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2009………….Keeping Fingers Crossed…..

Posted by ErnieJean on December 30, 2008

Soon we’ll be saying our goodbyes to 2008 and welcoming 2009.

While most of us will be watching our budget when celebrating the coming new year, some will be looking forward to some “panty-less” party down south in the land of the cowboys and litter-happy moments in the shopping haven of Jalan Bukit Bintang……….sigh………

Since the March 2008 election, we’ve constantly talked and blogged about a “New Malaysia”. But seriously, I really wonder whether we’ll ever see that being realised.

For one, it looks like everything is remaining as “status quo” as far as our ruling coalition and all that is tied to their ankles are concerned…….and you can bet we’re talking about the entire web of civil service and the mainsetream media.

Question: How does one know if there is going to be a by-election held in Malaysia soon?

Answer: Check the Malaysian MSMs and you’ll have the stark differences screaming out.

1. Headlines higlighting troubles supposedly brewing in Pakatan Rakyat and grotesque distortion of statements made by PR politicians, while

2. UMNO is all “Love”, “Kindness” and “Maturity”…..everything’s all rosy and peachy in the ruling coalition’s camp……..who cares whether that the PJ UMNO chief is going to join PAS, right? Small issue only………

And another would be the startling drop of morality and civil-mindedness amongs Malaysians, in particular, our youths. The pictures of the streets of Bukit Bintang buried in rubbish on Christmas morning reveals so much about the attitude of our young folks todays…..It’s no longer society orientated but “Me, Myself & I”.

Will 2009 bring changes for the better? Wishful thinking?

I want to remain optimistic. I want to be able to hope for the better… that there is still that glimmer of hope that my children and their children will be able to inherit a beautiful land that nurtures, accepts and provides for them. That although it’ll be fat chance with how things are going on at the moment, politically speaking, I’d like to keep my fingers crossed for Malaysians will come to their sense and make changes for the better.

So, what would I wanna wish for 2009?

Here’s the Top 10 that I’d like to put up, in no particular order……..

1. More people-orientated and righteous politicians, civil servants and law-enforcers. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..Yea, right!!)

2. Main stream media with a conscience. (Will we be seeing cows fly too?)

3. Freedom to voice our concerns as citizens of this country, including cycling and holding lighted candles and hands in public.

4. Abolishment of draconian laws….you and me know what I mean ya?

5. That the forecasted economic downturn for next year will be survivable and employers all over the country will have a heart and not retrench just for the sake of retrenching.

6. Someone in the Education Ministry finally do something about our pathetic education system.

7. Less Walk…..More Talk…….that applies to just about everyone.

8. Recognise and respect the individual’s religious rights, including access to religious books of whatever language.

9. Greater community-orientationess, civic-mindedness, respectfulness, thoughtfulness, etc

10. And for the final one…….for myself personally, to not procrastinate anymore with the “spring-cleaning” of, not only my closet-full of old and worn-out stuff but my personal life too. … treasure and focus on what’s important, which is family and close friends ;D

Anyway, to my dear dear Dandies and everyone reading this…….



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