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Did Evolution give UMNO a miss……?

Posted by ErnieJean on February 27, 2009

*Clap*  *Clap*
They actually needed 13 cowards against one Karpal Singh......
You know what they are?
COWARDS……at best!!!! Nothing more, pehaps, something less………..
So “brave”, to come in a pack, harrassing and bullying a harmless wheelchair-bound gentleman… “brave” indeed!!
Well, looks like they picked on the wrong victim this time…..he may seem fragile due to his physical condition, but he isn’t called the “Lion of Jelutong/Gelugor” for nothing……….
And I guess that’s what separates the “Lion” from the “Hyenas”. And by the way, “Kudos” to the real heroes for rushing to Karpal Singh’s aid
Stupid as stupid does, this incident really proves the level of stupefiedness within UMNO………
Why UMNO and not UMNO Youth? Because till today, none of the so-called leaders from UMNO has yet to step forward and apologised for the inexcuseble thuggish behaviour of the ma-chais…..NONE!!
And to make things worse, it has also confirmed our worst fears that the PDRM and the rest of the civil servants have pledged their loyalty to a political party, rather than to the nation.
I came across this research paper today, on “Human and Ape Behaviour“……..based the theories of Evolution. Not that I’m a great believer of Darwin’s theory, but somehow, with the recent shamefull behaviour of the UMNO Youth, it’s not hard to put two and two together………..
Check out this excerpt from and tell me that the mannerism of the chimps didn’t sound at all too familiar with the cowards who thought it was brave and courageous to manhandle and attack the disadvantaged, weak or outnumbered……

Since competition for females is high among apes, male rivalries are high. Males either have to rely on their strength or their bonds with other males in order to ascend in rank and achieve status.

Chimpanzees in particular are very adept at forming human-like political coalitions, since they cannot possibly expect to achieve or maintain power without significant cooperation on the part of other males. Without this cooperation, other coalitions of males could easily overthrow an alpha chimp regardless of his strength and size.

It is hypothesized that this strong bonding between male chimpanzees is the reason for the human-like genocide that groups of chimps inflict upon other groups of chimps.

Chimps have been observed forming raiding parties with the sole intent of crossing into enemy territory to wreak destruction and violence upon the enemy group. They act with strategy and tact as they sum up their opponent and decide to mount an attack. When they do attack, it is generally on the weak or outnumbered. The attacks are brutal, and cannibalization is common. Although it is unsure exactly why these raids take place, it is thought that the strong bonds and trusts males form within their group causes distrust and disdain for outsiders.




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Reducing Unemployment : What UMNO Does With The “Un-Employables”….

Posted by ErnieJean on February 11, 2009

Remember sometime last year, when our dear ole 2nd Finance Minister, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed assured the nation that the country’s unemployment would not go beyond 4% in year 2009?

As we all know, most of Nor Mohamed’s sugar coated predictions are to be taken with a pinch of salt.

So, it’s hardly a surprise when MIER (Malaysian Institute of Economy Research) came up recently with , I think, a more realistic assessment of the unemployment rate of 4.5%. In fact an economist Datuk Dr. Zainal Aznan Tusof predicted that the figure could very well go up to 6%. That’s definitely an alarming thought, since during the good times, unemployment rates were kept well below 3%.

With so many people being retrenched, what do you think our UMNO-led government is going to do?

With so many of them boasting about being graduates from Oxford, Cambridge, Hardknocks and Whatnots, it’s only fair that our expectations are high, no?

How utterly dissapointing it is to see the “brilliant” minds of our leaders coming up with such re-employment scheme!!!!

Wednesday February 11, 2009

Apologise or face daily demos, warns Umno Youth

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth wants DAP national chairman Karpal Singh to drop any lawsuit against the Sultan of Perak or it will demonstrate outside his office in Jalan Pudu every day. (Demonstrate everyday!!!!??? Lu orang tak payah kerja ar!!!!??? )

“We want any action to bring the Sultan to court to cease immediately because it can jeopardise public security and Karpal Singh must ask for forgiveness from the Sultan,” said Serdang Umno Youth chief Ungku Mat Salleh.

They also called for the arrest of PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin for not heeding the Sul­tan’s directive that the latter resign.

Some 50 Umno Youth members from Selangor and Federal Territory marched to Karpal Singh’s office yesterday. The demonstration stopped rush hour traffic around the busy Puduraya area.

Working hard for the money.....

Employing the "Un-Employables" : Working hard for the money.....


Employing the "Un-Employables" : We don't makan gaji buta, u know?

Demonstrate everyday!!!!???? These people don’t need to make a living meh? I must be mistaken because I assumed since times are bad, people should be working doubly hard to put food on their tables. Perhaps this sort of “occupation” pays handsomely……too bad I’m “over-qualified”  😛

But then again, this bunch of hooligans represent UMNO and we all know how UMNO takes care so absolutely lovingly of their “volunteers”, right? Be it the by-election, house-warming, ceramahs, visitation to some charity homes, there’s always the meal allowances, accomodation allowances, transportation allowances, exposure-to-hot-sun allowances, hooliganism allowances, and so on and so forth to look forward to, no?

And by the way, you UMNO goons really think we Malaysians forget soooo easily, don’t you?

If anyone needs to apologise to their Sultan for being rude and disrespectful, it should be the leaders of UMNO!! Remember this? Well, most of us still do…….so how?

22 Barisan Nasional (BN) state assemblymen led by the secretary of the State Umno Liaison Body, Datuk Rosol Wahid, who opposed the appointment of Ahmad as the Terengganu Menteri Besar in place of Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, arrived at Istana Tetamu about 7.50 am to hand over the letter of protest on the appointment.

Rosol, who was not allowed to enter the palace, later handed over the letter to the Secretary of the Terengganu Regency Advisory Council, Shafie Ali.

When met by reporters, Rosol said the letter, among other tings, stated that all the 22 BN elected representatives fully supported the reppointment of Idris as the Menteri Besar and rejected Ahmad’s appointment as the new MB.

“Our support for Datuk Seri Idris is unanimous. There is no other person qualified to hold the Menteri Besar’s post apart from him (Idris),” Rosol said.

He said Ahmad’s appointment was invalid and hoped that those involved would take a serious view on the matter as it involved the interest of the people in the state.

He said if Ahmad were to proceed with his intention to take the oath of office as Menteri Besar, the Kijal Assemblyman would be violating the party rules and action could be taken against him, including expulsion from the party.

“That’s why we sent the letter of protest because Umno and BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor had informed me last night that Ahmad would be contravening the Umno constitution should he take the oath of office,” he said.

Rosol said the protest letter had been sent to Ahmad and a copy to the Head of the MPPR.

Since the Terengganu BN won in the general election on March 8, winning 24 of the 32 State Assembly seats and seven of the eight parliamentary seats, the state government had functioned without a Menteri Besar.

On Saturday, Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said disciplinary action could be taken against Ahmad if he were to accept the post of Terengganu Menteri Besar as he would be going against the instruction of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who wanted Idris to remain as the MB.

Abdullah, who is also BN chairman and Umno president, had issued a letter nominating Idris as the Terengganu Menteri Besar.

Meanwhile, several supporters of Idris were seen gathering at the official resi

dence of the Menteri Besar at Seri Iman, here, to give their support to the Jertih Assemblyman to be reappointed as the MB for a second term.

(Excerpt from Bernama, 23 March 2008)

So.....who is "Natang"?

So.....who is "Natang"?

Any idea who these bunch of yo-yos are calling “NATANG”?

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Dari Jelapang ke Jelutong: Suatu Kisah Penentangan

Posted by barbie on February 11, 2009

(This is the Bahasa Malaysia version for the previous post by Oscar – From Jelapang to Jelutong: A Tale of Defiance)

Nampak gayanya saya sudah semakin tua. Sudah banyak kali, saya mendapati diri saya terkapai-kapai, lemas dalam cubaan untuk merungkaikan kemelut politik Malaysia. Barangkali politik Malaysia itu sendiri yang semakin celaru untuk difahami, bukan kerana dangkalnya akal fikiran saya.

Kita ambil contoh, kes Karpal Singh. Beliau hendak menyaman Sultan Perak. Ramai yang tidak gembira dengan keputusan beliau ingin berbuat demikian. Banyak laporan polis telah dibuat di beberapa tempat, semuanya atas tuduhan bahawa Karpal Singh derhaka, kurang ajar, biadap; malah ada yang menyifatkan beliau sebagai pembelot kerana kerana menyanggah keputusan Sultan.

Bahagian ini yang saya tidak faham. Mengapa Karpal tidak boleh menyaman Sultan Perak? Itu adalah hak beliau untuk berbuat demikian. Sudah tentu, segelintir daripada kita mungkin berpendapat beliau tidak patut berbuat demikian, kerana adalah adat untuk seorang rakyat biasa menunjukkan taat setia dan patuh kepada raja yang berdaulat.

Tetapi pada zaman sekarang, dengan pembaharuan undang undang yang berdaya maju, hak seorang warganegara untuk membawa pemimpin ke mahkamah keadilan adalah suatu nilai kebebasan yang paling asas yang wujud di semua badan kehakiman di dunia. Sekiranya Karpal tidak mempunyai kes yang kukuh, saman beliau akan ditolak oleh mahkamah, yang mana beliau akan menanggung kos perbelanjaan mahkamah. Di dalam apa jua keadaan, badan kehakiman yang akan dipertanggunjawab untuk menegakkan keadilan.

Ini membawa saya kepada satu lagi kemusykilan. Mengapa ada segelintir rakyat yang marah kepada Karpal Singh kerana ingin menyaman Sultan? Saya rasa ini sesuatu yang amat lucu. Karpal Singh telah berkecimpung dalam bidang saman-menyaman Sultan, sejak sekian lama.

Pada tahun 1986, beliau menfailkan saman sivil ke atas Sultan Johor, Tunku Mahmood Iskandar yang pada masa itu merupakan Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Saman sivil itu difailkan bagi pihak Daeng Baha Ismail untuk meminta ganti rugi/pampasan serang (Daeng Baha Ismail telah dibawa ke Istana Johor dalam keadaan bergari oleh pegawai polis dan ditumbuk serta dipukul berkali-kali oleh Sultan di hadapan kerabat diraja yang lain). Karpal kalah dalam kes tersebut, dan desas desus menyatakan Sultan kemudianya menggunakan nama Karpal sebagai nama salah seekor anjing baginda. (“A Malaysian Who Dared Sue a King” Far Eastern Economic Review, 20 May, 1993).

Pada tahun 1995, Karpal menfailkan saman ke atas Yang di-Pertuan Agong pada pada itu, Tuanku Jaafar Rahman, Sultan Negeri Sembilan. Aduan dibuat bahawa Tuanku Jaafar telah menipu seorang ahli perniagaan dalam urusniaga tanah di Port Dickson. Karpal juga menyatakan hasrat untuk menfailkan pertuduhan pecah amanah dan telah membuat laporan polis ke atas Tuanku Jaafar. Tuanku Jaafar kemudiannya dilaporkan menyelesaikan kes tersebut di luar mahkamah dengan sejumlah besar bayaran.

Pada tahun 1996, Karpal mewakili Faridah Begun bte Abdullah untuk menyaman Sultan Pahang di Mahkamah Khas, akan tetapi kes tersebut tidak berjaya atas sebab-sebab teknikal.

Jadi, mengapa baru sekarang ramai orang berkecil hati dan tersinggung dengan perbuatan Karpal Singh? Saya merasakan bahawa perkara ini memang sengaja dipolitikkan.

Dan saya tidak sekali setuju dengan semua laporan polis yang telah dibuat atas tuduhan biadap dan menghina kedaulatan institusi raja-raja Melayu. Adalah jelas bahawa, rakyat Malaysia secara amnya mudah lupa.

Pada tahun 1983, kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah mengambil tindakan meminda Perlembagaan supaya kuasa Yang di-Pertuan Agong untuk menolak rang undang-undang yang dilulus oleh Parlimen dibatalkan, oleh sekaligus menjadikan baginda sebagai ‘rubber stamp’.

Pada tahun 1993, sekali lagi kerajaan Barisan Nasional melupuskan immuniti raja-raja dan Yang di-Pertuan Agong dengan pindaan ke atas Rang Undang-Undang Akta Perlembagaan (Pindaan) 1993 dan ini membolehkan baginda dan raja-raja lain disaman atas perbuatan mereka.

Dengan izin, bukankah pindaan-pindaan rang undang-undang perlembagaan ini memberi kesan serta akibat yang lebih dahsyat dan teruk kepada Sultan-Sultan khususnya institusi raja-raja itu berbanding apa yang dilakukan oleh Karpal sekarang? Tiada siapa yang mengadu atau membabi-buta membuat laporan polis ketika itu, sedangkan kuasa institusi beraja telah dilucutkan dan dipijak sewenang-wenangnya oleh BN dan UMNO pada masa itu. Tiada siapa yang berani mengadakan tunjuk perasaan, siap dengan kain rentang, sepanduk; juga kain ikat berwarna kuning.

Sekarang, seorang rakyat hendak menyaman Sultan dan tiba-tiba ia menimbulkan kekecohan. Pemuda Umno, yang sememangnya lebih gaya dari rupa, seperti dijangkakan telah menawarkan khidmat untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan institusi raja-raja Melayu; institusi yang telah diperkosa oleh parti ibundanya – UMNO beberapa dekad yang lalu.

Khabarkan pada saya sekali lagi, mengapa saya tidak memahami politik Malaysia.

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From Jelapang to Jelutong: A Tale of Defiance

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on February 10, 2009


I must be getting old these days. A many number of times, I find myself grappling, trying hard to understand Malaysian politics. Or perhaps, it is Malaysian politics itself that has since gone warily unfathomable, rather than the sanity of my intellect.

Take, for example, the case of Karpal Singh. He wants to sue the Sultan of Perak. A whole load of people are unhappy with him for intending to do so. Numerous police reports have been lodged, at various places, all of which allege Karpal Singh as derhaka, kurang ajar, rebellious; some even asserting that he has committed acts of treason.

This is the part that I don’t quite understand. Why can’t Karpal sue the Sultan? It’s his right to do so. Of course, some of us may opine that he ought not to do so, given that it is the adat that a commoner should show subservient to the sovereign ruler.

But in these modern times, with contemporary progressive laws, the right of a citizen to task his leader to a court of justice is a fundamental liberty to be found contemporaneous in almost all jurisdictions in the world. If Karpal Singh has a bad case, his suit will be dismissed by the court, of which he would be liable for costs. In any event, it will be with the judiciary that lays the ultimate bastion of justice.

This comes to mind my other incomprehension. Why are certain sectors of the rakyat angry at Karpal Singh for wanting to sue the Sultan? I personally find this quite amusing. Karpal Singh has been suing the Sultans since time immemorial.

In 1986, he filed a civil suit against the Sultan of Johor, Tunku Mahmood Iskandar, who was then the Agong. The civil suit was filed on behalf of one Daeng Baha Ismail for damages of assault (Daeng Baha Ismail had been taken to the Johor Palace in handcuffs by police personnel and was punched and repeatedly hit by the Sultan in the presence of the Royal household). Karpal lost his case, and it was reported that the Sultan allegedly named one of his dogs after him (“A Malaysian Who Dared Sue a King” Far Eastern Economic Review, 20 May, 1993).

In 1995, Karpal filed a suit against the then King, Tuanku Jaafar Rahman, the Ruler of Negeri Sembilan. The complaint was that Tuanku Jaafar had cheated a businessman of a land deal in Port Dickson. Karpal also threaten to bring charges of criminal breach of trust and lodged a police report against Tuanku Jaafar. It was reported that Tuanku Jaafar then entered into a handsome out of court settlement thereafter.

In 1996, Karpal represented Faridah Begun bte Abdullah against the Sultan of Pahang in the Special Court. The case, however, was not successful on an issue of technicality.

So, why now, is everyone taking offence at Karpal Singh? I cannot help but wonder that this issue has been sinisterly politicized.

And I don’t at all empathize with all the police reports that have been lodged, claiming acts of treason against the sanctity of the Institusi Raja-raja Melayu. It seems that Malaysians, in general, forgets easily.

In 1983, it was the BN Government that introduced the constitutional amendment bill designed to remove the royal assent to legislation passed by Parliament.

In 1993, again it was the BN Government that passed the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 1993 to remove the immunity of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the other Rulers, who now can be sued for actions done in their personal capacity.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t these amendments to the law an indignant affront to the Sultans then, rather than what Karpal Singh is doing now? No one was complaining, or wildly lodging police reports then, even though the powers of the Institution of the Monarchy were being systematically wilted away by BN and UMNO at that time. Nobody had the gall to stage protest, complete with banners and signage for support; inclusive of the yellow-bands.

Now, we have one man threatening to sue the Sultan, and suddenly mayhem ensues. Umno Youth, in its usual hot air gibber, has predictably offered to take the lead to protect the sanctity of the Institution of the Sultan; the very establishment their umbrella party has ravaged against decades ago.

Tell me again why I don’t understand Malaysian politics.

p/s: Read Bahasa Malaysia version here. Thanks to Barbie!

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A Confusing State?

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on January 11, 2009

To hudud or not to hudud? That appears to be the question. Obviously PAS wants to, we all know that. And no worries, non-Muslims won’t be affected, we are assured. Hudud law won’t apply to non-Muslims. And that is what I have understood all along. Until Karpal Singh strolls along with his novel argument.


Karpal Singh argues that PAS’ assertion that Islamic hudud laws apply only to Muslims “as a fallacy”. He pointed out that Malaysia was not an Islamic state and that the passing and implementation of hudud laws would be unconstitutional. He says that for hudud laws to be applicable, the prerequisite would be the setting up of an Islamic state where Islamic laws were applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims.


I’m not an Islamic law cum constitutional expert, so I’m unable to comment the basis of Mr Karpal’s contention. But he does have his points in that the Constitution would have to undergo a major re-haul to implement the hudud. I can’t say I agree, at this stage, that the country must first be declared an Islamic state and that the prerequisite of an Islamic state is that Islamic law is applicable to all. But I’m no authority on the matter, so I’ll leave that as there.


What tickled me this morning was reading comments in the Star. Wong Chun Wai took the lead in his blistering piece, “Lulled into complacency” (On the Beat, Sunday Star, January 11, 2009). Wong went straight to the point when he said: –


“Malaysia’s legal system is founded and based on secular laws. That is the basis of our laws. Our parliamentary system is Westminster-style democracy, and we want to keep it that way.”


Wong Chun Wai then begins to tear down the PAS’ ideology, including its supporters, namely Anwar Ibrahim, in relentless fashion. He writes: –


Now, we hear Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim coming out in the open to support the Islamist party’s hudud plan. We cannot have apologists coming out to support this because an endorsement of this is the beginning of the creation of an Islamic state, which PAS wants to set up.”


In the course of his dramatically beefed-up article, Wong manages to find an ally in Karpal Singh, which he now gallantly describes as follows: –


“DAP leader Karpal Singh must be saluted for his outright objections against Anwar. He has never backed down from his relentless opposition to any attempt, however feeble, to push hard line Islamic plans that run against the fabric of a multi-racial Malaysia”


At the end of his write-up, Wong Chun Wai takes the opportunity to issue all Malaysian a stern warning and grim prediction: –


“The first step must never be allowed to begin and if we let down our guard, they will begin tearing down the present secular structures.


It’s already bad enough that those who speak up have been intimidated, shouted down, bullied and threatened with the tired arguments that opponents are against the religion. Or simply that you are religiously unqualified to talk about the subject.


Now, doesn’t that tell you a lot about the future scenario when such an argument is pushed into your face?


Now, I must admit, Wong Chun Wai is one hell of a writer. His flair in writing terror reminds me of the ghastly works of Edgar Allan Poe, the classic horror writer. Wong does have a knack of writing to scare. And as if I was not jolted enough on a sweet Sunday morning, in another article in the Star, entitled-  The Star Says …”, the editorial also commented on the same issue: –


“To help clear the confusion, let us be clear on some main points.


First, Malaysia is not and was never meant to be an Islamic state. It is a Muslim-majority nation with Islam as its official religion, and freedom of religion is enshrined in the Consti­tu­tion.


An Islamic state is ruled by Islamic scholars implementing Islamic law as the nation’s sole or principal legal system. If Malaysia were already an Islamic state, there would be no need to make it one, nor any need for further debate.”


So, it appears the Star is in agreement with Karpal Singh that Malaysia is not an Islamic state. But then, if my memory serves me right, the leaders of BN has already proclaimed the country as one. On July 17th, 2007, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, whilst officiating the “International Conference on the Role of Islamic States in a Globalised World”, proudly declared that Malaysia is an Islamic state and not a secular one.


This apparently found favour in the eyes of former PM Mahathir, who, a few days thereafter, on 25 July 2007, after officiating the International Conference on Gold Dinar Economy, supported Najib by saying “We consider ourselves an Islamic state…”. Of course, not wanting to lose out on a piece of the action, PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi joined the chorus when, in a parliamentary written reply on 27 August 2007, said that Malaysia was an Islamic state ruled by Islamic principles. Of course, how can we all forget the infamous exploits of MP Badruddin bin Amiruldin, who barked in the Dewan Rakyat, “Malaysia ini Negara Islam, you tidak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!”


Of course, when all this was happening a year ago, I don’t recall Wong Chun Wai and his Star pals making such deafening principled stands. Heck, if we follow by what the BN proclaims, PAS would be able to implement the hudud at any time. In fact, one can say the implementation of the hudud was facilitated by BN.


Now, we have this interesting scenario. PAS wants to implement the hudud. Karpal Singh says PAS cannot do so because Malaysia is not an Islamic state. Wong Chun Wai and pals agree. But then, BN has already proclaimed the country as an Islamic state. So, if we follow what BN says, can PAS then implement hudud law, if we go along with Karpal Singh’s argument?


I wonder what PM Badawi and DPM Najib has to say about this? They seem to be rather quiet on the whole issue.

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MP Kapar, please resign fast! Good riddance! We don’t love you Mike..

Posted by barbie on December 31, 2008

MP Manikavasagam quitting PKR

The representative from Kapar, S. Manikavasagam, told mStar Online that he was quitting because he was disappointed with the attitude of Selangor PKR leaders, who he claimed had neglected the needs of the people. He also cited in-fighting among the state leaders as a reason.

Two words. Good riddance.

He did it before, and now he’s doing it again. If he’s saying he’s the protege of Samyvellu, nobody will say otherwise. He has mastered the art of saying one thing, doing another thing almost flawless now. This guy, has been blackmailing Pakatan Rakyat and threatened to resign before, yet he’s still there. WTF dude? Attention seeker? Cry baby?

From his own blog:

Breaking News – Manikavasagam to resign

It shows he is serious and committed in upholding the rights of all Human Being. When conveying this message at Kulai last night he says “I’m not like other leaders holding on position despite knowing Rakyat’s rejection”

No idea what the idiot was saying by “holding on position despite knowing Rakyat’s rejection.”

Of course, in true flip flop style (we already saw this coming), he then retracted his decision to resign, because HIS demands has been met. This is not blackmailing then what? Going to public media like that? Lack of PR skills and not media savvy, are you?

From Malaysiakini,

Selangor PKR leader S Manikavasagam will not relinquish his post as the party’s state liaison deputy chief, said his political secretary M Shanmugam today. “Manikavasagam will retain his post as PKR deputy liaison chief for Selangor following the suspension of the person behind the demolition,” said Shanmugam (his political secretary)

Now, he is doing it again. After making such a big issue about resigning with surprisingly perfect timing with the coming by-election in Kuala Terengganu, you thought he would do it for real!  But, no!

Not before he said in NST that Selangor MB and PAS head are back-stabbing by “accepting his decision” to step down. He was saying both Selangor should discuss things with him first before they come out with that kind of remarks in the media. WTF?

SHAH ALAM: Kapar member of parliament S. Manikavasa- gam said Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was ungrateful and a backstabber for asking him to resign his post as an MP before he had made his final decision.

“Earlier, it was the menteri besar (Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim) and now it is Hadi. This is not right. They should have discussed it with me.

“I guess they could not wait for me to resign and quit the party even when I have not made a final decision.

“Hadi forgot that the Indian community and I had helped a lot during the last general election.

“Previously, the Indian community did not support Pas but now they are willing to hold Pas flags,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Hey! Discuss what again? Who the idiot went amok in the media, making it such a big issue and let the MainStreamMedia (MSM) blowing it out of proportion? So, what you did was right? Shouldn’t you discuss with other PKR leaders first? What final decision? You want to resign, do it. Like we care! We don’t need such childish, idiotic leader, please. Go ahead and resign!!

Now, I have this to say to you, and I know you will be reading this, since I link this article to your blog.

“…..forgot that the Indian community and I had helped a lot during the last general election”

Thank you very much. Where you contested again? In Kapar right? So who you think voted you in to the position you are holding now? The Indians? Bite this fact!

Kapar has 112,224 registered voters – the largest constituency in the country – with Malays forming the majority at 51.4 percent and Chinese at 35.4 percent. Indians make up 13 percent, working mainly in oil palm plantations and the factory sector.

Indians form only 12% of the voters while the Malays form 50% and they gave you 12,000 majority during the last general election. Talking about being grateful?? You are not fit to utter the word, Mr. Mike!

Yet now you are behaving as if you were was elected by Indians alone! Such insensitive  behaviour and making threats, acting like a hooligan. Karpal Singh is right when he said:

”People did not elect him in his personal capacity. He has no right to leave PKR and join any other party. His only other option is to resign so that the people in the constituency can decide what they want.”

And thank you again for creating this issue so that the very biased MSM jump on it like rabid dogs.  Just look at NST Online, how many “special reports” dedicated for this fiasco, with misleading title like “Pakatan Rakyat Row Hots Up”, when it is really about one stupid, insecure, selfish MP trying to get some attentions. BAH!

p/s: Do we need another Indian party? Indians have MIC, IPF, PPP, Hindraf,  bla bla and that new party by Nalla, are we going to have another Indian party?

50 Indian leaders plan meeting to decide on their future in PKR:

…one of the options to be considered at the meeting is a mass resignation followed by the setting up of a new party to represent the interest of Indian members.”

Although with a population lesser than the other major races in Malaysia, Indians are probably having a bit too many ‘Indian’ parties to choose from to “represent their interests” . Own interest or Indian interest?

p/p/s: Yeah.. he’s not resigning. Nah! Like we couldn’t see that coming already. What are you trying to achieve from all this fiasco, Mike? Blame the media again, ah? Aiyo..

DAMN YOU MTF%!&*!**!! After tarnishing the image of Pakatan Rakyat, allowing MSM to capitalise and mislead public on the PR’s unity, now you are making a U-turn? You are a joke!

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