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They don’t really care about us!!

Posted by ella-mae on August 8, 2009

5 Responses to “They don’t really care about us!!”

  1. Calvin said

    I experience it by myself..on the street….
    The true is, in their eyes we Malaysian are nothing!

    We wound’t get any respect from them!

  2. democraticpatriot said

    I have watched many of the videos posted online and watched in horror how the FRU and police dealt with the peaceful protestors!!! It was absolutely shocking when the PM and his government insisted that Malaysia is a democratic country and he is a PM for all Malaysians but his ‘hunchmen’, team and his ‘loyal’ supporters did things like belting out tear gas and water canons and surpressing peaceful Malaysians, and watching the police searching individuals’ personal belongings and upon finding the peaceful Malaysians wearing or keeping T-shirts bearing words like “NO to ISA!” or “Abolish ISA!” and etc., these innocent and peaceful Malaysians were arrested and subsequently charged with threatening the country!! Well, to all Malaysians who had watched these videos, I only have ONE QUESTION, and that’s what part or role are each one of you/us is playing? I also have ONE REQUEST, and that is if you want a BETTER FUTURE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR NEXT GENERATION…STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND DO THE RIGHT THING IN THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION or in any other ways you deem lawful and rightful in support of PAKATAN RAKYAT’ efforts to change Malaysia’s current government! Thank you and GOD BLESS all the RIGHTEOUS AND TRUE MALAYSIANS! 1BLACK MALAYSIA to the unrighteous government and one “MALAYSIA for MALAYSIANS! HIDUP RAKYAT! HIDUP RAKYAT! HIDUP RAKYAT!

  3. mauryaII said

    There seems to be fewer posts from the regular contributors. I wonder whether you people are under the scanner. If so, please take care. Do not become victims of our police farce or the agency for crooks and criminals.

  4. Thumb Logic said

    Many Third World countries are being run like prisons turned inside out. The good inside and the bad outside.We need laws that tell us what we can do and not laws that tell us what we cannot do. That is what seperates a developed country from a developping country. Man does not live by Per capita income alone. Money can be in the hands of the US one day and China the next day. But the strong institutions of government remain as a bulwark against abuse.

    I hope that our leaders in both the government and the opposition give some thought to this. Our stay in this earth is temporary but in that short stay good leaders can transform bad organisations into good ones and bad leaders can turn good organisations into bad ones.

  5. Joe Kenak said

    Babe, ni bukan budaya kita, bontot berkerak jangan lah lu nak ikut cara orang putih tak pasal pasal, jangan tak sedar diri.

    Suka sangat nak tengok negara ni havoc gila ke, wa ingat lu orang tak faham apa tu kuca kacir yang berlaku di tempat tempat lain di dunia ni.

    Alhamdulillah gomen dah nak review ISA berilah pandangan yang menunjukkan lu tu masih bersifat manusia bukan saitan. Sebab dalam keadaan tiada lansung akta macam ISA maka Datuk Saitan Anak Iblis akan bermaharajalela lah.

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