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They don’t really care about us!!

Posted by ella-mae on August 8, 2009


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Release of the ISA Detainees: – Morally Correct, Technically Flawed

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on April 5, 2009

The release of the 13 ISA detainees – portentously announced by newly elected Prime Minister Najib Razak – is a welcome decision. This, together with the governmental pledge for a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act 1960, would hopefully mark the style-to-come for Najib’s new administration.

However, although the decision is generally saluted and rejoiced by all, Najib has set – as one of his first administrative directive – a ruling that is technically unsound, unjustified and irrationalized.

What is the justification for Najib to release the ISA detainees in the first place? After all, these detainees – according to the Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar – were detained to prevent them from acting in a manner prejudicial to the security of Malaysia.

It is pertinent to re-visit the relevant provision of the ISA: –

“Section 8 ISA – Ministerial Order of Detention

(1) If the Minister is satisfied that the detention of any person is necessary with a view to preventing him from acting in any manner prejudicial to the security of Malaysia or any part thereof or to the maintenance of essential services therein or the economic life thereof, he may make an order (hereinafter referred to as “a detention order”) directing that that person be detained for any period not exceeding two years. “

If the detention of these detainees were by reason that they were all a threat to the security of the country, then wouldn’t it be wrong to free them without any sound and reasonable justification. Can a captive group of individuals be deemed a threat to society one day; and be deemed “reformed” the next day?


And – pleasing as the decision may be – Najib has no business announcing the release of detainees on his day of investiture. It gives the unpleasant scoff that the new PM is ordaining some sort of pardon for political prisoners. Perhaps he envisages himself as a monarchist-of-sorts, clout by the power of pardon – which incidentally, is only legally availed to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong under Article 42 of the Federal Constitution.

I do not know when it was actually concluded that the 13 detainees are no longer a threat to society but I do hope it was not a decision reached earlier. If the detainees are deemed no longer a threat, they should be released IMMEDIATELY, not a day longer. Not wait till Najib’s appointment ceremony for him to gain political clout and mileage, as if some sort of symbolic releasing of pigeons from the cage.

That is what is so wrong with the ISA in the first place – it is used as a tool by the Government. Caught one day – released the other – without the opportunity of a fair trial. All of which decided by the same person of bodies – acting as judge, jury and executioner.

My take on the whole issue is this: –

1. The ISA is a draconian piece of legislation which should be repealed. In fact, any law that tacitly allows detention without trial should be removed forthright;

2. If the use of the ISA is allowed to continue, please, for God’s sake, do not misuse the Act for one’s own benefit. The ISA was put in place for fight against the communist in the 60s. It is not intended to be utilized against political opposition;

3. The use of the ISA involves a person’s freedom and liberty. Use it wisely and sparingly. If in doubt, don’t. And if someone should or ought to be set free, do so immediately. Don’t wait for a day of inauguration; or before the elections; or the King’s birthday; or National Day etc … to order release of detainees.

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Najib’s ruthless plan to restore absolute power of UMNO?

Posted by Cherubim on February 21, 2009

I have been wondering why Barisan Nasional was behaving themselves. Maybe I was deluded into thinking, well, considering the grim global economic forecasts this year, they’re perhaps trying to save as many middle class in the country as possible. Think of something other than the rubbish economic stimulus packages that doesn’t seem to work long-term.  After all, people who pay taxes are those in the middle-lower class catagory, and the super rich usually gets aways without paying much. Except I forgot one thing, the reason BN’s political hold onto the country’s wavering is due to the fact that the middle class can afford internet access, is more or less well educated, and makes decisions on their own, rather than what is fed through the mass media. They don’t want that. No. So they decided to plan an ambush.

They were planning to topple the hold that the Pakatan Rakyat has in the 5 states one by one, using proven effective techniques.  The first technique we have seen is bribery, where there are those 4 from Perak who fell to the ploy. There is an alleged claim that the former DAP MP’s actually incurred numerous debts, and the woman chose her husband over her own other loyalties, or so the whispers in the wind say.  Second technique is the digging out dirt on the head or those who hold the parties together, as poor Elizabeth Wong has sufffered and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is finding out. The third is by psychological pressure, by giving death threats, putting the MPs in fear of harm to their families, which unfortunately knowing as how things are evolving in this country, might be carried out.

What all of us must understand is that the next Prime Minister of Malaysia (a dictator who would rival Mahathir’s iron grip, with less tact, less consideration for the economy, and a womanizer to boot)  is one ruthless sneaky fellow, and he’ll do anything to keep his imagined god-given right to rule and leech off the land. These people don’t care about us common folks who work 10 hour days and want only to be good at what their chosen profession does. No matter what, free access to the nation’s coffers would ensure that the powers that be in BN UMNO always be more than comfortable. They’re already wealthy, and the only way to keep things that way is to maintain hold on power in the country and be Deities (in their minds) above the law. No one is safe from being their pawns. Whatever it takes, it will be done.

Pakatan Rakyat as it is right now exists on a fragile balance. Everyone has ideals, everyone wants justice and equality, everyone has their own motives and reasons. Everyone is human. Make no mistake, Najib’s plan is to prey on PR MPs’ weaknesses, expose/threaten/pay them off then play dumb and innocent officially. PAS, for all their excessive enthusiasm for religion, does not lack of loyalty and solidarity amongst themselves, it is after all the Muslim way. Cannot the DAP and PKR do the same? We are facing a common enemy, it is now time to strategize and effective counter-attack. One has to be smart, and trust one another. They cannot break a bound bundle of sticks, but it’s easy to break them one by one untill all has fallen.

Pakatan Rakyat, worry, strategize, and prepare yourselves. This 4-year-term you have earned will be unchartered territory as far as Malaysian political scene is concerned. Everything is possible, even assasinations. Remember, the people have supported you, so kindly do you end of the bargain.

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Election Commission is piece of lying shit! Just bring on the by election! Oh so much shits going on, I feel shitty writing this shit.

Posted by barbie on February 4, 2009

Just reading this making me want to vomit.

When asked by the reporter whether he had doubts over the two sets of letters ( the first set of letters of resignation sent in earlier, and the second where the two reps now say they have not resigned ), he replied : “You got two letters from two elected representatives and in the same breath you get another set of letters from same people. So how to make a decision? Because of the doubts created, we cannot make a decision to declare the seats as vacant. Therefore status quo remains“.

Status quo remains, yet they made the decision in favour of the second letter, purportedly by the missing reps! And why these two reps never come out and make their statements openly but through some middle mans? Where the hell are these two reps? Suspicion has been raised regarding identities of the people making the statements on behalf of the two missing PKR reps.

When asked whether the Commission would investigate the discrepancy between the two letters, he replied : “No, that is not our duty. Our duty is not to investigate. Based on the letters given to us we make the decision“.

When asked if the Commission would probe the matter further, he replied :

“No, as far as we are concerned, we got two sets of letters. One from the speaker and the other from the two assemblypersons. It is the commission’s responsibility to decide whether the seats are vacant or not”.

Oh? First, they cannot make any decision and now it’s the EC’s responsibility to decide whether the seat are vacant or not? That’s the most unconvincing and lame bullshits ever! This is the damning proof that EC is nothing but a piece of shit working as running dog for the establishment.

It is clear. Umno/BN wants these two reps to join them, WITH THEIR SEATS intact and with so many telling signs this is another Najib’s way of doing things. Just read Tulang Besi’s article at Malaysian Waves for the juicy details.

1) PR government is ready for the by election. Let’s battle it out again and let the rakyat decide once again. So the Speaker declared the seats vacant after ‘received’ the resignation letters from the two reps. It is clear here, Umno doesn’t want to go for another by election. Perhaps Ezam is tired of hauling his magic boxes and letters everywhere with him everytime by election come.

2) Najib became UMNO Perak’s head and two reps are missing until now! Well we know how Najib is expert in handling missing person. Where’s Bala now?

3) There are points being raised regarding the resignation letters saying it could be signed under duress. It is an OPEN SECRET that assemblymen of Pakatan Rakyat signed the undated resignation letter few days after they became “Yang Berhormat”. Signing it under duress? My foot!

A simple analogy of the ‘undated resignation letter’ would be like those matrimonial/prenuptial agreements to protect the groom/bride so when anything happens, any of the groom/bride can go to court and get their marriage declared null. Nobody signed it under duress, they were too happy to:

– in the case of the married couple, to finally get the license to copulate  accordance to the law.

– in the case of the assemblymen, they finally become Yang Berhormat and state exco.

4) We love by elections. Constituencies are development overnight. New tarred roads, street lightings, influxs of education funds, promises of new market, factories, investments – things the rakyat can’t get during other times. Bring on the by election!

5) Latest update/rumours saying 3 PR reps already resigned from their parties. Agenda Daily has the story.

“ADUN Behrang, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi dan Changkat Jering, Osman Jailu dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan ADUN Jelapang Hee Yit Foong yang juga Timbalan Speaker DUN Perak hari Rabu telah menghantar surat kepada parti masing-masing memaklumkan keputusan keluar parti.”

Check out the letters and the content. Notice the header, the way it is written almost identical. Yes, that’s how idiots do things in Malaysia. And, read what these reps said to their respective parties.

“Sila ambil maklum bahawa perisytiharan saya keluar parti/tidak lagi menjadi ahli DAP tidak bermaksud saya meletakan jawatan selaku Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri dan apa jua notis perletakan jawatan sebagai Ahli Dewan Negeri yang ditandatangani secara “undated” dan tidak cop rasmi saya adalah dengan ini terbatal secara ab initio.”

(Please be informed that my decision to quit the party doesn’t mean I am resigning from my position as ADUN and what ever resignation notices signed “undated” and without my official seal should be considered invalid as ab initio) – pardon my lousy translation.

That’s an example of utmost power crazy statement for you.

6) Najib is said to announce at a press conference in Putrajaya at 4pm that BN will take over the Perak government with these 3 reps jumping over to their side. And from Malaysia Today:

Malaysia Today

The Sultan of Perak is said to be in Kuala Lumpur. The Perak Menteri Besar is not able to have an audience with Tuanku to request the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly.

Perak has fallen.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will announce the formation of a new Perak state government at 4.00pm today in Putrajaya.

Dato Nasaruddin has crossed back to Umno. Two more DAP Perak State Assemblyman/ women are said to have defected.

Five Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblymen in Kedah are said to be ready to cross over to Barisan Nasional. The Kedah state government is also about to fall.

If this is true, these reps just signed their political death letter to incur the wrath of the people. The public sentiment is overwhelmingly against the corrupt establishment, their acts would be forever remembered as betrayal to the people.

I am tired of this shit. Aren’t you?

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RM7Billion…..Are You Stimulated Already?

Posted by ErnieJean on November 6, 2008

OK, I really don’t blame the Pakatan Rakyat’s MPs…….I’m pretty confused myself…….

This RM7billion Economic Stimulus Package thingy just announced by our new Finance Minister, is actually extra money derived from the savings of reduced fuel subsidy, not part of next year’s budget and hence, will need not be debated in Parliament because it’s at the prerogative of the Finance Minister ?????

But then again, doesn’t this extra savings belong to the rakyat too?

Don’t we have a say in how it should be spent?

And if there were no threats of recession looming over our heads, what was the government planning to do with those savings? Keep quiet and stash in some FD account?

Let’s refresh our memory with what some of these additional measures are :

1) 1.2 billion for construction of 15,000 low-cost and medium-cost housing.

I have a problemm with this one, in particular…..sounds really fishy.

When questioned why so much were allocated to the construction sector where it seemed to be favouring the contractors rather than majority of the nation, Najib replied

“….will provide benefits all the way down to the consumer. When we give to the construction sector, we build houses. We build low and medium cost houses, including 12,000 units under the Hardcore Poor Assistance Programme.

“Surely the hardcore poor will benefit and secondly, small contractors at district level will also benefit,” he said.

Erm, excuse me, but where are the poor going to get the funds to buy these houses which you say will help stimulate domestic spending? From the pathetic 3% cut from EPF contribution? How many hardcore poor folks who qualify for the low cost housing scheme actually have an EPF account in the first place?

As it is, there are already so many deserted low cost houses all over the country…….clearly a combination of the poor not being able to afford one in the first place and an indication of the government building without planning. So, wouldn’t it be better to allocate some of these funds to help the poor buy up the existing empty low cost units? 

And another thing, this 1.2billion is going to be parked under Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad and the Housing and Local Government Ministry. Anyone want to take a wild guess as to what the criterias are for contractors who want to bid and be awarded these projects? Crony UMNO contractors, perhaps? So, how does that benefit 99% of the nation when only a small group gets the bulk of the money eventually?

2) RM500million for repair works to upgrade and maintain existing police stations, living quarters, army camps and quarters.

Yea yea……..more like a “damage control” to repair the shitty and poorly constructed buildings by the crony contractors who should have been made to be responsible for their poor workmanship instead of allowing them to get away scot free.

3) RM600million for minor infrastructure works including maintenance to village roads, community halls, bridges.

Does that mean we’ll see badly re-surfaced tarred roads that will still need constant patching up, so as to make full use of the allocation?

By the way, I really hope that includes the patching up of the pothole-ridden Federal Highway, yar?

4) RM500million for repair and maintenance of public amenities such as roads, schools, hospitals, etc

5) RM500million to build and upgrade roads in rural areas, villages and agricultural farms, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Wait, you mean the other allocations did not include the East Malaysians!!???

Seriously, I just don’t see anything how this Economic Stimulus Package will benefit any of us, save for the Class F Contractors.

OK, in all fairness, I’m very sure this RM7billion will stimulate something, just not too sure it’s our economy. 😛

Wonder what or who will be the most stimulated……………..HHhhhhhmmmmmmmm

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Overcoming Racial Barriers…….Nope, It’s Not Us………..

Posted by ErnieJean on November 5, 2008

Introducing the 44th President of USA

Introducing the 44th President of USA


RESULT: – OBAMA – 338 MCCain – 156

WASHINGTON, Nov 5 – Barack Obama was elected the nation’s first black president in a historic triumph that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself.

The son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, the Democratic senator from Illinois sealed his victory by defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in a string of wins in hard-fought battleground states – Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Iowa.

A huge crowd in Grant Park in Chicago erupted in jubilation at the news of Obama’s victory. Some wept.

McCain called to concede defeat – and the end of his own 10-year quest for the White House.

Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, will take their oaths of office as president and vice president on Jan. 20, 2009.

As the 44th president, Obama will move into the Oval Office as leader of a country that is almost certainly in recession, and fighting two long wars, one in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan.

The popular vote was close, but not the count in the Electoral College, where it mattered most.

There, Obama’s audacious decision to contest McCain in states that hadn’t gone Democratic in years paid rich dividends.

Obama has said his first order of presidential business will be to tackle the economy. He has also pledged to withdraw most US combat troops from Iraq within 16 months.

Fellow Democrats rode his coattails to larger majorities in both houses of Congress. They defeated incumbent Republicans and won open seats by turn.

– AP

History in the making folks!!!!

I bet not many people would have ever thought that there would be a day when a Black American would occupy the White House and be sworn in as America’s new Commander in Chief.

I bet, perhaps, movies such as DEEP IMPACT with Morgan Freeman as the President of USA had a hand in opening the eyes and minds of Americans to that possibility.

The first Black American President of USA……..WOW!! Definitely feeling the goosebumps as we speak 😀

In the meantime, let’s not to be left behind in all these history-making turn of events, ya?

Let’s also celebrate that Malaysia will be “welcoming” her first “Extremely Controversially Tainted” Prime Minister into office officially sometime early next year.

Hands Up Who Is Looking Forward To Seeing Him In Absolute Power......

Hands Up Who Is Looking Forward To Seeing Him In Absolute Power......

Psssttt……… does the addition of “Bapa Kebuayaan Darat” to Malaysia’s list of “Bapa”s sound?


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Maturity Of Malaysian Politics….still a long way to go……

Posted by ErnieJean on November 4, 2008

Today’s the day folks……Americans (expected to turn up in record numbers) will decide whether it’s the Democratic 47-year old Illinois senator Barack Obama or Republican 72-year old Arizona senator John McCain who will take over the reins of one the world’s most powerful nation.

For all the horrible things that the US is guilty of, I can’t help but envy the Americans for the freedom to decide who they want as the head of their government, rather than,say , allow the fate of the nation to be decided by some greedy and corrupted 2000 delegates from one political party.

I mean, hey, if the presidential candidate wants to bribe his way in, at least majority of the nation will benefit from the money that exchanged hands right 😛

Actually, that sounds pretty familiar with what happens during our elections, doesn’t it, but on a much smaller scale of course……instead of RM2 million, each voters would perhaps expect RM50 and some food hamper or something….sigh…

Anyway, as I was catching up on the election snippets on both the US presidential race and our UMNO’s party election, I just can’t help but be hit by the stark differences in the way these people campaign….and I think most of us realise them too….

1) Bruce Springsteen in his endorsement for Obama, said ” Our social contract has been shredded. We’re going to need all the angels we can get.” and he praised Senator Obama’s efforts to “….build a house big enough for all our dreams“. …notice the social contract was meant to be all encompassing, not just for one particular group of citizens?

In contrast, we have ambitious UMNO politicians who wouldn’t think twice about prancing with crooked daggers screaming “If you question our Malay rights in the social contract, we will go amok (and poke you with our sharp pokey thing)“.

2) The main topics covered by the two US presidential candidates were focused on the economy, healthcare, taxes, foreign policies, etc. Voters are informed of what they are voting for.

Back home, whoever wins the UMNO presidential spot usually assumes the juicy post of being the nation’s Prime Minister too… one would have expected the candidate (well, due to certain reasons, there’s only one lah…and he’s won unapposed of course) to spice up his election campaign with his plans for the nation…….don’t know about you guys but I’ve not heard anything worth hearing from this fella, have you?

Of course his PR people, in his defense, came up with some crappy excuse that Najib will not spell out his plans until he takes office, partly out of respect for the sleeping old fool and to avoid the same pitfalls as when the old man made 101 promises which were never fulfilled. How very convenient, isn’t it?

3) Although there are simmerings of racial undertones in the US Presidential race, one wouldn’t hear it out loud in speeches and rallies or proposals to implement racially biased policies………..well, I haven’t anyway, have you? Some may say it hypocritical, but I think as human beings, although all of us do tend to occasionally racially profile unconsciously, what’s important is that we shouldn’t be making it a government policy to discriminate racially.

Hands up those of you who have heard this time and time again…….”UMNO will continue to struggle and discuss the need to keep the New Economic Policy (NEP) to ensure the interests of the Malays are protected” and “Ketuanan Melayu!!!“……and everyone else are just mere ornaments.

4) I’m not sure whether the promises made by Obama and McCain will ever see the light of the day, but I’ve seen how at ease the American voters are at being vocal and demonstrating their displeasure when something’s not right, and that’s because their rights to do so have been respected and protected.

If there are any promises made at all by any of our BN leaders, it’s usually proven to be NOT cast in stone. A really good example would be Najib promising to gradually liberalise NEP, but was quick to change his tune (via his official spokesman of course……better allow someone else to take that egg in the face right?) when he realised his fellow party leaders didn’t support it. Hey Mr. Najib, what about the rest of us who heard you the first time, har?

And how about our Transport Minister, Ong Tee Keat, who promised to tell all on the Port Klang Free Zone RM4.6bil fiasco in April this year……..heard anything yet?

Are we Malaysians allowed to demand for accountability and answers? What are the avenues for us to voice out? The newspapers? Sorry, government controlled. The Parliament? Sorry BN-linked House Speaker wouldn’t allow anything of the sort to be debated. The internet? Sorry, anytime will kena ISA. Citizens’ protest? Wanna get your eyes burned by the chemical laced water cannons?

Yes, people say USA has a much much longer history than Malaysia, 200+ years against our 45 years (as in the actual formation of Malaysia with the inclusion of East Malaysia), but seriously, is that an excuse at all for the crap we’re getting from our politicians?

Sorry for the ramblings my friends, but one just can’t help being totally helpless and dejected seeing how things are going in one’s beloved country…..while other nations continue to progress into civilisation, ours are contented to stay 20-30 years behind in mentality.

Despite all that, I still love my country and perhaps, that’s why I’m still not giving up……..for the threats of being political apathy will play into the fast declining of our nation’s potential to achieve her developed status.


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Our Future’s So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades…….

Posted by ErnieJean on November 3, 2008

A Victorious Garland-clad Najib........

A Victorious Garland-clad Najib........

Najib wins Umno president post uncontested

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is on track to becoming the nation’s sixth prime minister after he won the Umno presidency unopposed, receiving his 133rd nomination from the Cameron Highlands division on Sunday.

– The Star 


Soooooo…………………….anyone here in the mood for some celebration dance? After all, this is the man who believes that the voters are to respect the leaders (aka him lah), regardless of whether they’ve earned it or not. And what’s his definition of “Respect”? You wouldn’t want to know.

Can you hear foreign investors flocking back in?

Can you picture a certain Guruji smilling from ear to ear?

Can you imagine a certain heavily botoxed old lady of leisure trying her darnest best to move her facial muscles in glee?

Let’s see now………our future “Head of Government” has now been selected (not by us taxpayers, mind you…but by UMNO delegates), and not at all known for his squeeky clean image. He has yet to clear himself of the inch-thick dirt on Altantuya’s murder, fishy smelling purchase of helicopters via catalogue, equally fishy smelling wife……..

Malaysia’s heading for a rather bright future, folks……..WOOHOO (?)

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Our EPF…….A Retirement Fund……For Who?

Posted by ErnieJean on October 29, 2008

I know this sound pretty silly, but let me ask you folks this…..Do you know what our Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF, also known as Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja, KWSP) is for?

According to their official website, EPF was set up to “provide retirement benefits to private sector employees and non-pensionable public service employees”. A noble idea, yar?

So, that’s our retirement fund folks….every month, 11% of our hard earned salary goes to this fund, and other than the usual mini-withrawal schemes that we are allowed to apply for, majority of that money will only be released upon us reaching 55, death or migrate.

In the meantime, we’re assured that our savings are in good capable hands. Really? Really Really? For how much longer?

UMNO government calls them “Investments“………but we know better, don’t we? It’s more like a glorified term for “Crony Bail Out“.

Yes, we still get the obligated dividends, but for the vast amount “invested” in these so-called “guaranteed” schemes, we should have definitely gotten more. OK, to be honest, I’ll be thankful if I can get back whatever I’ve put in, with or without the extras earned from the so-called investments, what with the continuous careless usage of our retirement fund by the government under the guise of smart investments.

Then, there is this latest proposal to take out RM5 billion from our retirement fund to be injected into this ValueCap Sdn. Bhd, a government agency………do you smell “a stinky fish”, fellow contributors?

Honestly, how much do you know about this company? The set-up of ValueCap, its activities which all seems to be so highly “secretive” and totally lacking in transparency and accountability, and coupled with the government’s constant assurances that about ValueCap’s investment but at the same time, refuses to entertain Pakatan Rakyat’s demand for more details, I’d think it’s time to demand for outright answers, no?

When someone keeps on assuring you of something but refuses to discuss further about it, be very afraid, folks….very very afraid………………

Didn’t our Father of Contradictions and Mr. Rosmah insist that the fundamentals of our Malaysian economy remains strong? So, why the need to inject so much into yet another one of the many many useless government linked investment companies? Do these people actually know what’s going on economically, in the first place!!!????

And it seems our retirement fund is never short of interested suitors, after all, there’s a RM300billlion cash cow to be milked…….

With Badawi making his exit soon (or so it seems), his personal 4th Floor guys will have to start looking for a new job because according to CheDet in his blog, Mr. Rosmah is planning to appoint Ethos Capital as his own 4th Floor Advisors……….which seems to be the current trend among our new breed of leaders, doesn’t it? Round up some smart-talking fork-tongued youngsters with impressive education background and political connections, set up a base for them to play play with the taxpayers’ money and if there’s any returns made, then it’s happy hour for everyone……..

“2 for you, 3 for me and 1 for everyone else………..”.

I think Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) President Syed Shahir hit the bull’s eye when he reminded the government that EPF “as the provident fund, is the custodian of the workers’ money and not some sort of ‘automated teller machine’ for the government”.


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Kudos Choon Mei For Doing The Right Thing!! So, How About You, Zaini?

Posted by ErnieJean on October 21, 2008

What are the core values of professional journalism?
Objectivity, Accuracy, Corroboration and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest, Transparency, Editorial Oversite…….being the main few among others……basically code of conduct drawn up to saveguard the integrity of this profession. And if one were to fail to uphold any of these values, it is usually up to the good conscience of the person to own up and take full responsibility, even if it means losing one’s job. (The other way would of course to be “goreng-sotong”ed)
Well today, Malaysiakini and its journalist Wong Choon Mei have proven that there is indeed integrity in them and for that, they’ve earned my respect. 

The Malaysiakini journalist, who wrote a news report that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had issued a manifesto to back his bid for the Umno presideny, has resigned.

A post on on the Internet news portal quoted journalist Wong Choon Mei as saying: “It is my fault and I stand ready to take full responsibility and resign.”

In the post, Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan said they were upset over the incident, adding the report should not have been published.

“It was a serious misjudgment on her part and we accept her resignation,” said Gan.

The post said that Wong conceded she had not verified the contents of the ‘manifesto’ with the Deputy Prime Minister’s. She had received it by e-mail on Sunday.

“We deeply regret the error,” said Gan.

And the article in question being……………..

 Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak wasted no time unveiling his manifesto for the Umno presidency, denouncing recent allegations made against him and vowing to defend till the last drop of his blood the supremacy of the Malay race.

“I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood if I win the mandate of the delegates to become the next Umno president at election to be held in March 2009,” Najib said. (Seriously, not that we’ve not heard that one before…….)

“This is the solemn promise I made to my late father before he died,” he added.

– Malaysiakini, Wong Choon Mei, Oct 19.

I’m not too sure about whether Choon Mei can kiss her career as a journalist goodbye after this incident, but her courage in facing judgement certainly speaks volume of her character. Kudos to the brave lass.

Everyone makes mistakes in their lives, no doubt about it, but not everybody would have the guts to own up and face it head-on like a “man” (of course, in this case, it does seem that being a “Man” doesn’t necessary mean that one has the balls to do what’s right…….). 

An excellent example would, of course, be this certain journalist from a certain “garbage” news-daily, who continues to hide behind the skirts of a certain political powerhouse, and refusing to own up or even apologise, even after it’s been proven that there were no ounce of truth in his allegations………, who could that be?

How about a little clue……..this fler apparently has won numerous journalistic awards and he’s “abang-adik” with many top UMNO leaders……….

Mohd. Zaini Hassan......the epitome of professional journalism?

Hanging out with the DPM, the missus and Z.Maidin. Zaini Hassan, the epitome of professional journalism?

Azan, jawi, JAIS, Uitm dan ba-alif-ba-ya…

Oleh Zaini Hassan (Utusan Malaysia, 10 Sept 2008)

Janganlah anggap apa yang saya tulis ini sebagai rasis atau berunsur perkauman. Dalam suasana negara yang dipenuhi dengan isu sensitif perkauman sekarang, tulisan ini hanyalah sebagai satu ingatan kepada kita semua, terutamanya umat Islam.

Saya amat tertarik untuk merujuk kepada kenyataan bekas Menteri Besar Selangor, Datuk Seri Dr. Khir Toyo yang membangkitkan mengenai “ada usaha oleh pihak tertentu (di Selangor) yang cuba menasihatkan pihak masjid dan surau supaya tidak menggunakan pembesar suara semasa melaungkan azan”.

Bagi saya petikan itu pelik bunyinya. Bagi saya ia juga amat serius. Tidak pernah dalam sejarah 51 tahun merdeka, rakyat Malaysia sedang menghadapi situasi seperti itu. Selama ini kita-Melayu, Cina, India, Sikh dan lain lain bangsa dan agama tidak pernah bercakap mengenai perkara itu. Kita hormat antara satu sama lain. Soal agama Islam terpelihara secara suci di dalam Perlembagaan negara. Justeru, petikan semacam itu tidak pernah terlintas langsung atau termimpi akan diucapkan.

So, what are the chances of this Zaini fella being utterly inspired by Ms. Wong and actually finding his balls, to step out of his hiding hole and bear full responsibility for what he wrote?



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