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Songs for today are…..

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on November 21, 2008

I don’t know what is wrong with me today. I keep listening to love songs from different eras. Anyway, here is what I like to share

Haddaway: What is love?

Jennifer Paige: Crush

Michael Learns To Rock: That’s why you go away

Richard Marx: Hazard

One Republic: Apologise/Apologize

I find that I like this original version without Timberland much better.

My previous post on music includes

Alternative music (the old, the undergound and the cool)

My favourite music (part 2), dedicated to….

Music of my heart (Part 1)

A little nostalgia and some nice songs

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The September 16 double bluff

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 18, 2008

Ok, ok, I opine that September 16 was not meant for Malaysians to take the bait, but for UMNO. September 16 was a double bluff specifically designed for UMNO to take the bait. Why the heck would Anwar want to expose his battle plan for UMNO, so that UMNO has time to defend itself? Why the hell does one play chess and then tell his opponent what his next move is going to be?

September 16 was an empty threat. UMNO took the bait (or is it Najib and his cohort, Hamid Albar, as my fellow dandelions first concurred?). UMNO began to put RPK, Teresa and Tan into ISA in the hopes of maybe instigating all-out protest to have a reason to declare martial law. It will then be bye, bye opposition. But that didn’t materialise. Instead, the past few days have successfully swung the political wind to PR’s favour.

People were appalled by the actions of UMNO. Legitimacy of cross-over becomes less of a question even amongst PR supporters who frowned on cross-over. I don’t like cross-over but after the events of the past few days, hell yeah, I am for cross-over. Anwar doesn’t have to be malicious to get his goals. Anwar force UMNO into showing its inner-most demons (we have already seen the outer-demons). Many people say, inner true colours are only shown when one is tremendously stressed, an act of great goodness or great controversy……

September 16 or the recent events surrounding September 16 serve to unify PR supporters, split into for cross-over and against cross-over to a unanimous for cross-over movement. If DSAI succeeds, heck it will be a legitimate, democratically popular cross-over, the first in Malaysian history.

Heck, the September 16 event only further destroys what’s left of UMNO’s unity. (As my fellow dandelions have concurred way before me) If Najib and Hamid are behind the ISA not Abdullah, well it is a sign that Najib the backstabber is beginning to be less subtle and more desperate. Abdullah can’t tell the press that he didn’t use ISA but his minions did, as this will have disastrous consequences to the little leadership credibility that AAB has managed to retain. Najib is not going to be left unpunished, AAB “rewarded” Najib with the post of Finance Minister 4,5 months before UMNO elections (again my fellow dandelions have concurred before me). With the recent chain of events striking US financial giants, first and foremost, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch and AIG, we have not heard the last of economic kerfuffle. Malaysia is not going to escape unscathed, and there is little Najib can do to conjure a financial miracle that will help save the US financial system in return, help Malaysia. Economy is going to be worse off, and Najib will bear the brunt.

September 16 was an ‘empty’ threat. UMNO made September 16 into an enemy UMNO itself feared most. If UMNO had not done anything, UMNO would not be in such a conundrum it is in today.

RPK took a gamble to be a willing pawn to the event leading to September 16. RPK has given UMNO a lot of ‘reasons ‘to apprehend RPK under ISA. RPK is now seen as a martyr for Malaysians who want justice, swing it to PR’s favour. Whether his martyrdom is to be converted to success in toppling UMNO remains to be seen.

I don’t know who has better chess playing strategy, but the set-pieces are already moving. Whatever result it may be, it will be preposterous to say that one got lucky winning. Politics is a high-stakes game to be left to lady luck. Has anyone ever won a chess game by luck?

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Birthday passed, fat like Najib? Big like Pamela?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 18, 2008

I have just recently celebrated my birthday. Ladidada, yes, I am a year older, with extra hair-loss in the form of receding hairline, a pair of man-boobs (CUP D size equivalent of a bra), pan-cake ass, crooked yellow, tar-stained teeth and a belly that rivals Najib, I am Berak Pee, Brad Pitt’s ugly twin. Contrary to popular fairy tale, this ugly ducking grew up to become a very ugly duck. Yes! My cleavage is indeed tighter than Pamela Anderson’s with a push-up bra! I am so unfit that I have to be at the bottom with a sex doll at the top (even after having Viagra)……

Anyway, enough of grotesque physical elaboration, I am now a CENTURION! Woohoo, well a quarter of a centurion…… My birthday wish is still to have a real person at the top instead of a sex doll…….Ahh, the person should be a good treasure hunter too, good at searching for ‘a needle in the haystack’, a prerequisite for any sex move or fore-play unfortunately……

Otherwise I am very easy to please! Honestly, I am not joking!

These past 5 years have been a steep learning curve for me. I watch contemptuously at some of my peers who brag about how well they are doing in life, usually in the form of career, always the amount of money they earn, the influence they yield and the amount of travelling they have done (air-miles always). I am so glad these peers are more than a STOMACH length from me, I do not have a lethal butt cheeks but my man-boobs are lethal on those who pissed me off with show-boating (through asphyxiation). Some have even gone to the length of peer idolising, ‘wah he earned so much, I want to be like him, (full of hubris, ego, big talk ……)’ The problem is that they start believing the lies they made for themselves are actually facts, well some of them anyway, while the others are just too shallow to see through the disguise. The funny thing is the people they attract or socialise, tend to be very often almost the exact replica of themselves……So what do I see ahead of me after my birthday? Do not be those people that I have criticized severely! Live my life the way I want it not the way how people expect me to live my life through sheer kaisuism…….

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Food of the day

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 14, 2008

Deep fried slices of lamb in leek and asparagus creamy gravy with a slight tinge of stilton cheese and spiciness

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Communism and Malaysia (exposing the unseen)

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 3, 2008

Communism is almost a dirty word in Malaysia and world wide, however very few comprehend the original socialistic purpose of communism. In Malaysia, the thought of communism immediately conjures up gun-totting, merciless Chinese men with cruel laughter ‘hyuk hyuk hyuk’.

The image most Malaysians have in mind of communism is synonymous to barbaric militarism and dictatorship. Communism preaches about social equality not blood lust. It is the Western media propaganda and to a certain extent, our unbalanced historical lessons. Mind you, ideologies can take a blood lust approach even for democracy. Take a look at US, it is a democratic gun-totting nation invading oil rich Iraq and establishing an American ‘dictatorship’ in Iraq in the guise of Iraqi democracy (using the current Iraq government merely as a figurehead).

Communism fights for the working class while working hard to eliminate social and class inequality. Let’s take a real world example, a kampong boy and the son of a prestigious lawyer are both going to universities. Both want to study engineering. The kampong boy can only afford to go to a messed up local, public university, while the son of the prestigious lawyer get to go to MIT, even though both have the same grades. The one who has the privilege to go to MIT does so because he has a rich father who can fund his overseas studies. He is better exposed and gets better opportunities in MIT than the kampong boy just because he is given a head start by just being in a better social class. And it can be sometimes viewed as inequality in life chances. Communism strives to eliminate this class and economic differences. Karl Marx viewed these differences as barriers to fulfilment of human freedom. Without social and economic differences, there will be no one who wishes to exploit another (since it doesn’t help them to stay a class ahead of the rest). With no exploitation, people are freer to do what they want without having some ambitious people to restrict other people’s endeavours.

Now, can anyone tell me if the ideology shows at all an ounce of evil? One of the main reasons, the democratic and capitalistic nations fear communism has more to do with self-interest. They wouldn’t be able to invest in communist countries as economics in communist countries are state planned and micro-managed without being controlled by foreigners. Communists view capitalism as just another form of imperialism. They view capitalistic ventures as parasites that invest for the sake of sucking out all the available natural resources without giving many benefits to the local populace. Do many Malaysians know about this? No, because of bias history and world wide propaganda.

Communism can sometimes be good for the early part of a nation’s history. China was fractured firstly from the toppling the last dynastic government, civil war between communism and democracy, then long drawn out strive with the Japanese, then civil war again between two contrasting ideologies. Most of the populace was impoverished, and democratic government was viewed as a corrupted one with elitists few. Communism was the force that was able to unite the nation, the peasants were disgruntled at the democratic but corrupted government.

Same goes for the Vietnam War. The population was impoverished partly attributed to militaristic approach to gaining independence from the French. Most of the population was supporting the communist north. Most of the American aids for the democratic south never reach the poor due to gross corruption and the Vietnamese knows that hence they support the communist north. The Americans weren’t in there for the Vietnamese, they were they out of pure self-interest.

So let’s talk about communism right back into our own backyard. Malaysia is different, luckily not as unfortunate as Vietnam or China. Malaysia was slightly better off and it was never in a pro-longed conflict like what Vietnam and China faced. The un-militaristic approach ensures that most of the infrastructure was/is still there, people can live a slightly better life. Capitalism is not all that bad either and in this context, I favour capitalism more than communism. Capitalism ensures that people have to work hard to achieve better life without being state-controlled to how well you can achieve in life. I believe that a little self-centred and self-motivated approach to a better life makes people more productive. It will be better to the society in the long run. After all, survival for the fittest rule always apply, and capitalism helps us to remain competitive and serves as a subconscious reminder that the world does not owe us a living, that we have to eke a living for ourselves the way we want it to be. Competition is what makes a species survive and not go extinct.

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Chocolate, sex and orgasm

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 3, 2008

Sex is too much of a taboo and I would like to demystify sex. I am not just talking about any sex, I am also going to talk about kinky sex with the help of chocolate…… Hah, no I am not a practical sex guru, I would probably consider myself as an amateur kinky sex theorist.

Chocolate is one of my favourite desserts, especially Belgian chocolate. There are three commercial houses being Leonidas, Neuhaus and Godiva. Leonidas is the most affordable, I have tasted it and I like it. However, Neuhaus and Godiva are supposedly a league above Leonidas, but so is the price being a league above. Neuhaus is recommended for people who like quite a fruity flavour. Godiva has less of a fruity mix, and the chocolate has just the perfect mixture (in my opinion) of chocolate taste with (coffee or nutty). Whereas masturbation-induced orgasm or lousy sex last for less than 5 to 10 minutes, the pleasure from indulging in Belgian chocolate can be more than 5-10 minutes, and yes I would rather forsake lousy 5-10 minutes sex and 5 minutes masturbation for Godiva chocolate. Be forewarned, 250 grams of Godiva chocolate is at a whooping RM65!

So how does one make full use of an expensive chocolate? This requires a loving (or lustful) couple of course! And perfect for Valentine’s day! First place the chocolate nuggets at the appropriate body parts (preferably without the clothes, and use your imagination). How do you want to pick up the chocolate nugget is in the realm of your fantasy. I personally think the mouth and the tongue are underused organs or limbs…… Whoever uses the teeth should be banned from sexual intercourse! A little bit of whipped cream along the ‘treasure trail’ might help, usually whip cream isn’t expensive, you can get a bottle of spray-on whipped cream for maybe RM6 I think.

For those who are more health conscious, a few strawberries on top of the whipped cream is a possible alternative. One of course can play with and move the whipped cream around by blowing gently and lovingly…… Yes, blowing gently can be very sensual (no, I am not talking about 69 or oral sex when I talk about blowing).

Yes this is hedonism, is hedonism bad? No. Why the hell does mother nature give us sensual pleasure if we don’t indulge in it. And I personally despise unrealistic and unreasonable social taboo and mind-numbingly stupid and inhibitive social norms. You say norm? I say bollocks. We are not hurting anyone are we? Sex to me can be viewed as an art form. It is beautiful, artistic and healthy. It releases endorphin into your body which makes you happy. And a good sex is as good as and probably better than 45 minutes of jogging session. Yup, good sex burn a lot of calories. Good sex with chocolate is heavenly. Don’t forget, coco is full with antioxidants that slows aging. You enjoy it and it is not painful like botox injection.

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Food crisis? Who is at fault?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 1, 2008

The Economist lately have an interesting debate on food crisis.

I feel socially obliged to comment about this. Walden Bello has written a comprehensive article ‘Manufacturing a Food Crisis’, for June 2, 2008th edition of The Nation.

Summarising Mexico’s problem as an example; pointed out by Walden Bello, “Mexico was a net corn exporter before Mexico submitted herself to free trade alliance with North America. Due to its free trade pact, it was gradually reduced into a net corn importer; the local farmers could not compete with North Americans subsidised import (25% state subsidy). IMF and the World Bank made sure that Mexico did comply with the conditions of free trade while conveniently ignoring North American subsided corn. Mexican farmers were forced out of business, and Mexico became highly dependent on American corn trade.”

To further add on, on my part. The world has one less producer each time because of oxymoronic bias free-trade, thus making food prices more volatile with less dependable food sources. Higher prices didn’t benefit the Mexican corn farmers because when it happened, NAFTA has already destroyed its local farm communities, benefiting only the elitist northern neighbour not its poor corn farmers.

Again Walden Bello pointed out that ‘in Malawi, the nation had a surplus of corn, however IMF insisted that the Malawian government should sell of its corn surplus (including its grain reserve) to service its (Malawi’s) debt. When famine occurred in 2001-2002, 1500 Malawians perished as its stockpile was depleted from its obligation induced export!’

If the food price continues to increase, what will guarantee that other nations will not suffer the same fate experienced by the Malawians, if IMF still insists that third world nations should service their debt by selling their valuable stockpile of agricultural commodity to nations that have obesity to worry about. High food prices will continue to plague poor nations with food insecurity, as long as IMF continues with its biased and skewed interference. All it takes is one bad harvest and poor nations will go into famine, having to seek out foreign food aid again, then having to service its food debt again by selling its valuable stockpile. High food prices will work in an ideal free market world, but the world is not ideal.

Of course, India’s agricultural system is not perfect, but to ask India to conform to the standards of Western bloc’s skewed free trade is equivalent to suicidal. Local farmers will be forced out of business by subsidised Western products (European subsidy accounts to 40% as quoted from The Nation). This again might exacerbate the food crisis. Of course, bigger and more efficient companies can replace smaller local farmers, but this is again if and only if IMF and the World bank do not interfere. Taking the Philippines as an example, as Wallen Bello from the Nation pointed out again, ‘both IMF and the World bank insisted the Philippines government to make repayment of $26 billion debt a priority. The government complied but at the cost of reduced agricultural expenditure and support. These factors caused the agricultural infrastructure to deteriorate, further impoverishing the poor. Due to poor agricultural infrastructure, multinational companies did not dare to invest in its agricultural industry contrary to the beliefs of IMF and the World bank.’

To say free market can resolve the food crisis due to high price while ignoring the fact that there are other (Western induced) variables distorting the benefits of free trade is not completely justified.

No doubt India, China and Indonesia account for 1.7 billion of the poor that benefited from high price of food products from the market economy, closing the gap between the poor farmers and the well-of middle to rich class. But regardless of the price of agricultural products, these three countries will not starve anyway, however, other less fortunate third world countries apart from India, China and Indonesia are less fortunate. High price of food is almost synonymous to famine for them. The benefits of market economy are in my opinion mere by-products (sugar coating) of sound governmental policies.

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Infuriated by an article of IKIM (AKA Intellectual Branch of UMNO)

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on July 28, 2008

Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia or Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), quite often I find it to be a dangerous branch of UMNO. It wears Islam as a veil to convey subtle threats to the populace. In a recent article – A Malaysian nation: still elusive? (The Star, 8th of July, 2008), it defines a nation to have at least three of the four similar characteristics shared by its population which are religion, ethnicity, language and historical destiny. By IKIM’s notion, religion is out of the question because Malays are Muslims, Chinese are mostly Buddhist and Indians are mostly Hindus. Same goes for ethnicity, historical destiny and language. To sum it up, he thinks we are a nation only because of the existent of government, otherwise we do not have the characteristics of a nation.

For a pious scholar like him from IKIM to present such a shallow view of how Malaysia functions is clearly one who is isolated from reality and globalisation. It is ironic that globalisation brought about the prominence of Islam into the global arena, yet this Muslim scholar is ignoring the fact of globalisation. As he correctly pointed out, Switzerland is not a country constituted of similar races, but they are bound together by their European identity. Is he that short-sighted? Can’t he see that Malaysians, whatever race they come from, are bound together by their Asian identity? Are the races in Malaysia really that different as he would like to believe? Isn’t filial piety or respect for the elders and/ or parents a typical Asian identity?

A multicultural Malaysia to him is not part of the glue that makes a nation, again a very ignorant view of the strands of reality. Multiculturalism is a culture itself rather than a Frankenstein’s abomination. Europeans that I have met told me Malaysia has unique brand of multiculturalism that is lacking in Europe. If only people like him and those in power share the same enthusiasm these Europeans have about our culture of multiculturalism, which in itself is part of the backbone of the nation. Let’s get trivial, juxtaposing Peranakan culture with multiculturalism. Are Malaysians that stupid to say that they aren’t a fan of (Peranakan food) Rojak, Asam Laksa, Cendol or Kapitan Chicken? This is what I call the beautiful child conceived by multiculturalism that you don’t get anywhere else. Are we that different as a nation that the whole lot of us don’t appreciate Peranakan food? No, I am not being histrionic; I am stating a fact that is viewed from different perspective.

I find it even more infuriating that he denied the fact that we have similar historical destiny!!! What was the function of BN in the 1950s? It is an alliance of people from different races to gain independence from the British. Isn’t that something in common? What about Bersih or the recent general election that many Malaysians regardless of race share in common? How dare does he accuse us of not sharing similar historical destiny? And to my recollection, the climb to Mount Everest summit is our common historical destiny too! Unless he is a bumptious racist who views that the Mount Everest expedition was a failure because it was an Indian achievement!

Let me quote from him

“Other races can certainly contribute to this ‘hybrid’ culture so long as their contributions do not contravene any moral or religious principle, especially that of Islam, the backbone of Malay culture and tradition for centuries.”

This is what I call a self-centred nature, the incapacity to even bother to comprehend people that are different from him. Globalisation has rendered his form of orthodoxy obsolete. He has conveniently ignored the fact that the backbone of Malay culture has been fluidic not stagnant. Buddhism and Hinduism was once the backbone of Malay culture for centuries as well. Some Bugis Malays had the tradition of sea-farers which is no longer the case. So what is different now, why the sudden impetus for stagnation? Can’t the culture and tradition of the Malays evolve to that of the Malaysians? Mother nature isn’t that forgiving with evolutionary and priviliged induced dead ends and mind you, humans are no masters of nature, not yet anyway

Has he forgotten too about common ideological beliefs that bind a nation like libertarian France? It is their common belief in power of the people that overthrew King Louis as a united nation. All the Malaysians I know believe that Malaysia as a country has matured and are in favour of stronger democracy and freedom of speech.

Rather than bamboozling us to learn to accept misconstrued historical ‘facts’, he should learn how to see things beyond his protective egg shell and not view anyything outside his egg shell as hostile. Clear the senses before starting to blast away the mother of the egg she is trying to hatch.

Let me quote further

“The concept of a Malaysian nation should not be demonised and demolished. The rope which binds us however, i.e. the ruling government at any given time, must be strong and wise enough, and have support from all segments of the public.”

That is a self-preservation, oxymoronic paragraph. To give FULL undivided support (otherwise there is no such thing as a nation) to a ruling government means corrupted leadership is part of the equation too that deserves our ‘worship’. Ahh, but he said any government at the time, so he can easily worm his way out by saying, ‘I wasn’t referring to bad government was I?’. So it is back to square one, how to change governorship when it is FULL undivided support to ANY government (even bad one)? See the self-preservation, oxymoronic mode he has dug himself into?


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