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They don’t really care about us!!

Posted by ella-mae on August 8, 2009


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We dandies lit some candles and walked…Anti-ISA!

Posted by Cherubim on September 28, 2008

Yesterday night was quite possibly the largest candlelight vigil ever held so far. We dandies who were there estimated around 3000 people from all walks of life, Malays, Chinese, Indians, who walked the talk with us.

There was a pregnant woman, and a man with one leg. Deep salute to you, macha!

Three of the dandies arrived early, since we were anticipating road blocks, shutdown of LRT and the usual barriers that the authorities would throw us already regular protesters. Surprisingly, other than the usual roundabout manner that the police would direct us walking around Dataran Merdeka, it was really smooth. When the fourth dandy arrived, we gathered together, along with other familiar faces that we knew and walked. We were trailing behind the first group of demonstrators, the police had initially asked them to snuff the candles out and in fact snuffed them out for the demonstrators.

So we moved somewhere else, lit the candles again, and walked from Dataran Merdeka to the Puduraya Bus Station, where the temple was. Along the way, we were surprised at how the traffic flow were halted. I’ve heard of several accounts. Some say it’s the police’s work, and let’s give credit where it’s due. Some say that the organisers from HINDRAF had something to do with it. Either way, while we walked, no demonstrator was harmed or cars obstructed haphazardly. It was very nice and tidy.

Jalan-jalan di malam hari.

As we walked though, what began as roughly 200 or so people walking swelled in numbers. We were joined by other folks who were out with their families, Muslims who finished berbuka and praying Maghrib (though ponteng Terawih), random kids who thought it’d be fun to join in for a good cause as well as curious onlookers and tourists.

R.H.Hickling & Prof Shad would be proud.

The non-Hindus loitered around the parking lot and around the area as part of the demonstrators prayed. We connected with other bloggers, of course, anonymously, and spoke openly about our ideals. Ah, another peaceful demonstrating weekend.

We spotted many PR MPs in the crowd, including this one 😉

Tian Chua with Nat Tan of

Tian Chua with Nat Tan of

By the way, didn’t OKT and Semi Value speak against ISA as well? Hmmm, didn’t see them at the vigil…


One thing I would like to note though, it seems that the Anti-ISA Vigil was turned into a HINDRAF event. I agreed with my fellow dandies, in such events we should focus on the issue and not the organisers. Still, they did a great job!

The police were also either a) cooperative or b) were overwhelmed by the swelling numbers of demonstrators. It was scary watching them carrying around loaded machine guns. I wish there were more younger policemen though. Pak cik-pak cik polis is not that interesting to watch rather than the younger ones.

Happy Birthday RPK, our hearts, prayers, and spirits are with you always, supporting you in Kamunting.

P.s = Eh, Abang-Abang FRU agak cute lah. Nak ngorat boleh?

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