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Olympics, the past, the present and the fantastic

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 25, 2008

Yesterday, while I was savouring the Olympics closing ceremony on BBC, I had to stomach the nagging statement that Michael Johnson (from the US of A) made. He has my respect as an accomplished retired athlete in his very own right. But the comments he made come across to me as either spoil sport or sour grape. He looked upon the world records that have been shattered in the Beijing Olympics with a certain degree of contempt. Yes, in his opinion that the swimmers broke new world and Olympic records because the event organisers cheekily made the pool deeper and wider so as to reduce drag brought upon by the bouncing off of turbulent waves in the wake of a swimmer’s path. But if he had read article from New Scientist, he would have noticed another counter-argument; that the athletes are unlikely to be affected by their own drag induced turbulence because they are too fast for the reflected waves to catch up with the swimmers anyway. There are also many pools with 3m depth world-wide, holding world swimming events.

Then he went on to nag about swimmers having better drag reducing swimsuits, sprinters having better shoes, lalalala…… (he is still supportive of Usain Bolt). I mean, don’t these Olympians benefit from the application of science itself on their performances? Why then is Michael Johnson uptight about most of the records that have been broken in Beijing? Did he consider maybe juxtaposing himself to the fastest (bare-footed) Olympics sprinter in ancient Greece?

He stopped short at complimenting Beijing for its efforts, predictably like CNN, bullishly harping on human rights, bladeblabla without comprehension of the historical, cultural and philosophical differences that separates the East from the West. Maybe if he reads a little bit more about Confucius teaching, his statement wouldn’t be so blunt…… I have to praise BBC reporters ON THAT DAY though, for appraising the strengths and the weaknesses of the whole Olympics event without bias.

This Olympics has also been a milestone for the world when it comes to equality. Woohoo to Matthew Mitcham, I would think that this is the first openly gay Olympian from Australia who won the men’s 10 metre diving defeating the hotly favoured Chinese. This is the guy who overcame depression, coming to terms with his sexuality and suffering from burn out almost 2 years ago. He scored 4 perfect 10s in his final dive, which happened to be the most difficult dive. I am truly impressed. Not only that, the Chinese crowd and I was truly enchanted and captivated by his adorable toothpaste advertisement smile. Well done, Matt, I hope to see him 4 years from now at the London Olympics. Argh, with that smile, I just want to run there, GRAB him, give him a big bear hug and plant a kiss on each side of his cheek. Darn, I also get all emotional when I saw him win it. For more info, read here.

Another Olympian that impressed me was Nastia Liukin. Yes, yes, she may be 2nd best gymnast in the world, the first being Shawn Johnson, I still prefer Nastia Liukin. I saw her performance on balance beam, I actually thought she was performing ballet on balance beam! So graceful and beautiful! Judges say Shawn Johnson is more technically perfect and gifted than Nastia Liukin. I don’t have a darn clue about techniques but I like what I saw when Nastia Liukin performed. She was a silver medallist on balance beam….. Anyway, she won gold for the all-around competition, so I am happy. I wish to see her performance again at the London 2012 Olympics! Oh did I say that she is very pretty too?! And those legs, MAMA MIA! Please come back Nastia! Wait, who is that 13-14 year old Chinese girl standing just beside her during the medal ceremony?

Now that the Olympics had been drawn to a close, I am left to reflect all the good and bad that happened during the past two weeks and more. I absolutely love the closing ceremony, it was slightly unfortunate though that I missed the opening ceremony……I am also truly impressed and touched by a large number of contemporary media, journalists and ordinary citizens from all over the world who stood by the justification that Beijing Olympics has been the right decision after-all in spite of all the ‘Rupert Murdoch’-like propaganda. There is always hope for emancipation from the neo-cons.

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Imam reveals truth behind Saiful’s oath

Posted by ella-mae on August 24, 2008


2315: Ustaz Ramlang Porigi is now speaking. He is the imam of the Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, one of those who witnessed Saiful’s oath. He wants to explain what happened on the date when Saiful swore that he was sodomised. Ramlang said he was ordered to become a witness to Saiful’s swearing but he didn’t mention who ordered him. Anyway, he didn’t arrange Saiful’s oath. Saiful was probably advised by others. He said going by Saiful’s demeanour, he did not look as if he felt that he had done something wrong. This particular oath – sumpah mubahalah – is only meant as a last resort when is there is no evidence for adjudication in court. Both parties involved should be present during the oath-taking. The imam hopes that after this he won’t be blamed for this whole swearing business. He was just ordered to be a witness to the oath. He is just a small-time imam not an Imam Besar.

Continue reading at Anil’s blog.

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Remembering Port Dickson in Permatang Pauh

Posted by ella-mae on August 20, 2008

Even the coolest of the coolest would lose his temper if something like this happens to him.

At prominent spots in Permatang Pauh, large screens have been put up to play Saiful Bukhari’s infamous oath-taking over and over again. Joceline Tan thinks Saiful Bukhari looks even more handsome on the big screen. On a personal observation, I think Joceline Tan is a cougar la… ever since I read her gushing article on Khairy (yuck!!) Jamaluddin. Someone please tell her Khairy likes parading in female clothes.

It comes as no surprise when Anwar Ibrahim loses his cool and threatens to reveal Najib’s rendezvous in Port Dickson (ooo la la). MKini has the story here. However, this link says the open-secret tryst took place not in PD but in KL.

So which is? PD or KL?

Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful rendition of I Will Always Love You from Ziana Zain. Rosmah Mansor cannot match or pegang lilin to Ziana vocal prowess la. Maybe the first-lady-in-waiting should take singing lessons from Ziana 😉

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Consensual Sex: Will Saiful be charged as well?

Posted by ella-mae on August 7, 2008

Anwar was charged under section 337B in court this morning. MalaysiaKini has the news here.  A lawyer confirms section 337B refers to consensual sex and not assault.

Since consensual sex against the order of nature is a crime, don’t you think it’s kinda odd that ONLY Anwar was charged in court today? And why exactly is Saiful Bukhari under police protection?

And Uncle (Auntie) Pet, what say you now?

I thought earlier Saiful was willing to swear upon the  Holy Quran that he was violated by Anwar. Violated, kena rogol, sexually assaulted!!!! That’s what Saiful claimed earlier… no mention of consensual sex!!! Like hello, what’s happening, Saiful? Looks like the police  “main your belakang” olredi.

Updated at 1:19pm.

Here’s Saiful Bukhari’s first entry at his blog.Monday, July 7, 2008

Buat Rakyat Malaysia…

Assalammualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera Rakyat Malaysia,

Dengan ini, saya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan ingin mencabar Anwar Ibrahim supaya BERMUBAHALAH di hadapan para ulamak.

Kepada Rakyat Malaysia yang dikasihi, Ingin saya tegaskan disini bahawa isu ini adalah ISU PERIBADI antara saya dan Anwar. Saya harap agar seluruh rakyat Malaysia bertenang dan tidak termakan dengan taktik kotor si MUNAFIK yang sedang dalam kelemasan ini.

Saya terima segala tohmahan dengan hati terbuka dan tidak sesekali mempersalahkan rakyat dalam hal ini.

Sebagai mangsa, saya berhak untuk mendapat pembelaan.

“Yang HAK Pasti Berdiri, Yang BATIL Pasti Jatuh”.


Saiful Bukhari.
Posted by Saiful Bukhari at 11:11 PM

So what is it la… victim or willing participant???

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What do straight guys miss out on?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 6, 2008

The previous post on homosexuality was enlightening and serious. Saggie said I am too serious, which I agree, and I promised him to cheer up a bit so here I am. Here are the few things straight guys missed out on being gay (and they are missing out on the absolutely delicious bits!!!!)

1) Ladies feel safe and always like to talk to gay guys. They share the same wavelength. Yes, girls flock around gay guys because they can connect. The gay guys get lots of hot girls that they don’t want to screw!!! The Dandelions can bear witnesses!

2) Girls also feel safe talking to gay guys or going out with them because the guys won’t have ulterior motives to demand sex from girls or guided by their manhood.

3) Gay guys can look at a girl’s bun and say ‘nice ass’, and the girls will like it. The gay guys get away with it with 5 stars for looking and commenting on her booty (with a parting kiss on the cheek)!!! Straight guys comment on ‘nice buns’ and the girls will say, ‘stupid, hamsap ogling ugly man, I am not gonna go near you’.

4) Gay guys can say ‘I have a rough day’, and the girls will flock to hug them. Straight guys just get sympathy stare with complementary ‘Poor you’ statements while ‘fantasising’ for hugs that will unlikely to be there.

5) Gay guys hear about girly stuff girls do that is bound to make straight guys HORNY as hell. ‘Like yeah me and my gal pals were sunbathing at the Spanish beach top naked and we were helping each other rubbing sun block lotion on our backs when our bras got in the way so we have to help each other undo our bras…….’.

6) Gay guys might occasional chance upon bisexual girls and hot lesbos who comment about grabbing other girls and….. Straight guys rarely get the privilege.

7) Gay guys can learn how to improve on their sex lives from girls complaining about their boyfriends sex inadequacy like ‘yeah, my boyfriend was so excited to see me that the sex was like over in 10 seconds, I didn’t even know there was sex, it all happened too quickly’

So my conclusion? If sexuality is a choice, hell a lot of guys will go gay. Ok, hmm no Lesbos input, I personally have no experience with Lesbos I shan’t comment here.

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