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A Little Birdy…

Posted by Cherubim on June 5, 2009

Cherubim was told from a particularly reliable tweety bird that the three independent candidates in Penanti are in fact plants by Barisan Nasional, which makes a lot of sense, all things considered. I’m sure many of you are more familiar with the details in this war of public perception.

Cherubim was also informed that the next state to fall with similar underhanded tactics after Perak would be Selangor, and afterwards Kedah. The gears of this mechanism is currently in the process of being installed one by one, and I’m sure Tan Sri Khalid’s doing all that he can to counter this, however, I bid him to be swift.

Old news, I know, but it’s always nice to know it as the truth, as truth goes these days. I wonder, what is Pakatan Rakyat doing about this?

5 Responses to “A Little Birdy…”

  1. barbie said

    Not surprising. Words on the ground, behind closed doors, Najib is gearing up for perception war – psy war to win back the heart and mind (although I can’t see how he managed to do that with his antics so far) of the people.

    PR needs to be careful and buck up.

  2. mesoso said

    actually, let them GE, we take everything back, same also wat….if they gonna waste their less than 4 years left on all these activities, just let round, they can start scratching from the ground up…

  3. mauryaII said

    Desperadoes do desperate and illogical things. Najib thought that his move was a great coup d etat. Little did he realize that he had had made a mockery of democracy and Malaysia the laughing stock of the international community.

    Now as the chairman of Selangor UMNO, he might feel that he could engineer another foul takeover of an elected state government.

    Does he realize that he is working against the wishes of the people? How can he be people-centric as he claims to be when he is going against the wishes of the people? He can’t try to reconcile these two juxtaposition by just walking among the people and spinning political yarns through the MSM.

    If he is people-centric, has he made any moves to explain why the two felon-frogs yet to be cleared of the many charges of corruption and sex for favours could still be Aduns in Perak? Why hasn’t he directed the CJ to expedite the cases of these two frogs (they might end up losing their elected positions and end up in jail if the courts are free from executive pressure)so that at least two other bye-elections could be held to test the wishes of Perakians?

    Not only Selangor but the other Opposition held states have to be ever vigilant.Desperadoes are known to do very psychotic things just to show how macho they are.

  4. Antares said

    Najis Rosak @ Naif Ton Rasa @ Pink Lips is exceedingly well-named.
    Low-grade villain with his testicles caught in the vice-like grip of Grosmah’s fat thighs. A pox on those who continue to prop up the Umno/BN regime for fear of losing their ill-gotten gains!

  5. Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had said his return would be an insult to the families of nearly 50,000 British colonial and government troops who died during the “Malayan Emergency”. (psst, the 50,000 figure is a crap is you ask me)

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