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We Are Who Our Government Is……..DAMN!!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on March 23, 2009

The other day at a local mall, walking past one of those indoor kiddies’ amusement centre, I chanced upon an argument  over who got to a games machine first and therefore should be the first to play on it……..Guess what? One was a kid, no bigger than 10 years old and the other was an ADULT!!!!!

Then there was this other incident where a little girl came into the ladies’ toilet looking like she’s going to wet her pants anytime soon, but did the adult, next in line to the next available cubicle allow the poor child to use the loo first? NOPE!!! Of course, being there first, the adult have every right to go use the loo first, but it would have been a decent thing to do if the poor child had been allowed to relieved herself first…..after all, children aren’t as seasoned as we adults are at holding our bladder mah?

And I realised, from the above incidents, right down to the way Malaysians drive and queue (hahahaha…yea right…), most of us have basically become disciples of “Me, Myself & I“. That nothing is more important than self-preservation. Why worry about the poor and bullied when one can benefit from the down-trodded??? Who cares about ethics and justice???

And it is these sort of “ugliness” that begot us the sort of leadership we have in power now.  H.L. Mencken once said of democracy, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

And that’s why it’s absolutely “incredible” that someone found guilty of money politics, which by the way is just a rosier term for “CORRUPTION”, and barred from contesting for a post in his political party, is still deemed suitable enough to remain as the Menteri Besar of a state???

In fact our Prime Minister’s only reaction to this scandalous insult to all Malaccans was……..

“He is not sulking but is ready to continue his struggle for the party’s future.”

And how about a certain loud-mouth egg-headed minister (and let’s not forget his equally useless son too) who got a photo of himself at The Gutter Post in a very very compromising position with a young chick? If I’m not mistaken, he has yet to outright deny it, only refusing to further comment and is now as quiet as a chicken egg……and yes, he is still in charge of our nation’s legal affaird and judiciary reforms……..what a JOKE!!!

And then we have an ex-minister with a fondness for bad wigs (with so much money at his disposal, why on earth can’t he get a good wig is anybody’s guess!!!) who lost his underpants in the March election last year, but somehow managed to win his party’s presidential post for the 11th time, even though it was by default!!!??? This is despite him being involved in sooo many scandals namely, MAIKA, AIMST, MIED………and of course there’s always the useless offspring and the mysterious death of his sexy secretary to complete the picture……….

The biggest joke would probably be the ex-ex-MB of Selangor with 2 Ms, who thinks the entire nation is suffering from memory lost by promptly boasting about his achievements to prove that he indeed can speak English and was definitely lying thru his teeth during his “I no talk Inglish” incident in Australia………and he’s now touted to be in the lead (by default of course) for the race to the nation’s No.2 position………..

Is this the type of government Malaysian really want? Where “INTEGRITY” is more a liability and no longer one of the main criterias to determining a leader? Yes, some of the above “National-Embarrassments” were not voted in by us voters, but didn’t we voted for the politicial party that endorsed their sort of actions.

Of course, we’re not so naive as to believe that there will be a perfect political party without the usual black sheep or problems………but at least, from what I see so far, leaders in Pakatan Rakyat have proven to be, at the very least, more honourable than our current governing party when it comes to dealing with their folks embroiled in scandals…………they actually tender in their resignation…………….while our darling BN politicians either pretend nothing is wrong or lay low, keep quiet and pray for the problem to tide over.

So, Mr Abdullah Badawi, don’t blame the Pakatan Rakyat, or anyone else for that matter, for keeping UMNO “DISTRACTED“. If one doesn’t carry any shit, one wouldn’t be so busy “defending” oneself, right?


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Malaysian Schools…….The Playground of Suppression…….????

Posted by ErnieJean on March 4, 2009

We all know that our Malaysian school system practises a suppressive approach to educating our children….they’re taught to never ask questions and not encouraged to think for themselves, but to just receive whatever’s been fed to them, even though it may be crap……but what I didn’t expect was that this “suppression” was not confined only to the books………..

My 8-year old : Mum, I’m not allowed to bring the sharpener to school.

Me : Why? What if all your pencils (6 of them, by the way) broke?

My 8-year old : My teacher said that we will dirty our classroom if we used the sharpeners in class.

Me : *jaw dropped*

On the surface, this may seem like a petty issue…..but if you examine closely, on a larger scale, this is the sort of mentality  that has created the sort of governance Malaysians are stuck with at the moment…….where the higher authorities simply decide to ban whatever just because they can’t be bothered to deal with the intricacies involved in explaining or following up on certain issues.

Doesn’t this sound just soooo like the typical UMNO-style of doing things?

By disallowing the children to use the sharpener in school, how are these kids expected to learn to keep their classrooms clean while sharpening their pencils?

Instead of taking the trouble to teach and guide these school kids to do things correctly, the teachers basically chose the easy way out……by pretending that the cause of the action doesn’t exist, hence less matters to think over…..

No sharpeners, so no pencil shavings on the floor……EASY-BEASY.

Is that why our youngsters these days generally lack social maturity and responsibilities? Is that why littering and vandalism are still very much part of our society?

Yes, ultimately parents play the important role of moulding their children to be responsible citizens….but weren’t schools and institutions established in the first place to create/churn out good decent human beings too?

Isn’t it important that whatever has been taught at home be allowed to be put into practise when in school and for that matter, in public places? 

My main bane is that, from the very bottom of the food chain aka the schools, right up to the top of the pyramid aka political masters of this country, this form of “suppression” has conveniently been made a tool to keep the rest of us in our place, hasn’t it?

School kids wanting to question the rationale behind a certain theory……………..SUPPRESS

Sex and sexuality……………….SUPPRESS

Citizens’ rights to peaceful expression of discontent…………….SUPPRESS

Usage of “Allah” by religions other than Islam, since it’s accepted internationally, even in the Middle East…………….SUPPRESS

Debate on jurisdiction of our royalty…………………SUPPRESS

True Democracy………….SUPPRESS

And now you know why all our Prime Ministers must have a stint at the Education Ministry first, as part of their training………to learn how to effectively “Suppress”…….



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Najib adopts people-first leadership style!!!

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on February 10, 2009

Najib adopts people-first leadership styleexclaimed Wong Chun Wai at the Star on the 9th of Feb! That stupid servant of a f***king bitch has the balls to parade around his zealously idiotic and obvious statement to bluff only the illiterate making a contemptuous mockery of the rest of the Malaysians who are more politically and socially conscientious and knowledgeable.

Hey uncle! Do you, this despicable tramp know the meaning of democracy? A leader in a democratic society is by default, a leader with people-first mentality! Do you need a secondary school RE-education in history? You seem so bedazzled to suddenly think of our future PM as the first ‘democratic Messiah’ Malaysians have ever had in our 50 years of DEMOCRACY!

Are you trying to convince us or bamboozle yourself with your own ignorance and stupidity? Yes, indeed for the past 5 decades, Malaysia is a place for anarchy and despotism, in case you are mentally retarded, I was being sarcastic there (learning to state the obvious from you, uncle).

Let me quote a statement from you:

“Most times, the remarks are candid and no holds barred. Najib is equally open with his feelings.”

Are you referring to the incident where he wanted to bathe the keris in Chinese blood? Is that the no-holds-barred truth you are referring to or conveniently try to forget hoping that the rest of us are as forgetful as you, uncle? Just to let you know, at your age, you are more prone to alzheimer or dementia compared to the remainder of more than 50% of the Malaysian population.

Again let me quote from you:

“He (Najib) carefully takes down notes of cases he needs to follow up while his aides listen attentively.”

His aides should be the RAKYAT too, no? Isn’t Perak by democratic default, be under the leadership of PR through the POWER of the RAKYAT? You can’t possibly brag about how socially conscentious Najib is, yet knowing that he resort to establishing a BN state government in Perak in objectionably undemocratic and ethically repugnant way, against the WISHES of the RAKYAT!

Is this so-called the PEOPLE-FIRST LEADERSHIP that you flaunt, on behalf of Najib, so nonchalantly? If you don’t know about the change in governance in Perak, then it is clear your general knowledge is severely lacking and your so-called journalistic professionalism and Dato’ship are just pooh-bahs.

Another statement which I can’t help but quote from you again:

“…Najib made another refreshing commitment – the Government will examine and make necessary changes to its policies to regain the people’s trust and confidence after losing their support in the March 8 polls.”

May I ask again for the umpteenth time, how in your opinion is he going to regain our trust? So far since last general election, time and again, you are trying to reassure YOURSELF only that this datuk or that Dato’ has been doing with the Rakyat’s best interest at heart. Let me just quote you an example, BN has been serenading outside your window for the umpteenth time to improve public transport, expand and improve the rail network with a politically dubious “CLEAN STATE” which left you in hormonal, teenage-like lust for BN. No?! I dare you to refute my claims.

I hate Malaysia’s political scene and I can’t be bothered to immerse myself in political conspiracy kerfuffles cooked up by our ‘beloved’ politicians as I don’t find myself becoming more intelligent or educated in the process. The only skill I can possibly pick up if I immerse myself long enough in this unnostalgic politics is learning the skill to be a hated figure. Look at Najib, look at Jelapang’s Hee, look at Badawi. Enough said.

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A tribute to Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Thank You, Sir!

Posted by Madame on August 27, 2008

The mere thought of blogging again is a daunting one for me, I find. Could I be suffering from ‘Writer’s Block’? Perhaps…. ‘Brain Freeze’? Yeah…most likely 😉 However, yesterday’s resounding election victory in Permatang Pauh for Anwar Ibrahim got me thinking and has kinda galvanized me…for, it is a pivotal moment for Malaysia. Malaysia now finally has a fair chance at democracy….it has taken us 51 years to get there….but so what, we are slowly getting there….and that’s what matters! 🙂

Malaysia and Press Freedom is like mixing water and oil. The BN government has always suffocated freedom of expression and thought. The one thing that we got under Badawi, was the sudden explosion of politics in Blogosphere. So for this, I must pause to say….”Thank you, Mr. Badawi for the slight freedoms that you have given us” 😉 Badawi has given us way more freedom than his predecessor did. Was this because he cares more about freedom of expression or was he just plain inefficient? I tend to favour the latter 😀

I personally think that Blogosphere was/is responsible for the sudden political awareness amongst Malaysians. I think that we can also give the bloggers huge credit for March 8th and most recently, for Permatang Pauh. There are many bloggers who we owe a debt of gratitude to like Zorro, Anil Netto, Susan Loone, The Dandelions (ahem…ahem 😉 )and oh-so-many more…but…is there any one person that I would like to single out for his contribution to this new found political awareness amongst Malaysians? Yes, there is… would have to be the one and only YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin or RPK, for short.

This one man must surely go down in Malaysian history for his bravery and wits in daring to take on the BN machinary. He boldly goes where others fear to tread…and he does it all with grace, smarts and humor! He surely has become the Conscience of Malaysia. I think that he has given us courage to question and debate governmental policies. I salute you, YM RPK for your convictions and your courage!

Do I always agree with what RPK has to say? Nope! Quite often I find myself disagreeing and at times even find his ‘theories’ too far-fetched…BUT…what RPK does is, he makes me stop to ponder….and that is what matters to me. He gives me food for thought…it is then upto to me to ponder, investigate and then draw my own conclusions. He brings so many relevant matters out into the open….which is sadly not covered by the MSM. For me, RPK has become my very own MSM 😀

RPK embodies the true spirit of democracy, I think. He is not afraid to be put under ISA or face the ‘famed’ Malaysian courts 😉 I applaud him for his strength and his selflessness! Do I idolise the man? Nope! But I do admire all that he stands for greatly.

So…I’d like to say a BIG “Thank You, Sir” to YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin for showing me the way 🙂

LONG LIVE MALAYSIA!!!! LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY!!! And now at last I can proudly say……Malaysia mungkin Boleh!!! 😀

Malaysia-Today can be accessed through this link

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The flaw of democracy in Malaysia?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 21, 2008

Malaysia is in a precarious position for democracy. The pieces are now falling together for a better stage of democracy. If we miss this chance at democracy, we will never know when is the next time again where we will ever have the chance to have a better democracy. Someone in the past also challenged me in this blog, to state why we can actually be better of with improved democracy (he was thinking that my opinion of good democracy is bias and pro-western that actually wrecks destruction if implemented in this country). Here are my reasons why:

Politicians have always been playing the racial card. We may wince and fume at the racist comments made by politicians but there are already growing signs that more and more people are gradually buying into politicians’ racial innuendos and outcries. My fellow bloggers Cherubim and Barbie from UiTM confirm my suspicion. UiTM is a breeding ground for racism amongst the professors and students. I ache to see UiTM students protested against opening up of more spaces for Malaysians, and they have the support of the Vice-Chancellor!

The longer this democracy based racial politics lasts, the more unsavoury democracy is going to be for Malaysia in general. Democracy only works when people are educated without the propaganda. I fear for the future. I fear when the number of racists will outnumber the number of people who are against racism. By then, democracy may no longer be what’s best for the country, democracy then is only ‘good’ for the sustenance of inefficient and unsustainable economic policies and resources uses. Yes, by then, it is still the voice of the majority, but will the voice of the majority be that of greater good when they are the ignorant ones? When the ignorant majority has the power to choose a lousy leader (like Bush)? What good then does democracy serves? Of course the voice of minority to any sane people left in Malaysia will be the right ones to listen to and act upon, but acting on the voice of the minority will then be undemocratic because it is neglecting the needs of the racist majority! This is what I fear!

As the rest of the minorities shrink in terms of percentage, the percentage Malays will and are growing. Things might even be much bleaker, if more Malays get brainwashed into their superiority complex, by then it will almost be infinitely harder to decide upon the right course of action through democracy. It will be way too easy for the politicians to gain power by swatting of the flies (the insignificant minorities) just to psyche up the Malays. By then democracy will actually deliver the death blow to the nation……

Why is the time now ripe for a more mature democracy? Badawi is incompetent while corruption, extremism, intolerance, bullying and inefficiency runs more rampant than before, where even some brainwashed racist Chinese, Indians, Malays, etc are turning their backs against the racist Executive. The racist elites betrayed the trust to ensure the welfare of their racist followers. In a way, the last general election can also be seen as a marriage of convenience between the racists and the non-racists. They despise the Executive so much that they put aside their racism for now to topple the current government. Sometimes, I doubt myself about my bullish belief that Malaysians are mature enough to handle democracy. Under Mahathir, he may be a racist bastard, but he would never allow such a coincidence of marriage of convenience between the racists and the non-racists to happen under his tenure!

DSAI is not my idol or my hero but he is the best chance available Malaysia has to make full use of the opportunity given to us to work for a better future slowly. I fear that Malaysia might miss this opportunity. I fear that once Badawi steps down, in his place is a more corrupted, intolerant, extremist leader who is much more efficient and competent in his ruthless leadership. The West sees our democracy as fragile (a borderline between authoritarian and democracy), while I see our democracy as fragile in a different sense (fragile at using this rare TRUE democratic opportunity of coincidence wisely or risk ending up in a point of no return).

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