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They don’t really care about us!!

Posted by ella-mae on August 8, 2009


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Political Assassination of Eli Wong…..Too Bad It’s Not Working!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on February 16, 2009

You know what?


ENOUGH with all these low-life tactics to politically assassinate one’s opponent. For once, can’t these people pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee come up with something that has more substance than some cheap nauseating thrills!!??

Nude photos: Politician lodges police report

Malaysiakini – Feb 16, 09 9:45am

A top Selangor assemblywoman, whose nude photographs are being circulated in public, has made a report urging the police to investigate the matter.

According to the assemblywoman, she lodged the report late last night at Damansara police station in Petaling Jaya at about 11pm.

It is believed that the photographs were taken without her consent, most likely by a former boyfriend, while she was sleeping.

Malaysiakini has seen a couple of the photos, one of which shows her asleep naked in bed.

The politician, who is from the ruling Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Selangor, has been severely traumatised by the release of the photos.

She told Malaysiakini that it was a gross invasion of her privacy.

“I’m a little speechless and at loss of words,” she said, adding that she would leave to the police to find the culprit who circulated the photos.

The photos have been sent to a number of newspapers, including The Sun and Malay Mail, which today ran reports on the matter.

According to one of her supporters, the release of the photos is aimed at casting aspersions on her and Pakatan ahead of two crucial by-elections in April, in Kedah and Perak.

The assemblywoman, who is in her late 30s and single, is expected to release a statement later today.

From what I gathered, these are basically photos taken of Eli Wong sleeping in nude/almost nude, without her consent mind you……….I mean, COME ON!!! Im’ very sure there’s many of us out there, men included, who has slept in their “birthday-suits” before, so WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL!!!???

These photos are neither controversial nor are they sexy!! What they are, are basically a gross violation of one’s personal boundaries!!!! Nothing more and nothing less!!

To use private photos of another person in order to embarrass him/her is not only criminal but TRULY TRULY DESPICABLE!!!

And you know what……I somehow suspect that the source of this “despicability” has the stinky trademark scent of some mastermind from a particular racist and corrupted political party that promotes and approves of such of behaviour………and for anyone to not know which party I’m referring to, must have been a hermit in some limestone caves……….

No, I have not seen the photos, nor will I ever be interested in viewing them……because by doing so would only give whoever posted those photos the publicity he/she so crave.

As far as I’m concerned, Elizabeth Wong is one great assemblywoman and the work that she has done for the people (even way before she was elected) certainly outweighs all that Toyol and his goons have done in their entire political career!!!

Btw, I do wonder if it could also be because of her and the PR state government’s unwavering stand on many issues that has made them the darlings of the voters but hugely “unpopular” with the corrupted businessmen, who used to get their way with the previous  Toyol government by just donating large amounts to some mysterious “Football Club”……….the illegal billboards and dangerous hillside developments instantly springs to mind……..hhhmmmmm…..

Quite frankly, I certainly DONT’ GIVE A DAMN what she wears to sleep, do you?

And just like Teresa Kok and her ISA detention, this incident of betrayal will not only ensure that the political career of Eli Wong will definitely live on, but she will find herself deluged with public support…….

Ultimately the BIG LOSER will NOT be the victim, but the perpertrator!!!!

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Everything Is Still Aye’ OK!!!! (Thru Rose-Tinted Glasses?)

Posted by ErnieJean on February 3, 2009

Remember when Najib, who apparently is currently seeing his popularity/approval ratings dip faster than “speedy gonzales”, first unveiled his Economic Stimulus Package worth RM7 Billion?


Got such package in the first place meh?

Well, I certainly didn’t get stimulated, did you?

Nor did I see anyone else being stimulated………however, perhaps if I were a Pakatan Rakyat MP or ADUN, there may be a “stimulation” or two, I suspect 😛

So, obviously as predicted by all of us Malaysians, the RM7 Billion did absolutely nothing for anyone……..

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 (Reuters) – Fitch Ratings lowered Malaysia’s local currency rating outlook to negative from stable, blaming its high fiscal deficit and public debt and on expectations its fiscal position would worsen this year and next.

The agency also affirmed the country’s local currency rating at A-plus. The outlook on the A-minus foreign currency rating has been affirmed at stable.

“The global economic headwinds will further reduce government revenues while the government’s economic stimulation measures will keep expenditure high despite the expected drop in energy subsidies,” the agency said in a statement.

Fitch also said the government had been slow in implementing its structural fiscal reforms, pointing to the country’s tax base of 20 percent of its gross domestic product, which it termed as narrow, and reliance on oil which formed 40 percent of revenue. Malaysia’s fiscal deficit was seen rising to 5.7 percent of GDP in 2009 and further to 7.4 percent in 2010, from an estimated 4.6 percent in 2008, Fitch said.

Last week Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is also the finance minister, said the deficit was likely to overshoot the government forecast of 4.8 percent this year after a second economic stimulus package worth 7 billion ringgit ($1.94 billion) is introduced.

“We expect the second stimulus package to be announced this month, and this is the basis for the rating outlook downgrade, because revenue will be pressured and there will be a need to spend more to help the economy,” said Forecast economist Joanna Tan.

“As for the impact on currency, this will be a ringgit negative, and no doubt borrowing costs will be adversely impacted, but we also note long term foreign currency ratings remain the same.”

Fitch said economic growth would decelerate to 1.5 percent in 2009 from an expected 5.5 percent in 2008. The government forecast for 2009 economic growth stands at 3.5 percent.

“The ratios of debt and net debt to GDP, which are worse than the A group’s medians, are thus expected to deteriorate. The government’s interest payments/revenue ratio is also higher than the A median,” Fitch said in its statement.

The agency said the country’s debt-GDP ratio would rise to 50 percent in 2010 from 40 percent in 2008, with more than half of its borrowings maturing within the next five years.

Fitch said that only 7 percent of Malaysia’s debt was foreign currency denominated and over 90 percent of the local currency debt is held by domestic financial institutions and therefore it had little exposure to currency and re-financing risks. ($1=3.605 Malaysian Ringgit) (Reporting by Varsha Tickoo, Razak Ahmad and Umesh Desai in HONG KONG; Editing by Kazunori Takada)

Now that Najib is proposing “Stimulation Package No.2”, can someone please explain to an “economic-bimbo” like myself, where on earth is he planning to dig up that extra budget? Borrow some more? As it is, isn’t Malaysia’s budget deficit at a worrying level already?

“The prime minister has given the directive to begin preparing another package. We have the capacity to (borrow) some more due to the fact that we have managed to reduce the budget deficit from 5.5 percent of GDP in 2000 to 3.2 percent in 2007,” so explained the 2nd Finance Minister.

Erm, a thought here……..our Prime Minister is still the Finance Minister meh? Shouldn’t the directive come from the Finance Minister himself?

Is borrowing the best and only solution? What sort of percentage from the stimulation package will be filtered down to eventually reach the common rakyat, after going thru 4-5 levels of middlemen?

On second thoughts, do I even need an answer when it’s all to obvious?

Yes, encouraging spending by pumping money into the economy may, theoretically, help the rakyat tide over the hard times (that is if we, the rakyat ever get to see that money-lah)……..but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will ever work if the blatant corruption, leakages, wastages and crappy projects are still rampant and not stopped!!

And my gut feeling tells me nothing, not under the current PM’s tenure, nor his successor, will be done to correct the current predicament………not when political survival, and not the country’s economic survival, remains their main, if not one and only, priority.


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Even If We Lose, We’re Still Well-Liked, So Says The Ostrich Politician……

Posted by ErnieJean on January 7, 2009

Someone’s obviously running scared…….better cover his rear-end first by issuing a damage-control statement……… 

Wednesday January 7, 2009

‘Don’t use polls to gauge popularity of leaders’

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Kuala Terengganu by-election should not be used to gauge the popularity of the leaders of the country or the state, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said the by-election on Jan 17 was for the people here to choose the best person to represent them.

“This is not a referendum on me, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said,” he told a press conference after the close of nominations here yesterday. (Oooooo………..of course it’s not………is there a reason why it should be in the first place? Just make sure if your man does win for some reason or another, you and the PM will not be the first one to jump on the pedestal and declare that you’re popular, yar?)

Najib said Barisan’s candidate was the best man for the job because he has already been guaranteed a deputy minister’s post if he won.

“The electorate in Kuala Terengganu should think deeply on who they feel will be the best man to represent them – a deputy minister or an opposition MP.

“I have already told the Barisan machinery to explain to the voters that if they vote for PAS, their representative will never become a deputy minister,” he said. (So…….this is the “brilliant strategy” cooked up by UMNO!!!??? )

Najib said the Barisan was ready to answer all issues raised by the opposition. (Erm……..what about the answers to all the previous issues raised? We’re still waiting lah…..)

He said the Barisan would use a people-friendly approach, with “Barisan Is People-Friendly” as the campaign theme. (Yes….very friendly indeed….so much so that cyclists can get harrassed and candle stick holder get beaten up……..)

This, he added, would make the people the ruling coalition’s focus in the by-election.

“We are stressing this concept as a reflection of what we are doing. Our target is the people and they are our priority when we carry out any development programmes,” he added.

Najib said the opposition was likely to use national issues in their campaign because they seemed to have run out of local issues to harp on. (I’m sorry but don’t national issues affect local issues?)

Asked if he was optimistic about Barisan retaining the seat, Najib replied: “Based on the number of people who turned up to show support for our candidate, the mood is for Barisan but we cannot underestimate PAS as it is a formidable opponent.” (Wow…..truly a Master at twisting words…..*clap clap* !!)

Now, I was initially wondering why would our DPM be so quick and eager to quash any links of defeat to the support for his leadership…until I came across some photos of Day 1 Nomination Day At KT (Thanks to Malaysia Today and Uncle Zorro ;D)  ………..NO WONDER-LAH!!!!!! 








 While the show of support for PAS undoubtedly reveals how UMNO/BN are fast losing support due to their brand of arrogant politics, let’s just hope those numbers actually translate into actual votes.

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Of Cowards, Plagiarists and Shameless MSMs………

Posted by ErnieJean on December 12, 2008

You know what? It is only in the face of a crisis that you see the true nature a person and the manifestation of the sort of charater that person bears.

And it is the recent landslide disaster in Bukit Antarabangsa, which saw the loss of lives and properties, that reveals to us what sort of leaders we have in our current BN government…………

A) GUTLESS COWARDS who tries to cover up for their inefficiencies and lack of accountability, intelligence and integrity by shifting the blame on whoever they can get their hands on.

JAKARTA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has hit out at the Selangor Government for apparently trying to wash its hands of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy.

The Prime Minister said the Pakatan Rakyat government should accept responsibility and correct any mistakes or weaknesses which have occurred. (That’s precisely what they’ve been doing since March 2008, you old goat!! Correcting your Toyol’s previous administration’s mistakes!!)

“This is not the way to govern – taking credit only for the good things and blaming others for the mishaps.

“As the new state administration, they should improve on all aspects and take things in their stride,” he told the Malaysian media here when commenting on claims by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that a total of 99 risky hillside projects were approved by the previous government.

Abdullah said there was no need for him to teach the present administration how to do their work as they should be fully aware of what was good for the people.

Firstly,  if the risky hillside projects were indeed approved by the greedy administration of Toyol, then what the heck is wrong with informing the public of the truth!!!!!???? Pray tell, how on earth is that washing one’s hands off the tragedy!!?? Yoo Hoo!!! Where are you hiding, Uncle Toyol !!!???

In fact, the Selangor government has basically done the exact opposite of washing their hands of the shit that Toyol’s government has left behind. Their unwavering stand on the ban on Class 3 & 4 hillslope developments is definitely something to be admired and applauded!!!

(Btw, We love you Eli Wong!!!!!!! Please do continue being “Lan Si”)

Mr. Badawi, don’t think the taxpayers are that stupid……….we all have eyes, ears and definitely brains to know who is at fault here >:-(

Secondly, on the contrary Mr. PM (who makes chameleon-like statements), I think the 5 Pakatan Rakyat state governments should, instead, teach your BN government a thing or two on proper governance practices.

B) And then, there is the other characteristic trait of most UMNO/BN politicians that us taxpayers are quite familiar with……their shameless fondness to PLAGIARIZE.

Emulate Hong Kong on hill slope developments, says Guan Eng

By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 10 — Penang’s Chief Minister wants the federal government to set up a geotechnical engineering unit under the Public Works Department to ensure the safety of all hillside developments.

In light of the latest landslide incident in Bukit Antarabangsa which killed four people, Lim Guan Eng said Malaysia should learn from the painful experience and emulate Hong Kong, where 80 per cent of the buildings sit on slopes.

Lim, who had just returned from a working trip there, noted that the Hong Kong government had formed a Geotechnical Engineering Office after landslides in the 1970s killed “hundreds of people”.

“Existing hillside projects require maintenance, require monitoring and require management,” he said.

“We need to have a special department to deal with it professionally,” he added.

Lim explained that the Hong Kong body had proved successful in preventing further deaths and other unwanted incidents through four simple moves: checking new slopes, planning land use, maintaining and upgrading slopes on government land and ensuring private land owners follow the same guidelines.

While Penang already had a similar committee working on drawing new guidelines for slope safety and carrying out inspections on the developments, Lim said the body needed to be placed under federal supervision.

“The resources required are quite substantial. I don’t think any state has enough resources,” he said. – The Malaysian Insider

And what else but the very next day, PAC’s chairman was reported by the MSMs (which mysteriously failed to report LGE’s statement) to be considering adopting Hong Kong’s hillslope development regulations. 

PAC chairman Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid said the Department of Environment’s (DOE) environmental impact assessment required all hillside development to be on 25° angle slopes or less, and the committee was informed that most of the units on Bukit Antarabangsa were built on 20° slopes.

“This is a weakness we see here. Laws to govern hillside buildings must be seriously looked at,” he told a press conference at the landslide site which he visited with eight committee members, including his deputy Dr Tan Seng Giaw, yesterday.

Azmi said the committee would discuss the possibility of a new law on hillside buildings that could be based on Hong Kong’s Land Code, as recommended by the Public Works Department (PWD). (So…..this stealing of ideas goes even deeper into the system than we originally thought, huh?)

– The Star, 12 December 2008

And of course, being total suckers for good publicity (God knows how badly he needs it), our DPM joins the bandwagon and “fishes” for whatever bravos he can get and promptly promises to seriously consider “Azmi Khalid’s” recommendations. 

The Government may introduce planning legislation similar to Hong Kong’s guidelines of hillside development to prevent more landslides in future.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Government was willing to consider any suggestion when he was asked to comment on the statement by the Public Accounts Committee that it would look into introducing a new hillside law based on Hong Kong’s Buildings Ordinance.

Hong Kong’s Dangerous Hillside Order is “to reduce the risk posed to the public from known dangerous or potentially dangerous private slopes or retaining walls”.

– The Star, 12 December 2008

So, with the marvellous use of our very “independant and unbiased” media, Lim Guan Eng’s brilliant idea has been totally HIJACKED!!!!

Speaking of our “unbiased and professional” MSMs, did you catch this video that was aired by TV3?

In this clip, the TV3 newscaster’s voice-over seemed to attempt to indicate that the residents were venting their anger at and blaming Azmin Ali for the poor coordination in relocation efforts. But if you listen closely, it was basically residents, frustrated with the lazy attitudes of the RELA boys and MPAJ, complaining to the MP about the lack-lustre attitudes.

There is a big big difference between COMPLAINING and BLAMING, you know TV3?

Now, do you think TV3 will air this if the person at the receiving end of the man’s rant was not Azmin Ali but some UMNO MP? They would have shown smilling faces and thumbs-up gestures instead…..DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!!


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‘Kaum pendatang’, hypocritical AAB, the Malay grassroots, Namawee

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 1, 2008

Ahmad didn’t mean it, says Abdullah

That was what the Star has reported. Apparently calling the Chinese an immigrant race by this buffoon Ahmad has no malice, according to AAB. It was just in the heat of by-election that Ahmad was allowed to mouth-off and the ‘punishment’ he is going to receive is just a mere courtesy talk by AAB to tell him not to do it again. AAB THINKS Ahmad doesn’t mean it. I call this hypocritical…… Oh really so what does he really mean then?

When the Bar Council wanted to hold a forum for constructive RATIONAL dialogue, AAB thinks the WORST of the Bar Council, when the buffoon Ahmad IRRATIONALLY racially mouthed-off, AAB thinks the BEST of this buffoon. What is the logic in this? And Ahmad dared to mouth-off in front of the DPM without fearing repercussions. What does that say about the state of racism of the ruling government?

Ibrahim: PAS should lead Pakatan Rakyat

I think this remark is uncalled for, to say that PAS should lead PR rather than PKR because the PAS has more Malay grassroots supporters. Ironically, I am of the opinion that this unwise remark isn’t racist. He was more inclined towards a ‘better’ demographic or ‘class’ approach to dethrone UMNO. Approaching an issue demographically in an objective manner isn’t in my opinion racist. Educated, middle-class Malays tend to support PKR, however there are many more Malays who do not share the same fortune as their wealthier brothers. These people tend to support PAS, otherwise it would be UMNO. What he forgot though is that PAS also benefitted from cross-racial votes owing a lot to PKR. He should recognise the significant role PKR plays. He should understand if PAS is to lead PR, PAS is going to lose a lot of cross-racial votes, while in the process of possibly gaining more Malay grassroots voters. The question is, will PR lose more than they gain in the process? It is also entirely possible that PR might actually lose Malay votes as well since the Malay electorate would see that as a sign of weakness of PKR, the sign of weakness in the glue that holds PR together resulting in the lack of faith in PR in the process. The glue to PR is afterall build around the image of PKR leader, DSAI. Why risk changing a winning formula? Ibrahim’s approach is less of a racial malice and more of a class divide or problem. It is just unfortunate that the class divide happen to be the Malays themselves. That could have been easily thought of as racist approach by anyone.

Namawee is back!

Wee Meng Chee (AKA Namawee) is back in Malaysia. I personally think this guy is more of an oddball and a clueless boy who likes to see himself as a hero, stating the moronic but obvious while lacking in critical thinking. He seems to be on a path of redemption…… Whether or not it is out of political pressure cum cowardice to become completely flattering in his statements or out of remorse is up for questioning. Personally, I think it is the former. A remorseful person is one who will appreciate what is good may not be perfect and the need strive for objective and constructive critcism for the greater good.

I conclude today’s post by apologising for my scatty thoughts and comments. Have a nice day everyone, and Happy Merdeka!

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