The Dandelions

.. the mutual admiration and bashing society.

Meet The Dandelions

We are bunch of horny people desperately seeking fame to satisfy our narcissistic nature in this hedonistic world. We heard that blogging is cool and the ‘in’ thing now, and being the attention seekers people we are, this it’s just too good an opportunity to miss! We definitely do not want to miss out the fun, yor!!

Horny Dandelions are here to rock the boat! So, stay tune to experience awesomeness!

Meet The Dandelions!

Meet The Dandelions!

1. Barbie the Pink Panther

Barbie is into pink. He has pink shirt. He has pink shoes. He loves girls in pink. No he is not gay. Since when pink is exlusively gays? He is not sissy either. Try call him sissy, he will ask you to spread your legs and poke you.. with a stick or his stick depending on where you have your balls, up there or down there.

Barbie is sick of the craps he is taking everyday especially from the idiots running the country, the boot-lickers writing all praises and glories and clueless retards supporting them. He is fed up with the bickering among the impotent opposition parties that cannot get their priorities right after being given the chance to make good of things.

Using this blog, he is going bash them hard, eat their brains for breakfast, whip their apathetic asses and jolt them up from the deep slumber sleep they are having. He is happy to have the chance to dissect the biased mainstream media reports and news. He hates Joceline Tan for her awesome balls licking articles. He despised V.K Chin for his wonderful idiotic column.

Barbie tagline is : No mercy for idiots. F**k them hard and make them remember it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out for the Barbie!

2. missjolie

hot and spicy. gregarious. fantabulous. spontaneous. obnoxious. vain. sometimes a pain. the ultimate!!! pleased to meet you, missjolie at your service!

I’m not political. Merely waxing lyrical. i dislike  hypocrites. as much as those in politics. who cannot keep their promises but yet make us beleive that they are better than their promises. even more  corrupted politicians. who manipulate and stipulate.  our minds.  the media.  our future??  is seriously.  at stake.

3. Saggie the Warrior

Who is Saggie ? and why he calls himself a warrior ? Is he so full of himself ?

Saggie is a son, a husband and a father. He is an honest hard (if you consider facebooking and YM as work) working man, likes to make stupid jokes and think he is a pretty good looking for a short and fat man.

He is happy with his life, pretty contented with what he have but at the moment very ..very sad with the ongoing saga in Malaysia. Whilst all leaders around the World are busy with managing their Nations’ Economy due to the unavoidable recession, Malaysian leaders are occupying themselves with chasing DNA of a 61 years old man…yes thats right!

Funny thing is, despite all that..there are still millions in Malaysia who think that the leaders they have now are the best. These people have been blinded by the main stream media who might as well be called The Government Trumpets !! Saggie and his fellow Dandelions hope Malaysians who have been blinded can be enlightened by this blog. If we can at least make one guy realised how they have been fooled all these while..than its all worth it. If not..I dont really care..I have been crapping all over facebook..Might as well blog..

It sounds pretty cool..I have a blog….hahaha..some say its a good way to get the ladies…though my friend Barbie doesnt seem to get any actions..despite his popular blog.

Is Saggie a warrior? Well he used to be in tae kwan do club (he joined because the hottest girls in school were there as well). He used to be able to do the split..wachaaa. But now..he can split far enough just to do the necessary business in the Crap room…

Thats sit back..and enjoy the CRAP from Saggie..the warrior

disclaimer: my wife dearie…I was joking about the ladies bit…I love you…(please don’t stop cooking…)

4. Madame

Woo Hoo!!!! I finally got here…after lots of behind the scenes help from The Saggy Warrior and Barbie. What can I say about myself?

Hmmmmm…thinking here….obviously I’m clueless abt the intricate world of IT….but other than that…..

I am passionate about Malaysia and its people. I love this country and all that it has to offer…..just wish the ‘dumb schmucks’ governing this country would realise that.

I am passionate about women’s and children’s rights. Dont get me wrong….I AM NOT a feminist as such….rather I’d like to call myself a ‘convenient feminist’ You get the difference ?! ;p I am passionate about the Education system in Malaysia….Hey, wait a minute…what Education system??? The Education system here is practically non-existent. It sucks and needs to be evaluated and un-politicized.

I am passionate about respect and tolerance. The key word to peace and harmony in our world is just that….RESPECT AND TOLERANCE!!!

PS. In my next life…I’d like to be a pampered pooch… 🙂

5. Ernie Jean

Still water runs deep…………(But still one heck of a hot mama ) ;p

Politics, not my cup of tea, but social issues are……so, looks like I’m stuck with the monkey business known as Malaysian politics for now, since they go togeher hand in hand, like ham & cheese.

When not puking over the crap fed by our MSM and “inspiring” statements by those in power, I’m an adoring (and fiercely protective) mother who would give up both her kidneys for her babies, someone who believes in living life passionately, a serial shopoholic and oh yea, a full-time leech/employee.

6. Ella-Mae

Ella-Mae is a portmanteau this blogger coined because of her love of all things Scarlett O’ Hara (Ella is the name of Scarlett’s second child) and Mae West who was probably the most underrated actress from Hollywood’s golden era.

Ella-Mae adores cats, loves her long-suffering husband even more and since she is the sort who sheds more than a tear when she sings NegaraKu, Ella-Mae loathes people and politicians who relentlessly tag her as “bangsa asing” when she who is a 4th generation Malaysian does not want to be anywhere else but in the country she so passionately loves. To put it plainly, Ella-Mae is more than a little disgusted with anything that is split in racial lines. She often ponders if Malaysians will one day truly unite.

Ella-Mae secretly wishes she is a super hero who could zap every corrupt person in this country. She believes corruption eats away a nation as the cancer would a person’s body. Right on top of her ZAP list is none other than the Pharaoh Wannabe and his botox-ed womanoid wife who drips of diamonds from every plausible nook, joint and hole in her body.

Ella-Mae considers herself blessed because in the midst of her bill-paying job which she works from home, she gets to freely dabble in fun distractions like pot-gardening, amateur photography, testing new recipes (only to end up modifying it to suit her Asian palate), home décor, Bible research and FaceBook-ing with her fellow Dandelions.

7. Oscar the Grouch

He is irritable and grumpy in persona. As a lawyer, he is moody and sulks constantly; he hopes for a change in career – the sooner, the better.

He becomes even more volatile and unpredictable when reading moronic news on local politics – he earnestly believes that Kermit the Frog can be a far better politician than any of the simian goons entrusted to administer the country.

He is elated most as a writer and scholar. He desires, many a times, to just be left alone to write. He yearns for the day he can pack himself to an unknown fishing village in Greece, where he can write and sip coffee the whole day, without a care in the world.

8. Cherubim

Cherubim loves to eat, and eat, and eat. Teddies, brownies and cookies are included in C’s favourite things. C also loves pink, though C doesn’t strive to wear it all the time. C is extremely secure in C’s machoness as well as femininity. Consequently, Cherubim manages to find enough room in C’s brain to slide in some political thoughts or two, fluffy and cuteness doesn’t mind sharing the space there. ^_^

9. jingoisticbuthornydesperado

Like most people here, this balding twat is also frustrated by the stupidity of the government. The best nifty expressions are the ones described above by his predecessors of this blog. He is in agreement with barbie over VK Chin.

As much as he is part of Malaysian cum Dandelions intelligentsia, he is also capable of very stupid things. Like all men, intelligence is secondary to horniness. He had just recently bought himself a porn magazine for the first time for 14Euros (rather than an 8 Euros optical science magazine) to entertain himself. He was flabbergasted and extremely dismayed to find only nudity in the porn magazine. He is master of obtaining internet kinky porn for free. 14 euros for porn mag is a bit too much for him to stomach but clouded by testosterone at the time, stupidity over-ruled. Full frontal nudity is BORING!!!

He is not as avid a malaysia political news follower as his predecessors of the Dandelions blog. His range of interest is wide, from economics and business, to world politics, world history, ancient mythology, green science, human rights, philosophy, religion, music, etcetra.

10. pervster

Pervster is the most handsome and good – looking one of the lot. Not only that, he’s quite intelligent as well. Yet, he’s humble. How that’s remotely possible, amazes us all. But…he’s got a weakness…as his name may give it away…he’s a bit of a pervert. (just a tad bit).  It comes with the good looks.

For those of you who want to date pervster, kindly send him a message.

11. madpiscean

Mad Piscean is not only mad, she is — according to astrological characteristics — not only emotional, compassionate, imaginative, intuitive and spiritual BUT also indecisive and over-sensitive and has escapist tendencies and lack self-discipline (LOL!). She completely accepts these definitions and is definitely a crybaby when it comes to many many issues. She cries when she watches Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror video and her eyes water when she sings Negaraku, just like fellow Dandelion Ella-Mae.

Why is she blogging? March 8 has paved the way. We are no longer the Malaysia we used to be. Nuff said!

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

12. Joelight

Joelight is a citizen of this country and dares anyone to question her loyalty. She feels sorry for those who wield their ammunition of crazy identities to preserve theirs and destroy others. She ain’t taking those craps lying down. As much as she radiates light to all around her, she can also muster her strength to torch down those recalcitrants who never learnt their lessons.

Joelight believes in abundance of love and those who come in contact with her are purely cherished and tended with utmost love. Others need to have no air, coupled with ethics and sense of responsibility to this world.

Otherwise she intends to walk a path of compassion, and thinks it is more right and just for her and everyone too!

56 Responses to “Meet The Dandelions”

  1. […] About […]

  2. Quid pro quo strategist said

    I have been watching you guys. I am MCA’s 4th cyber trooper from the 4th floor of the 4th block of Wisma MCA at the 4th junction from wisma MCA. Yes there are 4 blocks of Wisma MCA in KL, bet you don’t know that because it took on the appearance of other names. The Star is just a fishing bait to get the unpatriotic Malaysians to our focus…..

  3. allan2 said

    knock..knock….invisible man is here

  4. allan2 said

    hey guys, how do i add my special gambar here ah?

  5. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    who is Allan2?

  6. Marisa said

    Awesome profiles! Oscar the Grouch sounds too good to be true though.

    Hey anyways I own a participative blog site just like yours and I am open for contributors. No strings attached. If there’s anyone here interested, just e-mail me.

    All the best, and happy bashing!

  7. barbie said

    Hello Marisa! Oscar the Grouch is as real as it gets. I’ll let him to comment on the part ‘too good to be true’ haha! Thanks for dropping by, I will check out your site and I believe the rest of The Dandelions will do so.

  8. Too good to be true, Marisa?

    Which part?

  9. Miss Piggy said

    “…spread your legs and poke you.. with a stick or his stick…” Sound familiar! I think I’ve read this somewhere else before, Barbie!

  10. barbie said

    miss piggy, then you must be the one on the receiving end?

  11. Miss Piggy said

    Anytime, barbie, anytime! So you wanna lend me Ken…or do I just have to be happy with Kermit? LOL!!!…Btw, why Dandelions? Sounds like a bunch of pansies wor!!!

  12. saggiethewarrior said

    We are a bunch of pansies Piggy…horny pansies at that…

  13. barbie said

    saggie is not entirely right. we are a bunch of VERY horny pansies..

  14. missjolie said

    how about thorny, horny pansies ???

  15. Is this a revival of ‘flower power’
    With or without any use of powder
    So many spoons to stir the chowder
    We wonder what you want to ponder

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050808
    Tue. 5th Aug. 2008.

  16. hanitha said

    hahahaha…i love your profiles…make me laugh..i bump into u all nya blog when i poke into haris’s blog.. great guys..keep on blogging…

  17. mesoso said

    mmmmmmmmmmm…nice chest barbie..rock me with your rhythm stick any time…kekekeke

  18. missjolie said

    Nice chest on Barbie?! Hell, you got to be kidding me. Madame’s Jessica Rabbit profile HAS a nice chest!!! oh unless you’re gay of course. however you’re seriously barking up the wrong tree here ;P hahahaha

  19. mesoso said

    of jolie..

  20. mesoso said

    isn’t it a bit obvious that i prefer jolie..?? hehehe

  21. erniejean said

    Barbie is def no Brad, Mesoso…..LOL!!!!

  22. missjolie said

    you sound like someone i know mesoso. so familiar indeed! 😀 hey missjolie is not possesive by nature… she can share… 😉 LOL!

  23. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    it’s not me definitely

  24. missjolie said

    LMAO….I know lah Jingo! hahahaha!

  25. mesoso said

    ok…looks like i gotta go some where else to look for brad..oh btw, wat you got to share ms jolie? pray tell..please!?

  26. mesoso said

    but..but barbie’s tagline is so wonderfully naughty…
    i want to remember..i want to remember.. ;p

  27. zorro said

    I am honoring you “misfits” into my blogroll. I will punish any of you by posting your piece (of course without your permission!) every time you try to bring down the BN government that should have been brought down come new Malaysia Day Sept.16.

    Will arrange to have your mob over at the Wharf after Haris, Dearete (RPK) and I get back from Permatang Pau. “Evil” bloggers fish only at the Wharf.

    Thanks ella-mae for the heads-up on the Ipoh PC ………..and the translation.

  28. zorro said

    Errata: ….Dear Pete (RPK)

  29. bangmalaysia said

    Would like to meet up with you guys someday…of course over some booze (and bak kut teh perhaps).


  30. barbie said

    Bang Malaysia,

    Some of us here cannot take booze nor bak kut teh. Ribena perhaps? HAHA! Well I definitely can drink some and enjoy the delicious bak kut teh, no problem. We will find time, someday 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  31. ella-mae said

    can go for halal chikuteh la 😉

  32. Madame said

    Errrm….what’s chikuteh?

    Bangmalaysia, thanks for invite. The Dandelions are spread out all over Malaysia….so logistically that mite be a tad difficult 😉

  33. missjolie said

    don’t forget….spread out all over the world too 😉

  34. Madame said

    OOOOPS….Yes! Sorry guys 😉

  35. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    ahem, madame, actually spread all over the planet. how can you ignore me!!! grrrrr……. (H)

    chikuteh is like bak kut teh. same herbs, only substituting pork with chicken

  36. Montana1 said

    A big thank you to Zorro for “honoring you “misfits” into his blogroll”. This is how I discover you guys. I, too, as most Malaysians, who knows the going ons in our political arena called the “zoo” with monkeys and kerbau(S), as our leaders, am fed up to my eyeballs with our dailies. We might as well be considered retarded if we read the newspapers. I am with you Madame, but not the pampered pooch bit. Keep it up, guys n gals, I will be returning to your blog everyday!

  37. missjolie said

    Thanks for the support Montana1….;) please do!

  38. Surind said

    Add me to your blogroll please? I have added/linked you to mine. Thank you & keep up the great work guys & gals! Cheers

  39. Madame said

    Thanks, Montana1 and Surind! 🙂

  40. Surind said

    Madame…. you are hot! Or atleast, I hope you are as hot as Jesicca Rabbit 😉

    No, I am not a pervert…hehe

  41. Madame said

    Surind….Jessica Rabbit? Pffff….I’m even hotter! 😀

  42. barbie said

    I can vouch for that!

  43. Sabature said

    Read the recent posts…Funny :).

    Good on ya mates.

  44. Sabature said

    By the way…If you guys buy domain hosting anywhere I am volunteering to build your website on Joomla…With an amazingly beautiful theme and everything :).

  45. Surind said

    Can I “also” email you for a date (cup of coffee) Madame? 😉

    Thanks Barbie:

  46. raktamrittika said

    Have u guys any member from kelantan yet?…am here to promote myself..hehe…

  47. doggone said

    Hello flowery people,

    Misfits I like. A mix bag of misfits(multi-racial),I like even better.
    We, who yearn for good governance in this country are all misfits. Why you might arse. Well, we just don’t fit in with what UMNO stands for, and personally Saiful just don’t fit me. He’s rather loose down there you know, and not that I’m small. I’ll swear to that if they won’t press charges..or strap charges on me. Since I’m the bak-kut-teh kinda guy, I have to take the oath under Islam Hadhari, so here goes…

    Wahmauzzz, Wahbilazzz, Wahsudahzzz !!!

  48. Surind said

    doggone Says:
    “Wahmauzzz, Wahbilazzz, Wahsudahzzz !!!”

    hahaha! 🙂

  49. INVISIBLE MAN said


  50. Antares said

    Ahem… how come my blog isn’t listed among “Malaysia’s Best”???? Tell you what… I’ll add Dandelions to my blogroll right now (wink wink! 😉

  51. shedevil said

    hey do u guys think u could let me join?

  52. Madame said

    Sorry, Shedevil…we are very flattered that you should want to join us, however, us Dandelions are actually really good friends and are very comfortable with each other in real life too. This is a real relationship that we have going for us.

    You have a good one! 🙂

  53. missjolie said

    Yep, Madame is right. Dandelions is a ‘members’ only club. 😉

  54. anonteabaggingmalaysianpart2 said

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…sigh….I cant remember ?whatshisface “mr.utopia”…I hate to say I told you so..but in all fairness..even in 30 years..I would have still been right….
    you gotta love em hallucinating bloggers…..I guess it’s the truth you cant handle……eh ,btw how come blogger headwanker is pushing the panic button, ask him to chill out lar, after all he had taken the entire nation with his fellow ass banging mate in circles…
    But I have no sympathy for you guys..because IT WAS A CHOICE YOU MADE..knowing the harsh reality…
    now, now….dont give up…carry on your plight….
    after all in the past 20 years there were many goverments reformed and overhauled bottom – up? NOT!!!!!
    If you don’t like the government just vote the opposition when the time comes…stop acting like LKS ..Who to me is an uneducated fish monger…who is asking Najib to guarantee no crackdown on new media…my question is ..Mr.LKS and fellow teabaggers…can we agree to this and implement a rule whereby all forms of new media must abide to responsibility on their articles..Which only must be based on facts OR face the consequences …and how many will agree to this… ??? I think you know the answer ..
    Ciao kids..
    Oh btw..talking about some good blogs…check a good mate of mine mat chang … ….maybe you can start learning how to be more mind stimulating..well ..he might be very much aligned to fact he is .. but..lets see you refute his facts….lol!!!
    (*refer to NOTE 1)

  55. barbie said

    Do we need your sympathy? I bet it’s so stimulating for you, getting worked up for a little statement like that 🙂 Why don’t you start by writing properly for a start before shooting constipatedly? Facts? It’s up to everyone to judge when something is presented, obviously you are not buying any of the facts or concern with the doubts raised, but that’s your choice, no?

    psst… still so obssesed with RPK I see. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  56. Molly Lou Melon said

    Para dandelions sekalian,
    How to apply for interview untuk digelar Dandelion bersama sama? I can be horny, am topless & *insert qualifying criteria*. cuma I have this inherent mistrust for anything that hides under a blanket. Including popiahs.

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