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Cold war? Russia, the new Soviet Union?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 28, 2008

COLD WAR!!! That is the headline coming out from the Western MSM. Yes, Russia as claimed by the Western MSM is the new Soviet Union, if we are to believe EVERYTHING that comes out from Western MSM especially those within NATO alliance! They are making Russia the villain of the Georgia and Russia war, but they are merely skimming the surface of Russia-Georgia relationship. In actual fact, the war started due to over-zealousness of Georgia to try to reintegrate South Ossetia into its administration.

The West tries to glorify democratic Georgia. Democratic my foot! We are talking about the president of Georgia who locks up the opposition, restricts free press, turning more authoritarian. He might be a ‘benevolent dictator’ but he is definitely not democratic!!!

Georgia and South Ossetia has a history of not getting along well. South Ossetia is small in comparison with Georgia. The population in South Ossetia has also suffered genocide under Georgia in the last century. The latest conflict originated when Georgia launched the first missile attacks on CIVILIAN TARGETS! This is the case of big brother Georgia bullying small weakling South Ossetia but it wasn’t a big deal. When Russia retaliates under the claim of ‘protecting Russian residents in South Ossetia’, the West starts making a hullabaloo over the big bully rejuvenated Russia, stretching its military might into is weakling neighbour.

So who masterminds the anti-Russia sentiment? It is the US and its belligerent foreign policies especially under the Republicans, compounded by the leadership of George Bush, the ‘holy crusader’. NATO was initially set-up to counter Soviet influence or aggression by trying to cage or corner them. Soviet had since fallen almost two decades ago, whatever practices that work for NATO in the past works then, does not work now. Now, Russia isn’t US natural enemy, US is trying to make an enemy out of Russia. Heck, it is expanding NATO membership to Czech Republic and Poland, right to the door-steps of Russia when NATO should have been disbanded 2 decades ago! US gave stupid excuse that the missile defence system to be set-up in Czech Republic is meant to counter Iranian threat. Mind you, in between Czech Republic and Iran, they are separated by Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Black Sea, Turkey, Iraq, Caspian Sea, Georgia, Israel and Azerbaijan depending on which route of invasion. US is provoking Russia by making a Mickey out of Russia’s sovereignty. Then suddenly, the US decided to use a different excuse, completely ignoring Iranian missile threat while using Russia’s aggression on Georgia as pretext to accelerate the admission of Poland and Georgia into NATO while justifying the need to build high tech missile defence system at Czech Republic and Poland to contain Russia. Flip-flopping international relations!

US argued that South Ossetia belongs to Georgia anyway, hence Georgia has the right to maintain its sovereignty with military where necessary (even if South Ossetia is oppressed). If I remember correctly, Kosovo was under Serbia too, but at that time, US claimed that the people in Kosovo (mostly Albanians), have the right to carve out their won destiny and independence regardless of Serbia’s sovereignty (mind you, Albanians in Kosovo isn’t exactly blameless too, they have committed their fair share of genocide against the Serbians). US is the liberator for the unfortunate? Bovine excrement! All these proxy battles are out of self-interest. These acts by US are exactly shaping Russia into an enemy they are trying so hard to contain! Why bother to be so bellicose? Yes US has nuclear weapons but Russia has nuclear weapons too, and hostility isn’t making things any better for everyone!

If Russia is Soviet Union, Russia wouldn’t have pulled its army out from Georgia (the West thought Russia is going to stay much longer than that!). Georgia houses the main gas pipelines (from the east) that supply much of Europe with natural gas. It could have easily occupied Georgia hence holding Europe by its bollocks. Where else can Europe depend for fuel when US has made sure that Europe treats Iran (world 2nd largest oil and gas supplier after Saudi Arabia) as en enemy, imposing trade restrictions? George Bush personally went down to Saudi Arabia to persuade them to increase their oil production in the past but failed miserably, the terms of persuasion was so childish I couldn’t believe the president of United States actually sounded like a beggar! He is no Ronald Reagan who somehow managed to persuade Saudi to triple oil output in 1980s.

Iran and Russia have the perfect symbiosis. The West (mainly Europe) can’t confront Russia too severely because they have already pissed off Iran too badly and they need the Russians! The Russians know it. Iran will not bow down to Western pressure because they owe Russia a favour for vetoing against UN intervention into obstructing Iran’s nuclear ambition (may it be for better or for worse).

US influence is waning due to Bush’s mismanagement. He leads the country into too many oxymoronic strategic disadvantages, struck by weakening dollar worsening the bargaining power of US. Bush (lacking foresight) even had to back down on its harsh ‘threats’ on China’s economic practices, when China threatened to unleash a fraction of its $1.7 trillion foreign reserves, which can further weaken the dollar than it already is now if it is done.

Who is going to come out the loser if there is really a cold war that US seeks so badly? I will place my bets on US……

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