The Dandelions

.. the mutual admiration and bashing society.

Pantun Seloka with The Dandelions!


Dua tiga kucing berlari,
Mana nak sama Shaydlin seorang,
Terima kasih daun keladi,
Anda pergi hatiku girang!


Kuih bulan Buah melaka
Ubi kentang Ubi keledek
Mesoso suka Barbie pun suka
Ape lagi pergila merendek


Ubi keledek Obi Wan,
Buah melaka buah dada,
Saggie nampak tidak keruan,
Tepuk dada tanya selera.


Pergi pasar beli durian
Beli durina dengan rambutan
Saggie memang tidak keruan
Melihat Barbie and Mesoko bercumbu cumbuan

59 Responses to “Pantun Seloka with The Dandelions!”

  1. barbie said

    Buah durian banyak duri,
    Buah rambut banyak rambut,
    Saggie terpingin menawarkan diri,
    Apa lagi, Mesoso cepatlah urut!

  2. saggiethewarrior said

    jalan jalan cari makan
    Cari makan bersama teman
    Jinggo dan Barbie berebut rebutan
    Ingin kan Mesoso sebagai pujaan

  3. saggiethewarrior said

    mirror mirror on the wall
    tell me once and for all
    Mesoso, Jinggo and Barbie doll
    who is the horniest among them all

  4. missjolie said

    mirror mirror on the wall
    missjolie is the fairest of them all
    as for horniest one of all
    it’s the one with the biggest balls!

  5. saggiethewarrior said

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Answer for me, answer for all
    Schlong can measure, girth and all
    Balls how to measure, must weight them all?

  6. barbie said

    Twinkle twinkle little star,
    How I wonder what you are,
    Hear hear the pansies roar,
    C’mon let love strip you bare!

  7. barbie said

    Crytal ball, diamond and Saggie’s balls,
    Which ball is the hairiest of all,
    Fear not we can measure your balls,
    Leave it in hands of the the professional!

  8. missjolie said

    saggie the warrior you claim to be
    let me tell you how to see
    the biggest balls it’s easy to tell
    with hands you lift like dumbells!

  9. Apple said

    mirror mirror on the wall
    apple is also one of the fairest of them all 😉
    are you sure the horniest is the one with the biggest balls?
    aha, let them flaunt their balls for comparison once and for all 😉

  10. mesoso said

    mesoso loves eating mee soto
    with lots and lots of potato
    but only when my barbie’s around
    will mesoso gladly turn upside down..

  11. saggiethewarrior said

    Crystal ball, diamond and Saggie’s balls,
    Which is the hairiest of all them balls,
    If thats the case I am not worried at all
    For I am known as Saggie balls

    *wink wink*

  12. mesoso said

    i say mee soto, you say soto mee
    i say i like you, you say why me??
    nobody,nay..not even balls like saggie
    can measure up to my barbie..

  13. barbie said

    wait wait, hold your horse,
    it’s running wild like it’s on pot,
    i have never let my pant loose,
    mesoso must be confused a lot 😛

  14. missjolie said

    Mirror mirror on the wall,
    answer is clear for all
    the horniest one of all
    is the one with the saggiest balls! 😉

  15. mesoso said

    Barbie, barbie, oh my baby
    is ok if u do not like me
    i can only admire from afar
    it breaks my heart, i just blame my gaydar.. 😦

  16. missjolie said

    mee soto, soto mee,
    mesoso, y’all have it wrong
    what you really want is sodomy?
    but careful of that schlong!


  17. mesoso said

    msjolie ah msjolie..
    what to do, i like gulis
    i am like wat u call roti prata
    flip flip flip, sama sahaja..

  18. barbie said

    saggie has many blow up dolls,
    he eats gambir sarawak with spring roll,
    mesoso, i never show my balls,
    how you know mine’s bigger than saggie’s LOL!

  19. mesoso said

    oh barbie, my dearest baby
    i am what you least expect to be
    i could be your neighbour, looking between your knees
    but it was really your pecs that sized up your gulis..

    big or small, it is fine with me
    no matter near or far from me
    when you are in love
    everything’s just meant to be..

  20. saggiethewarrior said

    Saggie blow up dolls so big
    Saggie chew gambir serawak to stay fit
    Saggie balls are so damn big
    Saggie wear boxers brief can’t fit

  21. saggiethewarrior said

    mesoso chasing barbie there and here
    mesoso thinks barbie is the one
    saggie may be the horniest here
    jolie still the hottest one

    *free meal jolie..wink ..wink*

  22. mesoso said

    oh saggie…my new dearie
    i have been dumped by my barbie
    perhaps you will consider me..
    to be your brand new lovely.. 🙂

  23. Cherubim said

    Buah cempedak masuk lokap
    sebab bauk busuk sangat
    mane syadflin ke mana lesap
    sebab pantun kami bagus bangat…


  24. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Oh jingo, my deary me,
    Off the bed, now I can see,
    Mesoso has saggie’s to replace my SEA MAN,
    Pun indeed, is my heman.

  25. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Jerit, jerit anjing betina,
    Busuk, busk, lama tak mandi,
    Shaydlin guna mulut tak guna telinga,
    Lama tak gosok gigi, bau saja sudah ‘giddy’

  26. d_sticks said

    Satu Dua tiga empat
    kucing lompat…jangan lompat!
    Pantun kami memang bagus bangat…
    tapi…yang lesap tu, bodoh bang…

    i shall not complete it..



  27. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Barbie flees, mesoso chases,
    Barbie can’t outrun man with 5 limbs,
    Flee right into bondage, mesoso prizes,
    Oooh, aah, uuh, wah, pleasure of the 5th limb.

  28. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Missjolie is the prettiest without a doubt,
    Secretly she envies, wishing to be a lout,
    Will then be the centre of gay paparazzi,
    No longer lonely, but finally sassy.

  29. mesoso said

    jingoisbutdadada watever..
    barbie has broken me heart asunder
    but nevermind my current lack of fire
    i’ll come after you, if you so desire…hahahaha

  30. missjolie said

    Missjolie is always sassy
    was there ever a doubt,
    she’s enjoying every bit of the gay love
    spread about,
    left, right center and upside down,
    but where is the clown?
    who’s name i can’t pronounce,
    sharksfin? she’s-dim, oh it’s syadflin!

  31. missjolie said

    oh me oh my oh mesoso,
    i’m starting to grow fond of thee,
    but may i ask what are you doing
    barking up the wrong tree,
    why do you not look carefully
    when you pee for territory?
    the one you want is NOT the one…but
    the one you DON’T want could be the ONE!

  32. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    You got to want me like Haagen Dazs,
    Blow me, grope me, caress me, spank me,
    I will not tagged along, like a silly spazzz,
    I am only the third of the do re mi…….

  33. mesoso said

    missjolie ah missjolie
    wat to do wif people like me..?
    always neither here nor there
    damn, i just see men…everywhere!!
    but missjolie so pretty and so sassy
    appears to be extending her sympathy
    perhaps i might like this company?
    but then, who’s gonna serve soto mee?


  34. missjolie said

    Oh jingo my dear
    that’s disgusting grub
    you must be high on drugs
    you are talking like a thug…
    do not speak of or discuss
    a lady’s private stuff…

  35. saggiethewarrior said

    Jinggo is always horny
    He almost poke the poor nanny
    Jolie is so very saucy
    She kick butt without mercy
    Saggie never need to worry
    His pot is full of honey
    Barbie is so very funny
    He and Mesoso like to pokie pokie
    Mesoso wants to woo Saggie
    Sorry dude, Saggie ain’t got no pee pee

  36. mesoso said

    listen fellas..i think we are all such a talented bunch of idiots, i mean poets here…hahahhhha

    hey, thanks man, you guys really make my day. i am like laughing all the way..thank you for such a great day..


  37. missjolie said

    pleasure was ours mesoso. 🙂

  38. barbie said

    Burung pipit terbang tinggi,
    Burung helang terbang rendah,
    Mari mari hiburkan hati,
    Tiada duka hilangkan gundah.

  39. saggiethewarrior said


    likewise dude..likewise

  40. who is apple?

  41. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Mirror mirror, I see trouble,
    Missjolie’s fairest? Barbie keeps mum,
    Apple, the rival, fair like marble,
    Missjolie is just but Snow White’s stepmum!

    Sharpen the nails, the guys just stare,
    Catfight begins with Jolie’s first MEOW,
    Apple scatches, Jolie pulls hair,
    The girls roll, roll like SIAO SIAO. (Hokkien *crazy*)

    I thought I just saw Halle Berry,
    Oh, it’s just Jolie, her whip and glee
    Apple got whipped, oh so scarry,
    Jolie smirked and laughed hysterically,

    Excited they are, barbie and saggie,
    Found themselves having a MASTER BED, (pun intended)
    Self-satisfied laugh, HEE, HEE, HEE,
    So happy that the girls got their bait.

    Apple is really part of a fairy tale,
    THE poison Apple that Snow White bit,
    Stepmum forgot, bit it, now look pale,
    Apple has now the fairest seat……

  42. mesoso said

    goodness me, jolie, barbie and saggie
    looks like this thread continues for all to see
    oh me oh my, so so funny
    you guys no need work ah for money??

  43. Apple said

    mesoso mesoso, you are so funny
    jolie, saggie and barbie too are equally witty
    it’s so fun reading your poesy
    you guys make laugh so easily:-)

  44. Apple said

    mesoso mesoso, you are so funny
    jolie, saggie and barbie too are equally witty
    it’s so fun reading your poesy
    you guys make laugh me so easily:-)

  45. missjolie said

    where has everyone gone
    it looks so forlorn
    i’m going to bash up his toe

    for calling me a stepmother
    or was it a witch?
    i was not going to bother
    but he’s brought out the bitch!

    so war it is u say
    regret you may
    where is the gay
    that brings cheer to my days?!

  46. mesoso said

    eh hullo who call me gay ?
    mesoso needs no labels to make his day
    he is as man-butch as can be
    even jinggo or saggie wont dare to fight me

    mesoso has been wondering too
    where all his beloved have gone to
    still mesoso pines for the one and only
    barbie doll that he misses so plainly..

  47. anakmerdeka said

    Lihat lah mentaliti orang baru…. bahasa jiwa bangsa …. kalau bahasa mebincangkan perkara yang bangsat setiap hari…. bangsa apa itu?

    Orang bercakap dia pun nak cakap
    Orang berdebat dia pun nak berdebat
    Tak berkali orang tua peringat cakap
    Kalau dah rosak fikiran inilah akibat


  48. mesoso said

    oi..siapa buka pintu bagi anakmerdeka masuk…??!!!

  49. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    kalau saya tak salah, dia cakap sama-sama seperti shaydflin. anakmerdeka betul-betul mentality ketinggalan zaman (atau tua?). memang sudah nyanyuk. Ikut puisinya, maki kita dan maki dia sendiri pun, nyanyuk tak? Sekarang dia sendiri mencaci UMNO menggunakan bahasa untuk membincang perkara yang bangsat setiap hari. saya kesian lihat orang tua ni yang tak tentu arah. jangan-jangan termasuk rumah orang tua di Tanjung rambutan. betul-betul kesian.

  50. E3nx said

    Oke punya pantunya.

  51. INVISIBLE MAN said

    U MARAH,

  52. INVISIBLE MAN said

    aS water shapes its flow accordingly to the ground,
    an army wins by relating to the enemy it faces.
    Just as water retains no constant condition.
    Thus, d one who can modify his tactics according to
    the enemy situation shall be victorious n may be called
    the devine commander.
    Sparton is prepared to face….
    we will support u guys..

  53. INVISIBLE MAN said

    In battle, there are only the direct n indirect
    methods of fighting but their combinations give an
    endless series of maneuvers.
    For both forces r interlocked n using each will lead
    to d other; it is like moving in a circle-u will never
    come to an end. Who can determine where one ends and d
    other begins?

  54. INVISIBLE MAN said

    u guys r good…

  55. Cina Kristian said

    dari golok beli epal,
    pegi losong jual nama,
    tulis blog konon liberal,
    otak kosong hati pun sama.

  56. ase said

    eh maaf dari indonesia bisa tolong gak tejemahkan arti bahasa malaisianya ke bahasa indonesia?

  57. nadhirahradzi said

    u guys are fantastic……….

  58. nadhirahradzi said

    tapi lainkali janganlah guna banyak sangat mirror mirror k u r the best…………..

  59. Semua pantun di sini lawak belaka…………..

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