih tidak sampai kepada penduduk luar bandar yang rata-ratanya orang Melayu? Adakah ini salah orang bukan Melayu?

9. Tokoh bukan Melayu yang cuba duduki tempat Melayu (in the shoes of the Malays) jika ikhlas, akan rasa kekecewaan Melayu melihat hampir semua perniagaan dan perusahaan serta kekayaan yang diperolehi darinya dimiliki oleh bukan Melayu. Segala estet rumah mewah juga diduduki oleh bukan Melayu. Sikit benar orang Melayu yang tinggal di estat mewah ini. Lebih ramai yang tinggal di kawasan setinggan.

Ya Tun, mengapa? Adakah ini juga salah orang kurang Melayu kerana mampu terus bersaing dan memonopoli kekayaaan walaupun tidak diberikan tongkat ekonomi? Pernahkan Tun membandingkan taraf hidup orang Melayu yang kaya dengan yang miskin, dan orang bukan Melayu yang kaya dengan yang miskin, manakan yang lebih besar jurang perbezaannya?

Mengapa masih ramai orang Melayu yang tinggal di kawasan setinggan tetapi pemimpin-pemimpin politik seperti Tun hidup mewah? Mengapa anak Tun boleh mengadakan parti ‘house warming’ yang mewah tetapi masih ramai orang Melayu yang hidup merempat? Mengapa pemimpin politik seperti Zakaria Deros, Khir Toyo yang mampu membina istana indah berharga jutaan ringgit sedangkan masih ramai orang Melayu yang tinggal di rumah setinggan?

10. Mungkin semua ini disebabkan kesalahan orang Melayu sendiri. Mereka tidak guna peluang yang disediakan bagi mereka. Ada yang salahguna peluang-peluang ini pun. Tetapi jika seorang pengayuh beca diberi sejuta Ringgit, apakah ia akan dapat berniaga dan berjaya dalam bidang ini.

Betul. Mengapa peluang-peluang masih diberikan kepada mereka yang ‘tidak pandai, kurang mahir dan tidak layak?’ Apakah ini akan membantu mereka untuk berjaya? Tun, niat baik untuk membantu orang Melayu memang disambut baik dan berpatutan. Tetapi cara yang digunakan adalah tidak betul, seperti yang dinyatakan oleh Tun sendiri “jika seorang pengayuh beca diberi sejuta Ringgit, apakah ia akan dapat berniaga dan berjaya dalam bidang ini.”

11. Social engineering bukan hanya dilakukan oleh orang Melayu sahaja. Sosialisme dan Komunisme juga merupakan sejenis social engineering untuk mengurang atau menghapus jurang antara yang miskin dengan yang kaya. Mereka juga tidak berjaya sepenuhnya walaupun mereka mengguna kekerasan yang dahsyat. DEB dilaksanakan dengan berhati-hati tanpa kekerasan, tanpa rampasan dan sering dipinda apabila menghadapi tentangan dari bukan Melayu. Apakah persepsi orang Melayu terhadap DEB?

Tun, sekarang ialah tahun 2009, bukan 1959. ‘Social engineering’ perlu berubah mengikut realiti semasa. Jika kita asyik berbalik kepada sejarah kita dan hidup dibayangi masa lampau kita tidak ada maju. Adakah orang India Navajo perlu meminta supaya kerajaan Amerika Syarikat membuat dasar seperti DEB dengan alasan sejarah lampau?

DEB betul dilaksanakan tanpa kekerasan dan rampasan, tetapi ia juga secara sistematik telah menidakkan peluang ramai rakyat Malaysia hanya kerana mereka bukan Melayu! Berapakah bilangan rakyat Malaysia bukan Melayu yang bijak pandai diambil dan dimanfaat oleh negara jiran Singapura dalam membangunkan negara tersebut kerana mereka tidak diterima di negara sendiri? Bukankah ini satu pembaziran? Malaysia ‘membesarkan’, memberikan pelajaran dan tempat tinggal kepada mereka hampir 20 tahun, dan selepas mendapat keputusan cemerlang tidak digunakan dengan baik oleh Malaysia sebaliknya ‘diserahkan’ kepada negara jiran?

Tentangan orang bukan Melayu, malah juga oleh ramai orang Melayu yang tidak mendapat manfaat DEB adalah terhadap perlaksanaannya yang cuma membantu segelintir pihak. Merujuk kepada statistik yang dikongsi oleh Tun, jurang kemiskinan semakin besar dan bukannya bertambah baik setelah DEB dilaksanakan.

12. Lihat sahaja sejarah perjuangan Melayu. Pada Pilihanraya 1955, diwaktu mereka menguasai 82% dari kawasan-kawasan pilihanraya, mereka rela memberi sejumlah yang tidak kecil dari kawasan – kawasan mereka kepada kaum lain dan mengundi calon dari kaum-kaum ini sehingga menang melawan calon Melayu lain (PAS).

Bukankah itu sesuatu yang wajar dilakukan sejajar dengan konsep perkongsian kuasa antara kaum yang dicanangkan oleh Barisan Nasional? Saya memang tidak setuju dengan konsep BN yang memilih calon berdasarkan kaum, bukannya kebolehan dan kelayakan. Ini tidak harus dianggap suatu ‘pengorbanan’, sebalik rakyat Malaysia yang ‘terkorban’ kerana ramai calon-calon dan pemimpin-pemimpin dipilih mewakili mereka hanya kerana mereka adalah dari kaum tertentu, tanpa melihat kepada kemampuan individu tersebut.

13. Kemudian mereka anugerahkan satu juta kerakyatan tanpa syarat biasa kepada kaum lain sehingga peratusan rakyat Melayu jatuh dari 82% kepada 60%. Siapakah yang lain yang pernah lakukan yang sedemikian?

Tun, bolehkah Tanah Melayu (pada ketika itu) mencapai kemerdekaan daripada British tanpa persetujuan bahawa kerakyatan turut diberikan kepada kaum lain? Bukankah kerakyatan itu diberi dengan bersyarat di mana keutamaan-keutamaan akan diberikan kepada orang Melalyu dan bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak seperti yang termaktub dalam Artikel 153 Perlembagaan Malaysia? Mengapa Tun mengatakan ia diberi tanpa syarat biasa sedangkan Tun tahu itu tidak benar? Mengapa Tun masih mengungkit peristiwa lampau? 50 tahun orang bukan Melayu tinggal di Malaysia, masih tidak cukupkan untuk membayar budi orang Melayu menganugerahkan kerakyatan dengan syarat tersebut? Berapa lama lagi perlu diungkit isu ‘penduduk asal’ dan ‘pendatang’ ini, Tun? Setiap kali BN atau Umno merasakan ia akan hilang tampuk pemerintahan?

14. Pada ketika itu nama rasmi negara ialah Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Apabila Semenanjung Tanah Melayu dicantum dengan Singapura, Sarawak dan Sabah, perkataan “Tanah Melayu” digugur dan cantuman negeri – negeri ini dinamakan Malaysia. Dengan itu hilanglah identiti Melayu dalam nama negara sendiri. Tidak pula mereka tuntut nama-nama lain digugur.

Tun, adakah ini relevan untuk dipersoalkan? Bukan masih ramai orang Melayu yang gah mengaitkan nama Malaysia sebagai Malay (Melayu) – sia? Mengapa sesuatu yang telah dipersetujui satu masa dahulu oleh semua pemimpin-pemimpin Malaysia, dijadikan isu oleh Tun?

15. Tidak seperti di negara-negara yang membenar hanya bahasa kebangsaan mereka sahaja untuk semua sekolah nasional, orang Melayu bersetuju bahasa Cina dan Tamil dijadikan bahasa pengantar di sekolah bantuan Kerajaan. Bahasa Kebangsaan (Bahasa Melayu) tidak menjadi bahasa kebangsaan seperti di negara-negara jiran dan di Eropah, Australia dan Amerika.

Bukankah ini juga telah dipersetujui oleh semua pemimpin-pemimpin – Melayu, Cina dan India ketika Malaysia mencapai kemerdekaan daripada British lalu dimasukkan dalam perlembagaan negara? Mengapa Tun perlu mempersoalkan isu ini? Bukankah ini adalah syarat supaya Bahasa Melayu diterima sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, satu ‘trade-off?’?

16. Dan banyaklah lagi korban yang dibuat oleh orang Melayu supaya kaum lain mendapat apa sahaja yang dituntut oleh mereka, demi keamanan dan perpaduan rakyat dan negara.

Berapa lama dan banyakkah lagi korban yang juga perlu dibuat oleh orang bukan Melayu supaya orang Melayu puas hati?

17. Apakah gamaknya perasaan tokoh yang meletak diri di tempat orang Melayu, terhadap semua korban ini? Apakah dia masih fikir yang orang Melayu harus korban segala-gala yang dituntut daripada mereka?

Apakah Tun fikir yang orang bukan Melayu tidak berkorban demi membantu saudara-saudara Melayu mereka? Apakah mereka berpuas hati ditidakkan banyak peluang mereka hanya kerana mereka dilahirkan bukan Melayu? Apakah perasaan Tun sekiranya Tun bukan Melayu?

18. Dengan rencana ini saya tetap akan di cap sebagai racist oleh racist bukan Melayu. Tetapi kalau mereka sanggup menerima yang benar, mereka boleh banding korban orang Melayu pemilik asal negara ini dengan korban mereka untuk kepentingan negara ini.

Dengan rencana ini, terbukti Tun masih berada di takuk lama. Tun masih berfikiran bahawa dalam era dunia globalisasi tanpa sempadan yang mencabar ini, isu dan politik perkauman masih sesuai diperkatakan? Mengapa Tun hanya menyentuh kepada pengorbanan orang Melayu? Mengapa Tun tidak menyentuh jasa dan pengorbanan orang bukan Melayu dalam membangun dan memajukan negara ini?

19. Saya berpendapat jika negara ini hendak aman dan maju, agihan kekayaan dan kualiti hidup semua kaum hendaklah adil (fair) walaupun tidak sama (unequal). Janganlah hendaknya mana-mana pihak atau kaum tanggung beban kemiskinan yang keterlaluan, sementara kaum lain hidup mewah. Mengumpan sokongan dengan mengambil hak satu kaum untuk diberi kepada kaum lain bukanlah caranya – lebih-lebih lagi mengambil dari yang kurang berada untuk diberi kepada yang sudah lebih berada.

Saya berpendapat jika negara ini hendak aman dan maju, kenyataan berbaur perkauman dan yang boleh membawa perpecahan harus dielakkan, terutama yang datang daripada pemimpin seperti Tun.

Agihan kekayaan dan kualiti hidup semua kaum hanya akan adil sekiranya ia berlandaskan keperluan, bukannya identiti kaum dan warna kulit. Tun membuat kenyataan yang bercanggah apabila menyatakan ‘mengumpan sokongan dengan mengambil hak satu kaum untuk diberi kepada kaum lain bukanlah caranya’ sedangkan Tun nampaknya cuba membuat hujah-hujah untuk menyokong perbuatan tersebut dari poin 2 hingga 18 dengan alasan ia adalah patut dan wajar kerana ‘orang Melayu lebih banyak berkorban berbanding orang bukan Melayu’.

Apakah tujuan Tun menulis artikel di atas dengan melagakan orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu yang boleh menimbulkan rasa curiga dan kurang puas hati antara kaum? Adakan ini membantu membina perpaduan negara ke arah suasana yang aman damai?

1. Di forum anjuran Gempita dan UMNO bertajuk Kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu dan Orang Melayu dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia di Zaman Liberalisasi dan Globalisasi, saya ditanya oleh seorang pensyarah Melayu dari UIAM (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia) apakah saya pernah fikir untuk meletak diri saya di tempat orang bukan Melayu (put yourself in the shoes of a non-Malay) bersabit dengan diskriminasi terhadap mereka di negara ini.

Oh ya, Tun masih belum menjawab soalan pensyarah tersebut, apakah Tun pernah fikir untuk meletak diri Tun di tempat orang bukan Melayu bersabit dengan diskriminasi terhadap mereka di negara ini.


Saya, rakyat Malaysia yang bukan Melayu.

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The Hero of Malaysia – V Sivakumar

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on May 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Speaker,

We, the Dandelions salute you. You are the hero – You da’ man – Jantan Tulen.

Just when we – the citizens of Malaysia – thought there is no one else worthy in the realm of politics, you prove to us that a Malaysian can be a hero. Better than any Rajnikanth … ever.

You have shown great courage – standing alone in battle – against the mighty combined forces of the Federal Government, the Monarchy and the Police.

You did not step aside – you did not budge – you did not waver. I had expected you to falter. After all, any ordinary man would.

But you held on, demonstrating nerves of steel.

And held on you did – from morning till three in the afternoon – before you were physically removed from the speaker’s chair.

Had you not been so roughly and bodily manhandled, I bet you can stay in that chair till all others drop dead from no water, starvation or sheer exhaustion.

I come to understand that you were mildly injured during the scuffle. Worry not, for you shall wear those physical scars proudly as your crowning glory for the people of Malaysia.

You are someone that our soldiers should emulate. Fight on – hold post – and never say die. They should erect a statue of you in every markas tentera, to instil on our young tentera’s heart the qualities of courage, bravery and valour.

I bow to you, dear sir, for you richly deserve my praise.

Thank you, dear sir. God bless.

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Black Thursday (7th May)

Posted by Cherubim on May 6, 2009

I received an email that calls out for everyone to wear black to express our dissatisfaction concerning the constitutional issue in Perak. Us Dandies propose, do wear black if you believe that the ruckus in Perak’s downright malicious and a nuisance (and I don’t mean one-sided, I mean on both sides of the issue). I certainly do. =)

Oh, we might prowl around with a camera capturing people wearing black, or not. How about everyone publishes pics of themselves (faces conveniently photoshopped out of course) wearing black together?

See ya!


KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 — The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, Bersih, today called on Malaysians to protest the power grab in Perak and put on a show of civil disobedience by wearing black on May 7 in conjunction with the sitting of the state assembly.

In a press conference today, Bersih accused Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak of orchestrating the political coup in Perak and lambasted him for allegedly failing to keep his promise made under his 1Malaysia philosophy which puts people first, saying that putting people first would mean giving the voters of Perak the chance to determine the state government.

Taking a leaf from other civil obedience movements such as those organised by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and even Umno’s “berkabung” movement to oppose the Malayan Union, Wong Chin Huat, a spokesman for Bersih, urged Malaysians who oppose the power grab to “let everyone see a sea of black walking into an office, market, mosque, temple, church, college, park, bus… let us be united in one black colour to show the world that the 1Malaysia under Najib Razak is 1BlackMalaysia living in darkness.”

Bersih also criticised the BN for practising “old politics” and trying to clamp down on media coverage and peaceful gatherings.

The Perak government had initially allowed only selected media to cover the assembly sitting. However, the decision was later reversed by Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir.

The police have also warned political parties against organising mass gatherings in front of the state secretariat.

Teo Nie Ching, DAP’s federal legislator from Serdang, says that she was queried by the Police Special Branch after she tried to organise a bus to ferry supporters to Ipoh and expressed her disappointment with the Special Branch.

“Why stop us from going to witness the assembly?” she told reporters.

Lim Teck Ghee, who represented the Centre for Policy Initiatives, urged solidarity despite “a propaganda war” to tar dissenting views as unpatriotic and treasonous.

“It is the duty of Malaysians to oppose illegal and unconstitutional acts of power grabbing,” he declared. “We are the patriotic ones.”

Lim was referring to accusations from BN that Nizar was committing treason by going against the Sultan of Perak’s wishes that he resign as mentri besar.

The political crisis in Perak was triggered by the defection of four state representatives from Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to BN earlier this year, giving BN an edge in numbers over PR in the state assembly.

The Perak state assembly speaker however, claimed that three of the representatives who defected had resigned but this was disputed by the latter, who got the backing of the Election Commission.

Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, who maintains he is the rightful mentri besar, then sought permission from the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the state assembly to pave the way for a state election but his request was rejected and he was told to resign instead.

Nizar refused to resign but at the same time, Zambry was sworn in as the new mentri besar by the Sultan on February 6.

Since then, PR and BN have been locked in a struggle over who is the legitimate government of Perak and whether or not to dissolve the state assembly.


Sourced from

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Hello UMNOsia, Goodbye Malaysia????

Posted by ErnieJean on March 27, 2009

So, after all that talk about soul-searching and post mortem of the March ’08 Elections results, and finally having their long-postponed annual general assembly, did the UMNO delegates and their leaders finally walk the path of calls to REFORM and TRANSFORM?

Have they finally endeared themselves to all Malaysians??

Has UMNO changed for the better??

Will Pakatan Rakyat be shown the exit door next election??

What can we expect with these newly elected faces of UMNO leadership?

With such a “fantastic” mixture of ass-grabbing, crap-spouting, money-siphoning, Mongolian exploding and extremist inciting individuals, I can definitely forsee a BRIGHT BRIGHT future for this beloved nation of ours……….

Amongst some of the calls made during the speeches and debates, to loud cheers and applause, if I may add, from delegates, were;

“Those days, an application for a taxi permit would require the endorsement of an Umno branch or division chief. If the branches and divisions are strong, then Umno will be strong again,”

“……the party made a mistake in trying to curtail money politics as it showed that Umno leaders are not grateful to the members who have sacrificed for the party.”

“Please make sure the faculty members are all UMNO men, and the same goes for other civil servants,”

“…ensure only UMNO loyalists be appointed senior positions in public universities……” (I mourn for the death of decent education for our future generation….)

Sorry….me a little blur here…….but what happened to all that screaming and shrieking and shouting about defending Malays’ rights??

Or have they become so brazen that they no longer bother to even hide behind that excuse anymore??

Doesn’t it seem to you now that UMNO is promoting that ONLY UMNO men (and women) are allowed to prosper, to be appointed for top civil service positions, to leech onto GLCs, protest against royalty……….(This must be the all-new NEP that they have been talking about huh? Do away with 30% Bumi-quota……..and replaced with UMNO-quota perhaps????)

As for us Non-UMNO folks? (Well, it used to be non-Sons-Of-Soil…..but that category has obviously been altered) We’re the lower-class citizens, born on Malaysian soil to plough the earth…………… that the LOAFERS can continue loafing and LEECHES continue leeching…… 

Perhaps that is why Najib’s opening speech rang sooooo hollow for me…………


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Keep Clasping Our Hands Together, People

Posted by Cherubim on January 24, 2009

Kuala Terengganu’s takeover by PAS didn’t just exhibit UMNO’s losing streak despite the alleged massive pumping of phantom votes, the unrepent generosity of contracts to companies, and growing dissent within its own ranks. It signified the dismal prospects of Dato’ Seri Najib since his presence and confirmation as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia did little to sway the voters present there. Even though the MSM analysts speculate that the Chinese voted for BN, one point remained true. The ones that voted for them were senior citizens who remembered 13th May as it was and feared irrationally of the coming days, especially with the poorly veiled threats and statements by our esteemed federal (coughBNcough) leaders.

Knowing the lack of originality and tendency to recycle old tactics, those elderly Chinese citizens of KT was probably on to something.

As a student of law, I am not unfamiliar with cases where the prisoners of government jails died during internment. I was privy to pictures of them, and sadly, yes, the cases of which classified information I was privy to included Indians. I was even told that these things were discreetly handled to prevent embarrassment to all parties involved. When I read the news (and my fellow Dandy beat me to it by channeling her outrage, much shared by all of us in the group), I was furious. I was sad. I felt badly for the family. However, I completely disagree their manner of protest during the funeral procession:

Understandable, though unwise.
Understandable, though unwise.

The prisoners who were tortured and died in internment of government jails does not consist solely of Indians, but also Malays, Chinese and of other ethnicities that make up the same home that is Malaysia. To claim exclusivity and condemn purely on the race card is most unwise, not to mention provoking racial sentiments which is not in favor of the poor boy’s family’s cause, as well as everyone who has suffered excessive police force before.

Another concern of mine is that this might end up as fodder to the BN’s plan to continuously instill fear and dissent between us all. The only reason BN is in power is because of collective fear. Collective fear of supposedly ‘Melayu akan hilang hak istimewa’ (the Malays will lose their special rights), fear of ‘tak boleh cari makan’ (cannot make a living), the fear of not being protected and further abused, as well as being told you’re lucky to get what you’re already getting as it is. This fear can be twisted ever so slyly into a tool for the very folks we don’t want to be in the seats of power to maintain their hold, in their power addicted state.

Power is like drugs. Junkies would do almost anything to get their fix and keep a steady flow of it going. Be wary, and keep in mind that none of us can further a cause to protect our civil rights on our own.

I suggest if we are to oppose police brutality, we are to do it without playing the racial card. We shall do it together, because  Malaysia is OUR home, and WE are Malaysians.

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Seriously, I Am So Fed Up!

Posted by Foodie on September 26, 2008


They say that, the truth shall set you free. Apparently, knowledge is also supposed to do that…set you free that is. But try telling that to RPK, who’s being detained under the ISA for 2 years in a place dubbed ‘peace hill‘ aka Kamunting for speaking out the truth concerning many things and also possessing quite a bit of ‘knowledge’ at the same time, regarding many issues that many Malaysians have been kept in the dark for far too long.

Apart from the detainment, he’s also been ordered to undergo religious rehabilitation. According to officials, his articles are considered malicious and seditious. Well that’s what the Home Minister claims. If you ask me, it’s because he’s been discussing sensitive issues with regards to how Islam is being practised in Malaysia. He’s not slamming the religion in my humble opinion. He’s merely highlighting the hypocrisy.

As if the rehabilitation would change the mindset of a person that easily, is simply too naive for anyone to accept really. I mean we are talking about RPK, someone who is not only strong willed, highly opinionated and at the same time possess such overwhelming conviction in his beliefs, that he is willing to risk everything by writing openly about the sensitive issues plaguing us of late, knowing very well he could end up in this precarious postition one fine day. Let us ponder this for a second. Can ‘piousness‘ be achieved and forced into a person’s consciousness merely through rehabilitation? Or are we talking about a different form of rehabilitation perhaps. I believe it’s called torture? Torturing him might do the job far better if you ask me. Rehabilitation alone, will not eventuate to anything, suffice to say. So I presume after the two years, RPK is expected to walk out of Kamunting a new man, reborn with an entirely different opinion? That is if he doesn’t die of a mysterious illness in the process. If indeed he gets to survive the two years and walks out alive a rehabilitated man at that, I’ll be damned if they have not performed a brain transplant on him; or plastic surgery ala Face Off (Hollywood action blockbuster starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage)!

Seriously, I don’t understand the stigma attached to discussions or constructive criticisms pertaining to religion. Unless it is being used as an instrument to racially divide the people? After all religion has to move with the times in my opinion and can be achieved through dialogue. As we move and progress forward as a developing nation, religion also has to be updated so that it can be progressive like the nation and people we wish to be. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation is far more progressive in this respect compared to Malaysia.

If we seriously want our nation to move forward, nothing and no one(race) should be left behind. Everything has to move in tandem. Otherwise there would be conflicts and dissent.  Our forefathers agreed for the NEP to be passed because they too agreed that no race should be left behind. I believe in the spirit of the NEP. Unfortunately, it has been used not to help the Malays as such but rather to enrich the pockets of those in the ruling elite circle. We still see poverty in the kampungs and the orang aslis are still living in abject poverty not to mention the minorities who are being squeezed to a corner with no where to go. The wealthier ones can afford to migrate but what about the ones who cannot afford to? They will fight of course. It is the basic instinct of  human nature. When you have no means of survival, fighting for it, would be the only solution. And who do we have to thank for all this? Our dear TDM. The result of our country’s demise, mismanagement, rife and institutionalized corruption, racially divisive politics is all thanks to TDM’s doing. Can it be undone?

It is evident, a change of government is in the horizon (my fingers and toes tightly crossed). If I were Pak Lah and I knew that my time was up I would at least fix things up a bit before I left.  Obviously sir, the rakyat is no longer satisfied with the way the country is being run. NOW, if I were in your shoes (Guccis I presume), I would choose to leave a legacy behind before I resign or retire or get booted out (whichever suits your fancy). It would look very good in the resume for one. Would it not? 😛 For starters, you could abolish the ISA tomorrow. That would make A LOT of Malaysians happy. Hell, that might even change the people’s mind about the vote of no confidence. Secondly, you could urge and I mean sincerely urge Zaid Ibrahim to return as Law Minister and give him the full mandate to carry on with the reform of our judiciary system, amongst other things. It’s really not that hard to win the people’s faith back. You may be weak but at least I think you’re not ruthless like TDM. Mahathir ruled with an iron fist but the general consensus is that you, Pak Lah rule with a tofu fist. You could do with a lot more firmness. For once, couldn’t you just DO THE RIGHT thing and think about the legacy you COULD leave behind?

Tunku Abdul Rahman is the father of democracy. I’m sure you’d like to be remembered as the father of tomfoolery reformasi? So allow me to reiterate, firstly, thou shalt abolish the ISA,  secondly, carry out with the reform of our ineffectual judiciary, then reunite the races and propose for a Bangsa Malaysia. (the list goes on, but these three should be good for starters). We Beg of You.  Of all the people you should listen to, is the rakyat. If you do the following, I bet you my Jimmy Choos, you would be remembered very differently(and fondly too) than if you were to continue with your  foolish and draconian acts.

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On becoming Bangsa Malaysia…

Posted by Madame on September 24, 2008

What does ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ truly mean to you? My understanding of this term would be….Malaysian…that’s it….with nothing else to follow, such as Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Malay or even this one…Malaysian Lain-Lain. What the heck is Lain-Lain, anyways????

Our current government talks about ‘Bangsa Malaysia’…it seems to be the buzz word right now and is also ‘considered’ very politically correct 😉  Does the current government even know what ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ means? All evidence thus far points to the contrary.

Do we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ right now? Nope….we don’t. Despite what the govt says….WE DON’T!

How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we are still identified by our race? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we are still identified by our religion? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when our system is NOT based on meritocracy? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we still have race-based political parties? And most importantly, how can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when Malaysians of Indian and Chinese ethnicity are not enshrined in the Malaysian Constituition?

Dare I say this…..YES…I do! True ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ would mean having a leader based NOT on his ethnicity…but rather, on his capability!

‘Bangsa Malaysia’ will truly come about once we start to look at one another in the same way…once we can see past the colour, creed and language. ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ needs to start first with the schools and the education system. ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ will come into existence once we stop having to fill up all those dumb forms/questionnaires which require you to specify your race or religion.

We strive for a country that truly looks at it’s people as belonging to one race…and a people that identifies itself as only one race….which is, ‘Bangsa Malaysia’….and no ‘Race Relations Act’ is gonna achieve this when the Education system is so flawed in the country.

So, I say….Read my lips… It’s the Education System, Stupid!

Forget the ‘Race Relations Act’ and focus on the Education System!

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