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They don’t really care about us!!

Posted by ella-mae on August 8, 2009


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‘Kaum pendatang’, hypocritical AAB, the Malay grassroots, Namawee

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 1, 2008

Ahmad didn’t mean it, says Abdullah

That was what the Star has reported. Apparently calling the Chinese an immigrant race by this buffoon Ahmad has no malice, according to AAB. It was just in the heat of by-election that Ahmad was allowed to mouth-off and the ‘punishment’ he is going to receive is just a mere courtesy talk by AAB to tell him not to do it again. AAB THINKS Ahmad doesn’t mean it. I call this hypocritical…… Oh really so what does he really mean then?

When the Bar Council wanted to hold a forum for constructive RATIONAL dialogue, AAB thinks the WORST of the Bar Council, when the buffoon Ahmad IRRATIONALLY racially mouthed-off, AAB thinks the BEST of this buffoon. What is the logic in this? And Ahmad dared to mouth-off in front of the DPM without fearing repercussions. What does that say about the state of racism of the ruling government?

Ibrahim: PAS should lead Pakatan Rakyat

I think this remark is uncalled for, to say that PAS should lead PR rather than PKR because the PAS has more Malay grassroots supporters. Ironically, I am of the opinion that this unwise remark isn’t racist. He was more inclined towards a ‘better’ demographic or ‘class’ approach to dethrone UMNO. Approaching an issue demographically in an objective manner isn’t in my opinion racist. Educated, middle-class Malays tend to support PKR, however there are many more Malays who do not share the same fortune as their wealthier brothers. These people tend to support PAS, otherwise it would be UMNO. What he forgot though is that PAS also benefitted from cross-racial votes owing a lot to PKR. He should recognise the significant role PKR plays. He should understand if PAS is to lead PR, PAS is going to lose a lot of cross-racial votes, while in the process of possibly gaining more Malay grassroots voters. The question is, will PR lose more than they gain in the process? It is also entirely possible that PR might actually lose Malay votes as well since the Malay electorate would see that as a sign of weakness of PKR, the sign of weakness in the glue that holds PR together resulting in the lack of faith in PR in the process. The glue to PR is afterall build around the image of PKR leader, DSAI. Why risk changing a winning formula? Ibrahim’s approach is less of a racial malice and more of a class divide or problem. It is just unfortunate that the class divide happen to be the Malays themselves. That could have been easily thought of as racist approach by anyone.

Namawee is back!

Wee Meng Chee (AKA Namawee) is back in Malaysia. I personally think this guy is more of an oddball and a clueless boy who likes to see himself as a hero, stating the moronic but obvious while lacking in critical thinking. He seems to be on a path of redemption…… Whether or not it is out of political pressure cum cowardice to become completely flattering in his statements or out of remorse is up for questioning. Personally, I think it is the former. A remorseful person is one who will appreciate what is good may not be perfect and the need strive for objective and constructive critcism for the greater good.

I conclude today’s post by apologising for my scatty thoughts and comments. Have a nice day everyone, and Happy Merdeka!

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UMNO caught with pants down, but no action taken?!

Posted by barbie on July 30, 2008

The Star July 30, 2008:

This time, Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he would bring in more allocation for the state should PAS agree to form a coalition government with Umno.

“As Perak Action Council Committee chairman, I promise to negotiate with the Prime Minister for more allocation to develop the state,” he told reporters after attending a briefing with Information Ministry staff here yesterday.

Former Mentri Besar and Perak Umno chief Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali had offered to team up with Perak PAS to bring about political stability and a stronger state government.

From Bernama July 29, 2008

“What is interesting about the offer is that it does not involve the Menteri Besar’s post which will continue to be held by PAS but the posts of executive councillors (exco) will be divided accordingly.”

Ahmad Zahid proposed that six exco posts including the MB’s post be given to PAS, Umno be given five and MCA one, and the Speaker’s post to PAS while two Senators’ posts be divided between Umno and PAS.

From The Star July 25, 2008

Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo had admitted in his blog that Umno had offered PAS the Mentri Besar’s post during a dialogue session held right after the elections. PAS was also offered the Deputy Menteri Besar and four executive councillors posts if it agreed to form the coalition.

Tell me if this is not outright political corruption and bribery! ACA where are you? Get you ass down here now!

Before you blast me on ‘rumors’ of Barisan Nasional MPs jump ships to Pakatan Rakyat to form the government, as another form of political corruption and bribery, let it be clear that Pakatan Rakyat never agree or mention any offer for them to ‘switch side’. Well if they did, we never read it openly like this! (Wait, this reminds me of certain ‘wars’ and ‘scandal’ going on in the blogosphere now. Ehem, a girl once told me, ‘you can cheat, but don’t let me know about it.” Which is quite hilarious because, it is only called cheating if you get caught with your pants down, no? Haha!)

Now you have UMNO leaders openly admitted and still making offers to PAS to entice them!! What sort of democracy is this? UMNO leaders are so desperately power crazy and they despicably willing to do anything to stay in power. These nincompoops are betraying voters trust and totally have no respect for Malaysians and the democratic system in this country. If anyone thinks we have democracy in this country, they are sadly mistaken. They have no shame at all for they do this in the name of ‘Malay unity and Islam’. Anything they do in the name of ‘Malay unity and Islam’ should never be questioned. They never even consult their component parties before making such decisions.

Malay unity and Islam my foot! All this nonsense is to ensure UMNO unity, its own survival. If UMNO were so strong, why would it need to court PAS to its side? UMNO is never about Malay unity,  since it has been hijacked by a group of  ultras – UMNO ruling elites for their own gluttony needs at the expense of its support base – clueless Malays that are good at ‘Kami sokong <insert any UMNO leader name>!’ “Kami sentiasa bersama <insert any UMNO leader name>..” but in reality, they have little idea of what they are  actually supporting for.

UMNO latest drama with PAS is to cover its apparent weakness and to show its supporters that it is doing all it can, even sleeping with the enemy. It it evidently clear that UMNO is losing its ground and  as usual desperate people do stupid things. Self destruct is imminent and it is only a matter of time for it to happen.

Lastly, If UMNO leaders are sincere about developing the state of Malays and Islam, they should stop all this nonsense but instead work together with Pakatan Rakyat towards building the society.


Breaking news from MalaysiaKini: PAS Selangor commissioner Hasan Ali admits to the secret meeting he had with Khir Toyo after the March 8th general election. Read the Malaysiakini article here.

In the Malay Section of Malaysiakini, Hasan Ali denies being offered the Selangor MB post and he claims he has the blessing and support of the PAS party president. Read the article here.

Hmm… it seems to me some PAS leaders have been planning on going down this treacherous path long before anyone broke the news!

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No to Malay nationalism, yes to Islamization?

Posted by barbie on July 28, 2008


1. Then it must be a party which discriminates based on religion?

2. Let say the new party is formed, it will be just like PAS – an Islamic party, so  the membership is only open to Muslims no? That is not another form of segregation? Dividing Muslim and Non-Muslims? What is so different between a party that champions Malay nationalism and a party that champions Islamification?

3. Why the politicians always divide people by drawing some lines, and in the case of Malaysia, racial line or religious line instead of working for the unification of whole? Is that really that hard to do? Is it true Malaysia really not ready for a lot of things. Then probably I am a hopeless optimist, wishing for a true unity for Malaysians instead of bickering among ourselves since 1957 about race and religion issue.

4. Call me a bigot, but is there any harmonious society in this world built through the principles of religion? Religion has cause many bad things to humanity, heck religion has caused more wars than anything else in history. Throughout the history of man, religion has been responsible for wars, persecutions, genocide and slavery. It has stifled the development of science and the creation of the very technology that is helping so many today.

Yes, I know you will say, it is not religion per se but PEOPLE who take religious beliefs and use them to justify those wars, the hatred and bigotry towards others. MAN, and his greed for wealth, power and superiority – not the religion – that causes it.

Well, think again, is it not religion that is the cause, the vehicle that allows them to fight? It is always in the name of religion, we shall do this and that. Politicians used religions as toilet paper. So, no religion, less wars. Before you whack me, atheism is still a form of religion. Yes I am one confused bastard. So shoot me.

ps: I hope the idea by PAS to dissolve both parties – PAS and UMNO and form a new political party based on Islamic principles is nothing but just a joke to entertain UMNO quest for ‘muzakarah’. It is probably an idea to throw off UMNO from pursuing the talk for the sake of ‘Malay unity and Islam’ because pig can fly if UMNO agrees to disband.

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