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The Prostitute of Jelapang

Posted by pervster on February 6, 2009

Have a good look a the picture below, ladies and gentlemen. This …. is the face of a prostitute.



She may not be the prettiest lass in town…..heck…who am I kidding…she gives all the other good looking people from Perak a bad name…She  just looks ugly.  But don’t let her …not so beautiful looks deceive you. She is…the Number 1 prostitute in Perak.

She…my friends…is the lady who I had voted for in the recent 2008 General Elections.

She goes by the name – Hee Yit Foong.

But, for the people of Jelapang, she’s currently fondly referred to as … the Prostitute of Jelapang.

No one knows what’s the exact amount she received, but the Prostitute of Jelapang  (PoJ for short) up there is rumoured to have received millions for her body…for her soul….making far…the highest paid prostitute in Perak…Malaysia…South East Asia…and probably the world. One more thing Malaysians can be proud off. The highest paid prostitute in the World.

Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!



    my apologies if you find this posting offensive. I honestly don’t care.


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Election Commission is piece of lying shit! Just bring on the by election! Oh so much shits going on, I feel shitty writing this shit.

Posted by barbie on February 4, 2009

Just reading this making me want to vomit.

When asked by the reporter whether he had doubts over the two sets of letters ( the first set of letters of resignation sent in earlier, and the second where the two reps now say they have not resigned ), he replied : “You got two letters from two elected representatives and in the same breath you get another set of letters from same people. So how to make a decision? Because of the doubts created, we cannot make a decision to declare the seats as vacant. Therefore status quo remains“.

Status quo remains, yet they made the decision in favour of the second letter, purportedly by the missing reps! And why these two reps never come out and make their statements openly but through some middle mans? Where the hell are these two reps? Suspicion has been raised regarding identities of the people making the statements on behalf of the two missing PKR reps.

When asked whether the Commission would investigate the discrepancy between the two letters, he replied : “No, that is not our duty. Our duty is not to investigate. Based on the letters given to us we make the decision“.

When asked if the Commission would probe the matter further, he replied :

“No, as far as we are concerned, we got two sets of letters. One from the speaker and the other from the two assemblypersons. It is the commission’s responsibility to decide whether the seats are vacant or not”.

Oh? First, they cannot make any decision and now it’s the EC’s responsibility to decide whether the seat are vacant or not? That’s the most unconvincing and lame bullshits ever! This is the damning proof that EC is nothing but a piece of shit working as running dog for the establishment.

It is clear. Umno/BN wants these two reps to join them, WITH THEIR SEATS intact and with so many telling signs this is another Najib’s way of doing things. Just read Tulang Besi’s article at Malaysian Waves for the juicy details.

1) PR government is ready for the by election. Let’s battle it out again and let the rakyat decide once again. So the Speaker declared the seats vacant after ‘received’ the resignation letters from the two reps. It is clear here, Umno doesn’t want to go for another by election. Perhaps Ezam is tired of hauling his magic boxes and letters everywhere with him everytime by election come.

2) Najib became UMNO Perak’s head and two reps are missing until now! Well we know how Najib is expert in handling missing person. Where’s Bala now?

3) There are points being raised regarding the resignation letters saying it could be signed under duress. It is an OPEN SECRET that assemblymen of Pakatan Rakyat signed the undated resignation letter few days after they became “Yang Berhormat”. Signing it under duress? My foot!

A simple analogy of the ‘undated resignation letter’ would be like those matrimonial/prenuptial agreements to protect the groom/bride so when anything happens, any of the groom/bride can go to court and get their marriage declared null. Nobody signed it under duress, they were too happy to:

– in the case of the married couple, to finally get the license to copulate  accordance to the law.

– in the case of the assemblymen, they finally become Yang Berhormat and state exco.

4) We love by elections. Constituencies are development overnight. New tarred roads, street lightings, influxs of education funds, promises of new market, factories, investments – things the rakyat can’t get during other times. Bring on the by election!

5) Latest update/rumours saying 3 PR reps already resigned from their parties. Agenda Daily has the story.

“ADUN Behrang, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi dan Changkat Jering, Osman Jailu dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan ADUN Jelapang Hee Yit Foong yang juga Timbalan Speaker DUN Perak hari Rabu telah menghantar surat kepada parti masing-masing memaklumkan keputusan keluar parti.”

Check out the letters and the content. Notice the header, the way it is written almost identical. Yes, that’s how idiots do things in Malaysia. And, read what these reps said to their respective parties.

“Sila ambil maklum bahawa perisytiharan saya keluar parti/tidak lagi menjadi ahli DAP tidak bermaksud saya meletakan jawatan selaku Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri dan apa jua notis perletakan jawatan sebagai Ahli Dewan Negeri yang ditandatangani secara “undated” dan tidak cop rasmi saya adalah dengan ini terbatal secara ab initio.”

(Please be informed that my decision to quit the party doesn’t mean I am resigning from my position as ADUN and what ever resignation notices signed “undated” and without my official seal should be considered invalid as ab initio) – pardon my lousy translation.

That’s an example of utmost power crazy statement for you.

6) Najib is said to announce at a press conference in Putrajaya at 4pm that BN will take over the Perak government with these 3 reps jumping over to their side. And from Malaysia Today:

Malaysia Today

The Sultan of Perak is said to be in Kuala Lumpur. The Perak Menteri Besar is not able to have an audience with Tuanku to request the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly.

Perak has fallen.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will announce the formation of a new Perak state government at 4.00pm today in Putrajaya.

Dato Nasaruddin has crossed back to Umno. Two more DAP Perak State Assemblyman/ women are said to have defected.

Five Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblymen in Kedah are said to be ready to cross over to Barisan Nasional. The Kedah state government is also about to fall.

If this is true, these reps just signed their political death letter to incur the wrath of the people. The public sentiment is overwhelmingly against the corrupt establishment, their acts would be forever remembered as betrayal to the people.

I am tired of this shit. Aren’t you?

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Wong Chun Wai faces off Lim Kit Siang? Mahathir faces off Najib?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on November 20, 2008

I was wondering what the brouhaha was all about between Wong Chun Wai and Lim Kit Siang when I was skimming through The Star online. I would rather not dwell on the constitutional jargon to rebut Wong Chun Wai like Lim Kit Siang did, as jurisprudence is not my forte. I have to scorn (the idea not the person) this particularly crass and self-centred statement from Wong Chun Wai was stating that non-Muslim NGOs should stay away from the fatwas on yoga and tomboyism, as these religious rulings did not affect non-Muslims”.

Quoting from Haris Ibrahim,

“Is this not advocating the UMNO / MCA / MIC ‘Melayu jaga Melayu, Cina jaga Cina, India jaga India’ mentality?

Stand up for the marginalised? Why? We’re from the privileged class.

We should not concern ourselves with the Revathis and the Lina Joys and the Subashini’s because, hey, whatever that’s being done to them does not infringe our rights, no?

So what if families are torn apart? Ours is intact!

What temple demolitions? We did not notice any. Sorry,we were too busy praying in our churches and mosques, all intact, to notice.

Why candlelight vigil for the release of ISA detainees when we’re on the outside? After all, we’re at large. Our rights are unaffected.”

I think Haris Ibrahim has pretty much summed up my thought about the whole issue. For years we tend to complain how our fellow citizens lack civic-mindedness. If we mind our business, who are we to say “accuse road bullies for being inconsiderate”? Also, I disagree with Wong Chun Wai accusing Lim Kit Siang for resorting to name-calling and bullying to put down Wong Chun Wai. Upon inspecting the Lim Kit Siang’s blog, I don’t find any particular persona non grata statements. The most negative from Lim Kit Siang is most probably this segment of his statement,

“But what is most mischievous, unprofessional and unacceptable is the insinuation that the DAP…”

Is this name-calling or bullying? I have seen worse, yet this statement is what I believe is to be called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITCISM. I mean, Lim Kit Siang did suggest a solution/solutions to his criticism. How can a constructive criticism be a bad thing? Or is it possible for any of us to be so insulated from the years of being a political sycophant that anything that is does not resemble a reward seems like an atomic bomb? I do like A FEW of Wong Chun Wai’s article but this latest blog post of his is objectionable.

On a totally different note, is Mahathir turning into Najib’s adversary? Well Najib is not doing things the way Mahathir wants it to be and because of this, Mahathir is threatening to release the name of UMNO members involved in money politics. I doubt his threat was intended for Badawi otherwise Mahathir would have done that long time ago. When Badawi took over from Mahathir, Badawi was relatively ‘clean’ and was also relatively a ‘political nobody’, hence Mahathir has no funny leverage against Badawi to blackmail Badawi himself. Najib is a different story altogether. Though Mahathir did not explicitly mention who he intends to ‘deleverage’ against but my bet will be on Najib. Will Mahathir get his way? Between Mahathir and Najib, we have seen relationship vacillating between friends, then enemies, then friends again and now it seems like it is teetering towards enmity again.

Sigh! So many social and political conundrums!


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The pros and cons of John McCain and Barack Obama

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on October 6, 2008

Recent survey (quoting from the Economist) has shown what the top three concerns of an average American are in the following order, starting with the most important:

1. The economy
2. War in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care
3. Foreign policy.

Barack Obama wants to increase tax for the rich while John McCain is against that. John McCain believes that when the rich is taxed more, they have less money for future investment, thus restricting economic growth. He believes in trickle down wealth, whereby investment will help kick-start manufacturing and production, thus reducing unemployment and increasing wages of the bourgeoisie and the poor. This is exactly what George Bush did for the past 8 years yet the average median salary has remain stagnant, the rich (1%) gets richer while the poor gets poorer. I believe that John McCain has the right idea, but somewhere downstream, the lack of moral oversight and regulation has resulted in the problem. One source of the poverty loop is due to subprime mortgaging/ lending.

Subprime lending is a loan to the usually less privilege and the poor, people who have bad credit history, or in other words, dodgy financial history, The loans that these people receive usually come at a higher interest rate that normal, supposedly because such loans have a higher risk of default, hence the higher risk involved should be mitigated by repaying the loan at higher interest rate. But a survey as reported by The Economist again, stated that 61% of subprime borrowers are actually entitled to obtain better and cheaper loans, yet they were not made aware (trapping them in ignorance, hence the so-called predatory lending) by the high-flying financiers. The people who are usually afflicted tend to be the POOR and LESS EDUCATED as well, hence they are trapped in the poverty cycle of having to find extra loans to finance the debt incurred by high interest rate which they do not have to take if they were made aware of their options. HENCE, THE RICH GETS RICHER (1% of the population) AND THE POOR GETS POORER.

Certain neo-conservatives have the tendency to blame the Democrats for everything. Dominic Lawson, writer to the Independent, son of Nigel Lawson, former Chancellor of The Exchequer for the Conservative party in UK, indirectly pin-pointed the current conundrum to ex-Democratic president, Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was fighting for equal treatment for racial minorities especially the blacks. Jimmy Carter wanted the financiers to ignore the lack of credit history of the racial minorities. To the view of Dominic Lawson, the financiers are forced to take riskier options because of Jimmy Carter’s fight for equal treatment! That does not explain why 61% of the sub prime borrowers were not told about their options! If the financiers are really worried about the risk involved, they should have tried to dissuade and enlighten the borrowers with good credit history to take up cheaper loans that are open to them as well!

So I believe Obama is right to tax the rich more now to help the middle class and the poor. It has an immediate effect of reducing income disparity. Maybe in the future, when there is re-regulation of the financial market with moral obligations, the option of reducing taxes for the rich to encourage investment can be considered.

McCain should also stop talking about expanding the military. This money could be better used on the economy and general welfare of the Americans.

Quoting from the Nation who again quotes from the popular American, General Petraeus, they acknowledged that the “surge” in American military is not the only major factor that comes to play when it comes to stability in Iraq. General Petraeus himself attributed the success to diplomacy and bridging the cultural gap between the Americans and the Iraqis. It is less about directly interfering with Iraqis domestic affairs, but about mediating between Iraq warlords. The stability is also due to temporary truce between Shiite and Sunni factions, and the warlords in general have also turned their backs on Al-Qaeda operations in Iraq. The US administration is also less hostile to Iran, because it realises Iran’s role in backing the Shiite government to power. Even though US doesn’t like it, it can’t fight everyone at once in Iraq…… Both the candidates, McCain and Obama seem to be blinded by the “surge”, maybe more so to McCain who is in cahoot with uncurious Palin, seem to overplay the role of the “surge”.

With regards to Afghanistan though, I don’t think Obama is doing the right thing to support attacking Taliban’s bases in Pakistan. It is violating the sovereignty of Pakistan. The problem Pakistan is having now is disorganised politics and having to deal with infighting, hence Pakistan is less capable to unite as a nation to counter the Al-Qaeda threat based in the remote mountainous region of Pakistan. The political kerfuffle in Pakistan has been due to excessive “Christian” or “infidel” American influence too close to (Muslim) Pakistani soil and the influence American administration held on General Musharaf.

As the Nation stated, if Americans hold back a little, the political climate in Pakistan might be more stable for the government to take an effective action against Al-Qaeda in its own country. I do agree with The Nation that too much resources are spent trying to fight terrorist in remote mountainous region. That region is cut off from effective recruitment and lack of facilities to train terrorists. Recruiting terrorists usually happen in heavily populated area. The training as in the case of 9/11 happens within US soil itself not in the caves of Afghanistan. Which idiotic mastermind goes to the “say” Himalayas and brainwash a herd of mountain goats to become terrorists, learning to ride on a rock-slide to cause massive destruction?

As for foreign policy, I disagree with the Economist that John McCain is better off. Firstly, he is from the cold war generation. Russia and US are not fighting for ideological differences, they are now fighting for the control of oil services and resources. Tactics are different than that of cold war. For McCain to cut Russia off from G8 is foolhardy. Russia is part of the member in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which as a united front, is very powerful organisation that controls the flow of (oil and gas) resources, with Iran having the 2nd largest oil reserves, while China’s vast foreign reserves can be a threat of different kind. China itself does not want a world with only US as hegemony. McCain with his idea of the League of Democracies might potentially push China away into Russia’s arms.


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An interview with Zaid Ibrahim – Minister of Nothing Now

Posted by barbie on September 23, 2008

A reform is only complicated if you don’t want it, says senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. If you want reforms, make the Government more transparent, adopt meritocracy and a more equitable system; that’s not difficult.

PUTTING Senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim in a Barisan Nasional Cabinet after the March 8 general election might have seemed to some like trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

“Will he fit in?” wondered his friends with concern while others reacted with consternation.

Tried as hard as he did for six months to fit in that hole, Zaid decided to call it quits after six months, when hit by the last straw – three civilians were arrested under the Internal Security Act on Sept 12. Sunday Star caught up with him shortly after his resignation and quizzed him on his time in the Cabinet, his political will and his next venture.

> In the short six months that you have been minister, can you tell us how Cabinet decisions are made?

It depends on the issue. For major issues, the structure is not so clear. It’s a difficult question to answer.

> Is a paper tabled in Cabinet first for major issues?

Yes. It can be approved as is or with some changes. It’s very fluid. With the more difficult ones and this is where I was not very good at – you probably need the Prime Minister and a few people to agree first before you submit a paper.

> Do Ministers ask for time to study the paper if they do not have expertise in the area, say for example in your paper on the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC)?

It’s very difficult to answer without revealing what happened in Cabinet. I can only talk about broad practices because I’m bound by an oath to secrecy.

> You can’t talk about the process?

It’s difficult because the process depends on the subject matter, it depends on who is the mover and who supports it and who doesn’t. It’s not something you can encapsulate simply.

> But people are curious about the process. They want to understand how after an announcement is made, for example, on JAC, Cabinet can decide to delay its setting up. Was it lobbied against? By whom? At what stage and in what form?

A responsible Government would take all views into consideration before coming to a decision. But there is no set rule for that before a paper is presented. Political will cannot be rendered by me alone.

> The public respects your decision to resign but who do the people speak to now?

They are supposed to tell their Member of Parliament, the party in power and the president of the party. Or they should change the government (if that doesn’t work). There’s only so much an individual can do. We all have to find alternative routes to get what we want.

They can try the new Minister (Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz) who’ll probably be more effective. Some say I’m not a team player, so maybe you need a team player. Some say I don’t know what collective responsibility means. All these are difficult concepts for me … I just wanted to do something I thought would be good and people would see that.

> What has been the most severe criticism levelled at you?

Not severe-lah, just irritating. That the reforms (for greater equality) don’t serve the Malays. It just shows their level of ignorance. Some said I’m not a team player, I don’t know how to convince people.

> The public were happy when the Prime Minister announced the setting up of a JAC. They understand it’s very complicated and the Government needs time but…

It is actually not a complicated thing. It’s only complicated if you don’t want it. The reform was meant to make the Government more transparent, employ a fairer and more equitable system, get the best people for the job, and to have meritocracy in place. That’s not difficult.

> So what was the difficulty, especially after March 8?

The difficulty is some people don’t want to change and as long as they are in power you have to live with it.

> Are you going to write a book about your six months in office?

No, I’m going to write a book about Malaysia.

> A re-hash of your past speeches?

No. That (In Good Faith) was my first book. This will be more of a story.

> You talked of setting up a foundation called MyFuture. What’s its mission?

I see race relations as a major problem in Malaysia. There are Malays who subscribe to ketuanan Melayu, special rights, special law and are fearful of the Chinese. They are fearful of accepting non-Malays in administration, high positions and in universities. There is too much ethno-centric and communitarian politics.

I want young people to be able to understand the other’s problems and fears so we can solve problems rather than “don’t talk about this, don’t talk about that”, “this is sensitive”, “you are threatening us” and “get out of the country if you don’t like it here.” It’s all symptomatic of a state of mind that is not confident. You can’t have reform then.

In a JAC, for example, with a more open process, you will end up having an Indian Chief Justice; you’d ask “how could that be? I can’t accept that.” That argument is racist in character. Or if you want a more equitable housing policy and if you perceive the act of redistribution of wealth or opportunity as benefiting one particular group you don’t like, then you say that is not on because it would endanger or violate your rights.

The whole spectrum of our national life cannot undergo reform if the Malays, Chinese and Indians are ridden with fear and chauvinistic views.

We should move beyond talk. It’s no point charging people with sedition here and there every other week. You have to address the fundamental problem.

It is compounded by the fact that we have two court (civil/syariah) systems. You must understand the issues and be willing to sit down and be trusting enough with one another to say how can we solve this problem.

We need a different approach for this. I hope this foundation can do that in a small way, based on the experiences and modules from other countries on how they deal with racial prejudices through cultural outreach programmes €” beyond eating and makan. We need to understand, for example, why Hindus build temples all over the place? What is the historical perspective? Can a church be next to a mosque? We have had that in Penang for over 100 years but can we do that now?

> You reckon they could build a multi-storey carpark next to the two places of worship to serve both communities, resolving the traffic/parking problem on Fridays at the mosque and Sundays at the church?

Yes (laughing). But you can effect reform only if people are trusting and don’t think that one violates another’s tenets.

We devote too much time on things like toll, double tracking when we should devote more time on Bangsa Malaysia, what kind of people we want to be.

I was told a person asked why a 9A’s student didn’t get a scholarship and the reply was that it was okay for one race but not another. I find that repugnant.
What kind of values are we teaching? We should teach our children not to fear another race or religion. We should recognise our differences and live as equal citizens in this country.

> Many Malaysians speak nostalgically about how race relations were better decades before. How will you erase years of racism and bigotry sown at home or in school?

We have the trappings of success but need to improve. I think the Malays are less fearful of the Chinese now but some people in my party think otherwise. I also know the Chinese in my constituency voted PAS.

> How will you woo parents who worry your programmes might “brainwash” their children into “liberals?”

There is a lot “brainwashing” here to start with, the brainwashing of civil servants and politicians. So if I do my brainwashing (laughing) what’s wrong with that? I am just sending a different message and countering theirs. I am willing to engage with these people that this is a flawed policy, this is not what makes us Malays proud.

> Do you think a JKKK (Village Development and Security Committee) would allow you to hold a programme in their village?

Why not? You need to engage with them. You can’t legislate, well you can but you have to do more. I’m not pretending I’m a great reformist in the area of values and beliefs but I would like another language, one more positive to be used.

If we can influence the young people, they will become decision makers every five years. That’s the one thing politicians are afraid of.

I used to go to Hindu temples in Kelantan. Nobody says anything there. When I saw the famous reclining Buddha I wondered about him. That started my interest in philosophy. Everything that you see stimulates your interest in something else.

We really need to get out of mediocrity and stereotype…I’m not so much interested in seminars and papers but in field activities involving young people. Then hopefully they will not grow up stopping forums and so forth; hopefully they will grow up willing to understand what the problem is.

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No….Seriously….Bright Future????

Posted by pervster on September 18, 2008

This could possibly be my shortest post ever…….

Was watching the news earlier on…and this joker by the name of Datuk Hassan Malek claims he was offered cash by Pakatan to cross over. Now, i can’t seem to find the English version of the article online, but here’s the MalaysiaKini Malay version report:

“Laporan ini dibuat tanpa arahan dari sesiapa, saya sendiri yang ambil inisiatif untuk lapor pada BPR,” katanya kepada Bernama hari ini.

Hasan enggan menyatakan jumlah sebenar yang ditawarkan kepada beliau kerana tidak mahu siasatan tergganggu.

“Yang jelas dia janjikan saya masa depan saya yang cukup cerah. Itu masing-masing boleh intepretasikan,” katanya.

Well, he pretty much claims he got some money, but he refuses to disclose the amount, and…he was promised a “very bright future”

Now….have a look at his face:

Hasan Malek

No….Seriously….not that i want to make fun of the way this guy looks and all….but…….

Does this guy look like he has a bright future????? :P…


If this is the face of the future…we’re all doomed!!!


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The September 16 double bluff

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 18, 2008

Ok, ok, I opine that September 16 was not meant for Malaysians to take the bait, but for UMNO. September 16 was a double bluff specifically designed for UMNO to take the bait. Why the heck would Anwar want to expose his battle plan for UMNO, so that UMNO has time to defend itself? Why the hell does one play chess and then tell his opponent what his next move is going to be?

September 16 was an empty threat. UMNO took the bait (or is it Najib and his cohort, Hamid Albar, as my fellow dandelions first concurred?). UMNO began to put RPK, Teresa and Tan into ISA in the hopes of maybe instigating all-out protest to have a reason to declare martial law. It will then be bye, bye opposition. But that didn’t materialise. Instead, the past few days have successfully swung the political wind to PR’s favour.

People were appalled by the actions of UMNO. Legitimacy of cross-over becomes less of a question even amongst PR supporters who frowned on cross-over. I don’t like cross-over but after the events of the past few days, hell yeah, I am for cross-over. Anwar doesn’t have to be malicious to get his goals. Anwar force UMNO into showing its inner-most demons (we have already seen the outer-demons). Many people say, inner true colours are only shown when one is tremendously stressed, an act of great goodness or great controversy……

September 16 or the recent events surrounding September 16 serve to unify PR supporters, split into for cross-over and against cross-over to a unanimous for cross-over movement. If DSAI succeeds, heck it will be a legitimate, democratically popular cross-over, the first in Malaysian history.

Heck, the September 16 event only further destroys what’s left of UMNO’s unity. (As my fellow dandelions have concurred way before me) If Najib and Hamid are behind the ISA not Abdullah, well it is a sign that Najib the backstabber is beginning to be less subtle and more desperate. Abdullah can’t tell the press that he didn’t use ISA but his minions did, as this will have disastrous consequences to the little leadership credibility that AAB has managed to retain. Najib is not going to be left unpunished, AAB “rewarded” Najib with the post of Finance Minister 4,5 months before UMNO elections (again my fellow dandelions have concurred before me). With the recent chain of events striking US financial giants, first and foremost, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch and AIG, we have not heard the last of economic kerfuffle. Malaysia is not going to escape unscathed, and there is little Najib can do to conjure a financial miracle that will help save the US financial system in return, help Malaysia. Economy is going to be worse off, and Najib will bear the brunt.

September 16 was an ‘empty’ threat. UMNO made September 16 into an enemy UMNO itself feared most. If UMNO had not done anything, UMNO would not be in such a conundrum it is in today.

RPK took a gamble to be a willing pawn to the event leading to September 16. RPK has given UMNO a lot of ‘reasons ‘to apprehend RPK under ISA. RPK is now seen as a martyr for Malaysians who want justice, swing it to PR’s favour. Whether his martyrdom is to be converted to success in toppling UMNO remains to be seen.

I don’t know who has better chess playing strategy, but the set-pieces are already moving. Whatever result it may be, it will be preposterous to say that one got lucky winning. Politics is a high-stakes game to be left to lady luck. Has anyone ever won a chess game by luck?

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Abdullah. Bodoh sepat? The villain? The unsung hero? Nyanyuk?

Posted by barbie on September 17, 2008

Quoting RPK from his infamous article that is said to be the reason he is arrested under ISA:

Malays say that there are two types of bodoh. One is bodoh sepat — you pretend to be stupid but are actually very devious. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would probably fit this bill. He pretends to be bodoh but is actually very crafty. The second is bodoh sombong — you are actually very stupid but are too stupid to realise that you are stupid and think you are very clever.

Judging from the latest scenario today, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is bodoh sepat. ‘Sepat’ is a fresh water fish famous for its refusal to be baited in the saying: “bodoh-bodoh sepat, tak makan pancing emas” which means even a dumb person knows how to choose what is best for himself. So a person who appears to be as “dumb” as a sepat, pretends to be stupid.

Why the portfolio swapping? Why the timing? Another coincidence? Screw coincidence. Nothing that is happening in Malaysia before, present and after this is ‘coincidence’ despite what our leaders want us to think. Things in Malaysia happen because of only 2 reason – God’s will and politically motivated. (You can ignore the 1st reason, just like me unless you are Palin’s fan)

Why Abdullah wants the Defence Ministry portfolio? Is him preparing for something bigger? You know what I I am thinking, stop being bodoh sepat.

Why Abdullah is bodoh sepat? 2 scenarios.

Abdullah as the bad guy, the villain.

1. In this kind of economic situation, giving the Finance Ministry portfolio to Najib is definitely a smart move. Najib is left to battle the ailing economy, a tall order. Good luck Najib.

2. He successfully nullified the dissent voices in UMNO by reaffirming the 2010 power transition plan.

3. Najib may not survive his political career until 2010 with all the allegations and now add to that now, an unenviable assignment. He knows jack shit about finance, just looking at the all the purchases he did while he was defence minister, ‘consultancy fees’ paid to Razak Baginda’s company in the amount of RM500mil (a world record for such consultancy service) you know how good Najib with money.

4. If rumours of Najib cahooting with Syed Hamid is true, with the backing of the army to do… well things is true, then now Abdullah already took care of that. Najib is paralysed.

5. Abdullah hinted to use ISA against Anwar, well if Anwar doesn’t has the number then why the need to ISA him?

Putting this all in pieces, now Abdullah is taking control of the Defense Ministry, which can be used to take control of defence for emergency rule and crowd dispersal control he is definitely stocking himself with enough ammo to battle it out, nasty and dirty.

Abdullah is the good guy, the unsung hero. The Oracle?

Then we must assume he is trying to help Anwar.

1. He set Anwar free and his son in law arranged passport for Anwar to go to Europe for medical treatment.

2. He is a man of conscience, being an ulama son and god fearing person. He never sumpah like Najib, Saiful or Ezam.

3. He needs to be in control in order to dismantle the rotten corrupted UMNO, sissified MCA, Gerakan, clueless and hopeless MIC and other idiotic BN component parties. So he stays in power, flip flop flip flop and play bodoh sepat until Anwar has the time to make his move. He is delaying and buying time for Anwar.

4. Anwar asked for peaceful transition of power. Who is going to lose everything? Person with the most dirts and extra baggage, non other but Najib. The person that will never agree to a peaceful power transition is Najib. So in order to have a peaceful power transition,  Abdullah need to take away the defence job from Najib so he will not repeat what his dad did back then. Now Najib is powerless. Hurray!!

5. Then peaceful transition can be done. Abdullah will step down gracefully and be remembered in history and the most kind leader, sacrificing himself for the good of Malaysia.

6. Anwar leads the country and Malaysians live happily ever after.

Well, probably above scenarios are nothing but craps, I am reading too much into this shit and Abdullah is nothing but a nyanyuk (dementia) old man clutching at straws, doing senseless things before he is gone for good.

ps: Thanks to Malaysia Today commentators for inspiring me to come up with this shitty post.

pss: Najib is kinda dungu to agree to the portfolio swap then. Maybe the prospect of earning quick buck from the Finance Ministry clouded his judgement? Maybe bad advice from a certain plastic reinforced lady? We never know…

Updated 5.10pm:

SAPP pulls out from Barisan. The timing cannot be better??? Just after the portfolio swap, this took place?? Pak Lah, you are really our unsung hero, eh?

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916.. can you smell it????

Posted by barbie on September 16, 2008

916, can you smell it?

916, can you smell it???

Anwar just had his press conference just now. Few things that he mentioned during the PC:

…..We have a slight majority, in excess of 31. It is increasing by the hour. I am serious. I am not joking. This morning I received a signed note from another member. We have the numbers. The important thing is we have in excess of the required number

…The security and interest of the nation is paramount, even if it means delaying the process by a few days. We have the numbers; we can and are prepared to move

….It’s not going to be plain sailing. We have taken a softer option, trying to negotiate with the PM, listening to him and his views … and then move on, seek an audience at the palace and then take it to Parliament … The media are in a state of denial. We will meet and deliberate with the PM and we see what happens in the next few days… We will give time to the PM to seriously consider and act responsibly as PM of this country and respect the wishes of the people.

So, hear it people! 916 is on! Anwar has sought a meeting with Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s to show him the list of names of defectors and to discuss a smooth handover, so the ball is in PM’s court. PR want a smooth and peaceful transition, and it is up to him to accept this and make way for the new government gracefully or <fill in the blank> (you and me really don’t want these)… I hope Pak Lah is not going to do another ‘saya pantang dicabar’ then go amok. Please don’t.

Some said Yang di-Pertuan Agong wants to meet up with the defecting MPs before he declares anything or orders Abdullah to start the transition. So Anwar is trying to arrange a meeting between them.

If Anwar meets Badawi today, and shows him that he has the support of BN MPs, by way of either Statutory Declarations or affidavits, then Abdullah can either take one of several actions:

– resign and hand over the reins of power to Anwar
– resign and hand over the reins of power to Najib (trying to convince the BN MPs to stick with BN)
– don’t resign and seek a meeting with the MPs (likely)
– don’t resign and delay the change of government till when parliament next convenes

If Abdullah does not resign, Anwar can then take the following steps:

– wait till when parliament convenes to file a motion of no confidence (risky, giving BN more time to prepare)
– convene an emergency parliament session (not likely, unless the speaker is willing to convene a special session)
– seek an audience with the DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong to either

1. dissolve the parliament and call snap polls (the Agong has this right), or

2. request the Agong to order the PM to resign (and then we go into tricky constitutional ground here)

There are 2 ways Anwar can snatch power:

– By having more than 1+simple majority in the parliament
– By being the biggest voting block in the parliament (results in a minority government, and becomes very unstable)

Either way, the developments today will shape the landscape of Malaysian politics for years to come.

Be proud, you are part of the history. Cheers!!

Updated 4.31pm: Anwar Ibrahim’s Sept 16 press statement in full

SEPT 16 – Today, Malaysians celebrate Malaysia Day – the day our country became whole and our people become united. This day has a new meaning. After years of struggle, after fighting against a system that is corrupt and unjust – we affirm that victory is finally at hand. Our vision of rebuilding this country and bringing its people together, as the founding fathers envisioned, is within reach.
The economy is in turmoil with runaway inflation and joblessness creating widespread discontent. Racial tensions have been rising, exacerbated by the propaganda spread in the government owned mainstream media. The administration has offered no vision to steer the nation out of this quagmire and there is manifest erosion in confidence in the current government.

We in Pakatan Rakyat believe we can save Malaysia from economic ruin and the dangerous politics of racism. We will do so prudently, legally and in doing so we will not jeopardise the security and stability of the country and the safety of its people.
We have received firm commitments from members of parliament in excess of the number required to form a new government, and our government will reflect the diverse make-up of Malaysian society.

It has been our concern to ensure a peaceful transition of power. We do not wish to see a repeat of what transpired in the Selangor and Perak state governments, where following the victory of Pakatan Rakyat on March 8, documents were shredded and removed by the outgoing administration.

We furthermore advise radical elements within BN against the abuse of state power to unlawfully harass and detain our supporters.

The immediate investigation by the ACA (Anti-Corruption Agency) of Yong Teck Lee after the announcement by SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party) of its intention to move a motion of no-confidence against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is another example of the tactics we reject.

The use of the ISA, as has happened to MP Teresa Kok, would be an unlawful impediment to the transition process.

In light these serious concerns, yesterday leaders of Pakatan Rakyat sent a letter to the prime minister at 2.30pm requesting a meeting to discuss the future course of the nation’s leadership and to seek his assurance on the following important matters:

1) That the BN shall not hinder or prevent their BN MPs from acting in accordance with their conscience, constitutional rights and independent judgment;

2) That the BN government shall not invoke the Internal Security Act to detain any of the MPs who will join Pakatan Rakyat, or any of the present 82 Pakatan Rakyat MPs;

3) That the BN government shall not invoke emergency or police powers, or suspend the constitution, or dissolve parliament in response to our intention to form a new government;

4) That the Barisan Nasional government shall not impose roadblocks and impede the MPs from gaining access to the House of Parliament and the institutions of government.

We believe the prime minister will share Pakatan Rakyat’s concerns for the welfare of the people and security of the nation. We are confident he will ensure the BN will act constitutionally and democratically to ensure that the transition will be peaceful, and there will be no actions taken to sabotage the wishes of the people or play on racial tensions in the country.

We appeal to all quarters in Malaysian society to understand our intentions are for the betterment of Malaysian society. The mainstream media, in particular, should accept the reality of these historic times and report fairly, accurately and without bias. The irresponsible tact that is used by the media to obfuscate issues, attack opposition supporters and instigate racial tensions must end immediately.

Following our meeting with the prime minister, we intend to proceed within the framework established by the federal constitution in the formation of a new government, with the assent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Opposition Leader
De facto PKR leader

(Source: The Malaysian Insider)

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On politicising Beijing 2008 : My thoughts…

Posted by Madame on August 6, 2008

The Olympic motto

Citius, Altius, Fortius which translated from Latin means Faster, Higher, Stronger. The father of modern day OlympicsBaron Pierre de Coubertin came up with this after training with a Dominican monk.

The Olympic Creed

As stated by Coubertin – “The most important thing in the Olympic Games in not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

Modern day Olympics came into existence in 1896, thanks to the vision and daring of Baron de Coubertin.

The Sacred Truce

The Sacred Truce was instituted during the month of the Olympiad. Messengers carried the word of the truce and the date of the games all over the Greek world. The truce signified the cessation of all hostilities for one month.

Alrighty then….enough with all the correctness 😉 Its time now to be politically incorrect, my forte 😀 What do I think about the negative publicity that Beijing 2008 is getting? Frankly, it upsets me. For me, the whole spirit of the Olympics is being jeopardized by all the political posturing that is going on. My question is……why all the sudden fuss and why at this precise moment??

The way I see it…..The Tibetan issue is not a new one. Tibet was a part of China and during the in-fighting going on with the Ching dynasty…they broke away peacefully and started governing themselves. They did this for 40 years. Then, China in the 1950s decided to assert its claim over Tibet. Is this wrong? I honestly don’t know. In the last few years, the Dalai Lama has brought the plight of the Tibetan people and their continual demands for independence to the world stage. This is a smart man…He has charisma and the backing of very high profile friends! However, my question remains…if the rest of the world stayed relatively unaffected by the Tibetan issue for the last 50 yrs, why the sudden fuss???

The way I see it….The Sudan issue is also not something that just happened. Where was America (I refer to America, as they are the self-appointed moral watch dogs of the world 😉 ) when mass genocide first started taking place in the Darfur region? Hmmm… I don’t remember them making too much fuss about it actually! And now they want to turn this around and complain about China’s refusal to sign a Sanctions against Sudan pact? Helloooo….have sanctions ever worked? The last time I checked….NO, they don’t! They only bring added suffering to an already burdened people. Remember, Iraq? It only made Saddam even more defiant. Did he suffer? Nope…. Did the average Iraqi people suffer? Yes….

The way I see it….The Human Rights issue in China has been going on for so long and the Tienanmen Square ‘massacre’ high-lighted that to us, ignoramus! However, what about America? Aren’t they also guilty of human rights abuses with Guantanamo Bay? I think they are. What about us in Malaysia? Doesn’t America care about the human rights abuses that go on here? I know that they periodically ‘fart’ and make some small insignificant noises about it 😀 Why don’t they protest and march on the streets to show their solidarity with the Malaysians?

Why now? Why at this precise moment?

Why has China suddenly become the world’s biggest villain ?  This could be to a couple of reasons…..

1. China poses an economic threat to America. In a recent CNN poll, it showed that 70% of Americans feel that China will soon over-take America economically.

2. China poses a military threat. In this same poll, an astonishing 51% of Americans actually believe this 😀

Btw, CNN actually tied in this poll with their count-down to Beijing 2008 special. Isnt it obvious….need I say more? 😉

When I pin-point America, this does not exclude the rest of the Western world by any means… I do so,  because in our world, the guys who have the greatest economic clout and the biggest weapon arsenal are the ones who will dictate to the rest of us minions! This is FACT…not FICTION!

Let’s face the bare reality….we are controlled by the media. Our perceptions are based on what we read, see or hear. Most of the popular news channels are Western-based, so, basically, we are being fed what America wants us to believe. This is called manipulating the media to your advantage and as we all know it is very effective!

The Olympic Games, come along once every 4 years. Honestly, I wait with such eager anticipation for this to happen and this time around I was even more excited because it was China’s turn. I knew that China would pull out all the stops for Beijing 2008 because they have so much to prove to the rest of the world. We were almost guaranteed of a spectacular show!!!

Sadly, after all the negative publicity that China has received…its almost as if the Western world instead of wishing them success, IS dooming them to failure! This would then prove to the rest of the world….See I told you…the Asians are still too primitive to be hosting such a major event!

And what about the ‘spirit’ of the Olympics’? That doesn’t seem to matter at all, does it? No one talks about that anymore. The Olympic Games is the only opportunity that us viewers get, to watch 26 or is it 28 (?) games with teams from 29 countries all participating on a level playing field. Patriotism, pride and honour are the virtues that we associate most with the Games. The Olympic Games has always been above politics and should stay that way!!! If the Olympics cannot be separated from politics then I think that we should put AN END to the Games, once and for all! We are making a mockery of the very principles on which the Games were founded!!!

If the Ancient Greeks, who were a war-mongering nation, could get it so right…..Why cant we???

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