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A Year Ago on 916…

Posted by ella-mae on September 17, 2008

With all the excitement surrounding DSAI’s 916: How could I have forgotten what happened on September 16th last year? On 916 a year ago, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s lifeless body was found stuffed in a bag left in front of a shop. While her parents and loved ones mourn her lost, her killer is still out there: free to torture and kill more children.

How many more children do we have to lose before you begin doing your job, PDRM? How many more Sharlinies and Asmawis have to go missing before you start doing something? How many more Lai Ying Xins have to die before you stop serving your political masters and perform your duty as you have pledged to the people the people of Malaysia?

Children of the Shadows

(For All the Lost Children)

What sentinels watch over us, the lost,
who fly as shadows
What vengeful archangels take wing,
keeping account of everything,
While we are bound to life
between two earthly planes?
While only tragedy and emptiness remains?

What empty rhetoric has drowned the cost
in vapid shallows,
Simplistic terms for everything,
leaving the poison in the sting,
While our remembered life
still bears the bloody stains?
For sometimes justice lies, when love has severed veins.

Where were the ones who always cared for us-
when we were screaming?
The ones who kissed away our pain,
kept us amused through weeks of rain,
Taught us about the Father, Son and Holy Ghost?
Where did the grownups go, when we needed them most?

Where were the strong ones, who were there for us
when we were dreaming;
Who saved us when nightmares lashed the rein,
banished the monsters once again,
Who told us of guardian angels;
all the Heavenly Host?
And where is justice, when the world needs it the most?

Away with your rhetoric, and legends born to save.
No-one can help those crying out beyond the grave.


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