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KJ: My Curriculum Vitae, Desperately Looking For A New Job

Posted by barbie on August 27, 2008


Personal Details:

Full Name: Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar
Age: 32 years old
Date of Birth: January 10, 1976
Place of Birth: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Language spoken: English and Malay

Education Background:

Tertiary education:
1. Master’s degree in Legal and Political Theory from University College London (UCL), United Kingdom
Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from Oxford University, United Kingdom

Secondary education:
2. United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

Employment Experiences:

1. Journalist

2. Talk show presenter – Dateline Malaysia

3. Writer for The Economist

4. Special Officer for Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

5. Deputy Principal Private Secretary for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

6. Son in Law of Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

7. Investment banker

8. Deputy President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)

9. Deputy  Chief of UMNO Youth

I am writing this resume to prepare myself for the worse. I may be jobless after that traitor Anwar Ibrahim make good of his promise to take over the government this coming Sept 16th. I may need to quit my Deputy Chief of UMNO Youth and my powerful father in law no longer can provide for me. Damn Anwar Ibrahim!!

I should not make that stupid statement at the Permatang Pauh ceramah that day. What I was thinking saying we are here to bury Anwar’s political career and challenging Anwar Ibrahim to  resign as PKR adviser if he failed to become prime minister by Sept 16. I should just stop and that and not saying I would quit as Umno Youth deputy chief. Damn my smelly mouth!!

I am jobless after selling my shares in ECM Libra Avenue Bhd in 2006. Hey! I sold it at 65 sen per share, 6 sen cheaper from the price I bought at 71 sen, so I actually loss a lot of money! I only made less than RM 7 million after selling all my shares. What rich? I borrowed the money to fund my RM9.2 million shares, sold it for RM7 million  so I actually lost RM2 million okay! Damn that old man Lim Kit Siang, simply say I am the richest unemployed man!!

Luckily my father in law is a good and generous to me and thank God I am the Deputy Chief for UMNO Youth, I still can ‘cari makan’ as the Malays say. For quite some time I am depending on my father in law to pay off my cars, traffic summonses and my 2 iPhones. I am quite embarrassed to depend on him, but what I can do?  You see I have three cars with number plats KJ10Q, WNA13 and WMT8001. The car number plates itself also cost more than the car, you know! Damn the cars!!

I bought 2 iPhones and signed up for the AT&T’s 2 years contract, which is available for USD$60, $80 and $100 per month. I am the Prime Minister son in law, you cannot expect me to buy unlocked iPhone at Lowyat Plaza right? You do the math, cheapest plan still cost me USD1440 per year and I have 2 iPhones. I need to pay for the exorbitant roaming charges some more. Sigh!I shouldn’t buy those phones when I was away vacationing at the States for weeks. Damn the iPhone! Damn Steve Ballmer!! Damn Steve Jobs!!

I need to raise my family. I really need to prepare for the worst.  have listed some of the cool jobs I think I can do best judging from my past experience.  Help me make my decision.

1. Tukang karut in a dikir barat group – I can gather some of the my good friends: Nazri, Badruddin, Najib, Ali Rustam, Samyvellu, Ezam Mohd Nor, Bung Moktar, Pandikar Amin and form a dikir barat group! I am so good at ‘mengarut’, being a tukang karut should not be problem.

2. Lead singer in boria – I have a thing with boria. I join UMNO because I love the boria atmosphere.

3. Start a boy band with Jason Lo, my best friend! – We did MyTeam together, why don’t we start a new boy band to rival Too Phat?

4. A tele marketeer – I have no idea why I think of this job. Wait I heard tele marketeer need to bullshit a lot, I think I can handle that. I cannot make much money from it though. Skip this.

5. Go to Texas and become bull auctioneer – I have a loud voice. I love animals. I can connect with them.  Wait, George Bush is from Texas. I hate the bugger. Skip this.

6. Replace AC Mizal as host in AF – I hosted a talk show before. I think I am way more good looking than AC Mizal. I can make good jokes too.

7. AF contestant (since AF taking contestants up to 45 yrs of age) – I love AF. Damn Mawi! He is so famous now. Ali Cafe, Mamee, Poweroot, Hotlink ads all got his face. I also want to be famous. Wait, I am already famous! HAHAHA! Skip this.

8. Gigolo. – Those lecherous white/Japanese girls love beach boys. I am so tanned and good looking. I can speak with accent which they love. But KJ the Gigolo does not sound quite appealing. Skip this.

9. Start one more boutique selling bra and panties – I already have one at Pavilion KL. Well it’s belong to my wife, so it’s belong to me as well. Then again, it is a bit sissy for me selling bras and panties. Skip this.

10. Join Raja Lawak competition – I had told many funny jokes and people love it! I see many stupid bloggers quoting my jokes without paying royalties to me, damn!!

After much consideration, I reflected on my past achievements in politics, hosting political shows, handling public relations events and all that I have done in the past, I think I have failed miserably. UMNO is now at all time low on the pop charts. I do not want to go down the same path again.

I do not know much words apart from “lawan tetap lawan, kuburkan, liwat, pengkhianat bangsa” so I doubt I can be a good political orator. I made so many enemies, there is no one left for me to interview anyway. If they are seen to be too friendly with me, I may cause their shares to drop for the public may hate them.

I cannot sing that well either, so I do not want to do all those tukang karut, boria, AF, boy band stuff.

I think I should try my luck on the Raja Lawak competition. What do you think?

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79 Responses to “KJ: My Curriculum Vitae, Desperately Looking For A New Job”

  1. erniejean said

    Maybe KJ can start taking lessons from Shitful on how to make Kopi Kaw-Kaw………

  2. mesoso said

    ask saifool and auntie pet for advise lor..good money ah in that business..

  3. Madame said

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..errr ROTFLSMDL…. Brilliant!!!! 😀

    Barbie….you can add on “Gut Specialist”….The medical profession in Malaysia faces a shortage in this field 😉

  4. ihateidiots said

    ROTFLMAO! Hilarious….Or he could be a porn star. He has experience there, remember those sex tapes??? However I hear it’s really boring….he’s a total mouse in bed compared to the aggresive gangster persona he portrays! 😉

  5. KJ: My Curriculum Vitae, Desperately Looking For A New Job « The Dandelions…

    I think I should try my luck on the Raja Lawak competition. What do you think?…

  6. Pity KJ. On the other hand, padan muke!

  7. Go and fave it

  8. Dax Low said

    A thank you message


  9. lankapo said

    yup raja lawak would suit him best hahah

    nice should add on digg on your website so the whole will laugh 🙂


  10. pervster said

    gua gua guaaaaaaaa!!!

    good one barbie!!


  11. mauryaII said

    Better for him to try his luck as an entreprenuer running a Nasi Kandar Stall. His fil would only be too pleased to finance this business venture to get him out of the 4th floor. Or he could sell lemang which is famous in Rembau.

  12. Cherubim said

    KJ has sex tapes?


  13. anakmerdeka said

    Ini lah mantaliti orang TER-PELAJAR!!! mengutuk orang aje kerja nye…
    Budaya buruk orang macam ini akan menghancurkan budaya kita.

    Jelas makin ramai orang yang rosak hati dan jiwaraga.

    Contohnya ANWAR yang tak malu nak mempimpin negara melalui cara MEMBELI AHLI MP BN.

    Tak terfikir kamu semua yang cara ini tidak bertamdun.





  14. KJ has sex tape. Now waiting for the right time to shoot his political career.

  15. Farul Azri said

    that serve him right..! LOL.. KJ oh KJ… hehehe…

  16. Malaysia 64 said

    Ada job kosong kat chow kit? satu jam RM2.55sen just for KJ. Must apply before 16/09/08 if not najib/saifool will be shorthanded.

  17. Maniwannan said

    ROFL……… really funny….he still has nor resigned…? lol

  18. sivvisa said

    to ‘anakmerdeka’

    i think u came to a wrong page isn’t it ??

    ‘Contohnya ANWAR yang tak malu nak mempimpin negara melalui cara MEMBELI AHLI MP BN.’

    apa bukti Dato’ Seri Anwar membeli ahli mp bn ?

    jgn bercakap ‘semberono’ …

  19. optimus prime said

    Where can we see the sex tapes,like to see the gangster or the mouse doing his show.ha…

  20. alberttan said

    Buy iPhone and blame Steve Ballmer of Microsoft?
    Typical KJlah, Steve Jobs will excuse, and so will Microsoft (pun intended, barbie).

    Interested in a grave digger’s job at Nirvana? Heard you tokkok about kubur, now prove it! But then problemlah, no Chinese want your service, they do not mind burying you though!
    Zimbabwe is looking for racist fascists, but then problemlah, heard TDM has already booked his flight as Robert Mugabe is the only pariah in the world who want him, you know the old man who asked Siapa Ini Khairy?
    You can do the Saiful thingie but with your looks and age, maybe RM20 a pop in the backstreets of chow kitlah to blind customers, but then problemlah, you know your arse is as big as your mouth.

  21. alberttan said

    Kepada anakmerdeka (aka cybertrooper UMNO);
    Bukankah baru2 saja UMNO bohsia “beli” dalang2 UMNO dalam PAS iaitu Hadi, Nasha dan Ali? Bangsa Melayu/ugama Islam konon, tapi mengapa tawarkan DPM dan MB kepada dalang2 PAS? Apa lagi dihadiahkan, jika mau putar belit makna “BELI” gaya UMNO? Apa terjadi kepada Najib dan UMNO jikalau berlaku? Hang Team AAB atau Najib atau Ku Li?

    Kita ORANG TERPELAJAR bukan bodohlah, lebih kutuk PERBUATAN KHIANAT BERHIPOCRISI dengan perkataan panas dan pedas. Engkau rasa kah? Bagus, selepas itu ikutlah perilaku KJ dan Saiful yang disanjung tinggi dalam UMNO tapi didengki MASYARAKAT TERPERLAJAR Malaysia. Anakmerdeka pasti bukan dari golongan kami.

  22. orange said

    oooh anak merdeka angry ka? kenapa hor? kj dia punya kawan ke? kutuk sikit dia rasa banyak… tsk tsk tsk. how come bn fitnah, tipu & khianat orang dia tak sound? mungkin his type of budaya operates on selective mode or his definition of tamadun is beyond normal or human comprehension…

  23. chris chong said

    though it’s fun to taunt him. but the reality is he is richer than most of us and he will likely be a boss. unless he sucks in investment and loses all his money.

  24. miwaki said

    I think I can recommend a fantastic job for KJ,that is a professional son of dead people.There are some who pass away without descendant and KJ can come in to act as the son of the deceased.Good salary but KJ has to be real pro to lighten up the atmosphere of the funeral.

    I’m sure KJ can do it because he is good !

  25. KJ has only delivered Ezam and padedoh to UMNO and THATS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    More KJ bashing on my website

  26. barbie said

    I heard about the sex tapes, but so far only rumours.


    Hey, baik kau pergi dan berikan nasihat kepada mereka. Aku tak rasa aku ada mengutuk KJ. Ada ke? Aku memuji beliau, tinggi melangit! Dia banyak kebolehan dan sudah tentu tidak mempunyai masalah mencari kerja baru kelak. Tunjuk pada aku, di mana dalam artikel di atas, aku ada kutuk KJ, idola kau? Ada? Ada aku cakap dia bodoh? Kau tau apa benda ‘kutukan’ tu? Kalau aku cakap, “kau ni dungu macam keldai”, dan kau sebenarnya tak dungu, itu baru mengutuk namanya. Tapi kalau kau memang dungu, itu bukan mengutuk. Itu menyatakan kebenaran, mendedahkan kenyataan.

    Anwar ada hendak beli MP BN? Amboi, murah betul harga diri MP BN boleh dibeli, aku pun tak hendak MP macam ni 🙂 Ya, kau baru tau ke Pakatan Rakyat kalah dengan BN pilihanraya umum March lepas? Kita dah lama tau. Tapi secara bandingannya dengan keputusan dulu, BN kalah sampai terlucut seluar, HAHAHA! Hilang 5 negeri, tiada majoriti 2/3. Menang macam itu pun bangga? Siap salahkan orang kurang bijaksana sokong PR? Kalau penyokong BN semua macam kau ni, aku sanggup lah dikatakan kurang bijaksana 🙂

    Sudah, berambus.. balik belajar mengeja dengan betul sebelum bagi komen.

  27. coolbert said

    I don’t think he needs to look for a job now; he used to be jobless and I’m sure he’ll fit right back in seamlessly. 😉

  28. clean said

    anakmerdeka Says:” Ini lah mantaliti orang TER-PELAJAR!!! mengutuk orang aje kerja nye…
    Budaya buruk orang macam ini akan menghancurkan budaya kita.”

    helo anakmerdeka..

    Kau elok kembali ke alam nyata, kalau tak kau boleh join KJ jadi penggali kubur. Nak kuburkan orang lain konon..ceh..

    terasa macam kena kutuk yerk??

    Kau baca paper tak 15~26hb Aug 2008..alah..paper apa lagi kalau bukan utusan, berita, star dan NST?

    Kau tak pulak marah bila paper-paper tu kutuk, hina, caci, fitnah, sumpah, bom dan C4?
    Quran pon puak kau main-main kan!

    Ini semua budaya kau kah??

  29. awangkassim1413 said

    Kepada anakmerdeka

    baca sejarah Malaysia, merdeka bukan kerana UMNO tetapi Melayu, India, Cina, Murut, Kadazan,bajau, melanau, punjabi, orang siam, baba, mamak,portugis melaka….
    Malaysia masih ade melayu dan Islam…yang hendak dikuburkan Melayu UMNO, itu saje.

  30. awangkassim1413 said

    “Anwar sworn in as MP in Malaysian parliament”

  31. awangkassim1413 said

    “Anwar sworn in as MP in Malaysian parliament”

  32. clean said


    clean says “kedangkalan dalam UGAMA kita menutup fikiran kita”

  33. Honque said

    Wah being son-in-law count as experience hahahahah

    Oh yeah btw Steve Balmer is Microsoft man… Its the other Steve that head Apple. Steve Jobs is his name hehehe

  34. ella-mae said

    of course barbie knows its steve jobs and not steve balmer but khairy does not 😉

  35. wakaka said

    When will Fat Nori dump this ar*eh@le?

  36. missjolie said

    Sex tapes are not rumours. I hv seen the short 30 second clip at a blogger’s website. He only released it for a period of time before removing it quickly for fear of prosecution. It was KJ in his younger years. Suffice to say, the 30 sec preview was so boring, the full version never made it to the headlines! 😛

  37. ella-mae said

    the video was indeed released for a short period at the site. however, no one can really confirm if it was khairy or not in the recording. so sex tapes thingy will remain a rumour until someone can actually verify its really khairy 😉

  38. kairi jamaluden said

    I would like firstly congratulate the future prime minister of malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the people of Permatang Pauh for their excellency in making a very good decision. I would also like to send my condolence to Khairy and the whole Barisan machinery for failing 2 cover their faces behind the smelly ass of Saiful Bukhari. I feel so ashamed to see a young man at the age of 23, who has taken an oath that he was literally f***ked by a 61-year old man who has backbone problems? Is it physically possible? Secondly, i can’t imagine the amount of mney that he has received for DARINGLY coming out in public for this. Well it’s true for his statement he will be receiving a lot of compensation. It will only help him if he really is gay. Well if he later decides to change his sexuality and get married and probably accidently get a child….. Does he knoe that that kid will have 2 go through school? It isn’t going 2 be any easy for the kid when the kid will be ridiculed as the kid of the father who got f***ked by an old man. I really hope all the monetary compensation received was worth enough sacrificing the future of his children(if he isn’t gay and capable of producing kids)

    vote saiful for next ketua wnita hamno meleysia…hahahaha

  39. wta said

    Dear AnakMerdeka,

    Use your brain before put some comments here. I think i need to write in B.Malaysia in order to let you understand.

    Kamu adalah pengkhainat bangsa Malaysia semacam dengan UMNO. Pi mampus kau..anak haramjadah..harasplah dosa dosa yang kau dan UMNO lakukan akan makan kamu sendiri..

    Since you are so proud of KJ, i think he should be your father or maybe your mother sleep with him?

  40. benus said

    There’s one job u forgot to put…`penggali kubur’

  41. barbie said

    Ah, I forgot about that 😛

    Gravedigger yes, but Khairy failed to ‘kuburkan DSAI di Permatang Pauh’ so he’s not that good at the job ahaks!


    Kisah benar di sebalik pengakuan liwat Saiful. Apa yang sebenarnya berlaku?


  42. missjolie said

    IMHO, looks like him all right in the sex tape, unless it’s his long lost twin.

  43. dkkl said

    KJ can go to Chow Kit road to sell his butt… I am sure there is a lot of buyers there…

  44. erniejean said

    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the MSMs sing praises about his Bollywood looks when he first came into the political scene? He’d prob do very very well as a gigolo……..after all, he did land himself a rich fish, didn’t he?

  45. delcapo said

    i cannot stop laughing lah… *cramp*


  46. Antidote said

    Maybe KJ can let Saiful sodomize him and then make huge bucks by extorting him. But dammit, Saiful is not loaded enough, probably Najib or Badawi. Would the latter one be categorized as incest?

  47. bangmalaysia said


  48. JIN Bedil said


  49. raktamrittika said

    Brilliant..alwiz love some good jokes once in awhile.
    Regarding KJ’s become unemployed?…i cant relate when did he ever work at the first place.

    So, frankly..some of the options above are already done by him..he is the tukang karut,raja boria, umno’s tele marketeer, Raja LAWAK 2008..he is even better than Nabil!.

    Personally i would prefer to see him as a teacher!..he can teach all the “BERUK” aka apes in BN/UMNO to stop climbing his father in law’s ass.


  50. Pichai said

    Yeh yeh! Khairy got himself buried!
    Khairy got himself buried!
    Learn some mannerslah Khairy MairandY dei!
    I did watch the $ex clip! Not sure if it was him!
    If it was him he should be ashamed of himself!

  51. at80 said

    New link for Malaysia Today:

  52. umm adzka said

    I think you need to do a little correction to the title of this post.. it should not be “looking for a new job” it should read “looking for a job” a jobless cannot get a new job, it can only get a job… 🙂


  53. blondehoneybunny said

    damn, tell me where you’ll find the job, maybe they’ll hire me too :))

  54. Jess said

    you make a good joke out of a horse-dung!

  55. laksamana3 said

    KJ memang sial dan haram jadah!

  56. mohdisa said

    what happened to your layout? susah nak baca ni.

  57. may the SIL enjoy his short-lasting fame

    renaissance.MY’s last blog … Mission : 3P

  58. hanitha said

    salam semua..ello kengkawan…klu nk refer kat org yg kuat tido tu…jgn refer dier as BADAWI becoz tu nama bapak dier… bapak dier mmg tokoh ulama cumer anak dier je yg dh bertuko jdk ular dlm semak.. so, usah sentuh la arwah bapak dier, ntah2 dier pon malu anak nya jdk gitu..anyway, post nie mmg bagus, tp…klu aku..KJ boleh blah la…tk hingin nk bagi dier keje sebab nk tgk muka dier pon aku tk hingin..suh je dier duk diam2 atas pokok..jdk pemerhati kera..kera di hutan tu lgk baik perangainya, belajo la dpd kera2 tu..take care all…

  59. Sharlene said

    You are good and funny! Cool to have another fighter for the Rakyat! Cheers!

  60. umno the beruk said

    kj mungkin akan kecundang tapi dah kaya raya apa dia peduli yg penting ialah membuat rakyat malaysia jadi bodoh macam lembu terutama bangsa melayu.

  61. INVISIBLE MAN said

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, who ah….
    KJ- Khatijah jamal…? hmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhh…
    KJ…is he still alive….oh dear..y lah!
    I heard she/he lost his job n sell the best GI…KOLO KoLO who sell Lok Lok kau at jalan ALor and lorong Haji Taib, some say at Jalan Imbi….now i know who lah!
    hangs around at PULSE, millenium hotEL…..i hope someone will bless him lah…make sure his so call father in-law is still on board lah….if not…LOK KAU also cannot sell lah…die lah like tat…..
    i heard from someone he bought over Nico Hotel…isit true??? any news…

  62. INVISIBLE MAN said

    sorry..i put she/he means…KJ is ah KUA..sad man…

  63. KJ ? well . . this mangkok hayun boy….Malaysian must make sure this boy doesn’t rule the country.

  64. scrase said


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  65. Johnson Lee said

    No,you guys are wrong about KJ. He may not win the impending Umno Youth election or his political career may come to an abrupt end due to his Father-in-law stepping down (more like forced-out) next March; but they have collectively stashed away a huge fortune that will enable them to live a very comfortable life in Western Australia next 150 years.Sorry Bodowi not included,he does not have that long to live,he has maximum 15 years if he can survive his own guilty conscience.

  66. reginald said

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    All intending applicants must be above 18 years of age, must maintain a friendly relationship with fellow workers, As a condition for employment,all applicants are subject to a pre-employment drug screening and other checks that has to be carried out,the Canadian Coast & United States Guard regulated physical and an extensive criminal background check.

    We welcome a minimum number of 2 to 10 or more group of people, to work as a team with us as we travel around the globe, We also welcome single and family applicants and we have a Representstive Office in all part of the world.

    Positions in the dining room, cocktail lodge and passenger areas account for many job positions on the vessels and require constant passenger service opportunities. For those with culinary skills, our passengers and crew galleys offer a variety of kitchen job. Navigation and Engineering positions are also available.

    The onboard Human Resources Coordinator coordinates a variety of social and sport activities for crew members & Tourist onboard too. E-mails could be received and sent from on board on the vessels, phone calls can be made, and money orders are available onboard to help you conduct your personal business. Medical care for emergencies are also available.

    Pay days are weekly. You will be able to cash your paycheck onboard, or arrange for direct deposit. And because your meals, lodging, and most onboard necessities are provided by the Company, you should be able to save a good part of your money!

    At the Canadian Cruise Shipping Tourist Company, we provide fund memories and uncompromise service to our passengers. Hard work and many weeks away from home make your onboard experience unique and a special employment challenge. We are known for attentive guest service and gracious hospitality on the vessel. Every position with the Canada Cruise Shipping Company must reflect our commitment to excellence in passengers service and safety; it has been the foundation of our success over the years .

    “I’ve Never Worked in the ship company Before”

    No problem! (Unless you want to work as captain or some other position directly related to the operation of a Cruise Tourist Ship Line CA !). The vast majority of positions available on a Cruise Tourist Ship Line CA requires no previous Ship experience. See below for a partial listing of vacant positions available on Cruise shipping Tourist Ship Line CA :

    CSL’s on-site team for the hull replacement project includes,from left to right, Carl Sullivan,CSL Steel Inspection, Dave McCormick, Mechanical/ Electrical Inspection and Bob McRae, Coating Inspection.

    Many Positions Are Available »»»

    ( Csl Inc On Line General job opportunities)

    [1] Kitchen staff ______________Weekly Pay $775 USD

    [2] Entertainers__________Weekly Pay $700 USD

    [3] Deck and cabin steward/stewardress ____Weekly Pay $1,052 USD

    [4] Bar attenders and cocktail server _____Weekly Pay $715 USD

    [5] Gift shop attendant_______ Weekly Pay $ 695 USD

    [6] Fitness and gym instructor ______Weekly Pay $1,250 USD

    [7] Youth counsellor______Weekly Pay $620 USD

    [8] Tour guide________Weekly Pay $570 USD

    [9] Language interpreter_________Weekly Pay $1,87.5 USD

    [10] Medical staff_______Weekly Pay $ 1,612.5 USD

    [11] Casino attendant__________Weekly Pay $ 667.5 USD

    [12] Ship engineer _________ Weekly Pay $ 2,125 USD

    [13] Computer operator ________Weekly Pay $ 875 USD

    [14] Telecommunication laboratory engineer____Weekly Pay

    $ 2,35.00 USD

    [15] Security agents & divers_Weekly Pay $1,812.5 USD

    [16] purser’s office_____ Weekly Pay $ 1, 125 USD

    [17] Photography_____Weekly Pay $ 475 USD

    [18] Computer technician_____Weekly Pay $ 1, 125.00 USD

    [19] Computer programmer_____Weekly Pay $ 875 USD

    [20] Computer analyst_____Weekly Pay $ 1, 250.00 USD

    [21] Shore Excursions_____Weekly Pay $ 487.5 USD

    We welcome your application, as we hope to work together in the nearest future. All interested applicants should forward a scanned copy of thier International passport and c.v/resumes ,if any,to our administrative/personnel office via the email address.


    Ivan Humble

    CSL Personnel Manager.

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